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Monday, 24 August 2009
12:14:16 AM (GMT)
Have you seen the movie "Click"?	
Yess, ahha I was sobbing at it.

What was the last thing you yelled about?	
How Animal crossing is fucked upp

Do you think colorful glasses are cool or tacky?	
Cool (:

Which Coach pattern is the cutest: Old C's or New C's?	
I really don't even like the C's.

What's the last thing you purchased in the color black?	
Hmm, no more like grey.

Do you think iTunes made CD's obsolete?	
haha yeah.

Do you enjoy using big words?	

When was the last time you wrote an essay?	

What was the last thing you broke unintentionally?	
Umm, Holly's bathing suit, haha.

What's something you really need to do?	

Can you honestly say that you've been in love?	

Do you own any Crayola crayons?	

Do you know how to color-splash a picture?	
I do it all tha timee.

What's a movie you're currently wanting to see?	
There's not really any that I wanna see right now.

Do you think Sandra Bullock is pretty?	
I don't even know who the hell that is.

What would you change your name to, if it had to start with the letter "K"?	

What color is your hairbrush?	
Pink with white polkadotss.

When was the last time you made someone feel stupid?	
Probably today.

What was the last physical pain you felt?	
Today. Tuubinggg.

Do you read the advertisements on the side of the page?	
Haha no.

When was the last time you purchased a video game?	
Like 2 days ago, my parents got animal crossinggggg.

Do you like Poptarts?	
Haha yeah.

Can you sing a song in tune?	
Nopee. I have issues.

Have you ever gone kayaking?	

Do you shop at Spencer's?	
What's datt.

Where was the last place you bought a pair of jeans from?	

Do you think people who let their dogs lick their face are disgusting?	

Would you ever get your face tattooed?	
Haha not my face,

What is the age of the oldest person you've ever kissed?	
Well I kiss my gramp, and he's 80.

Do you know anyone with a YouTube channel?	
I have one, I know plenty.

What was the last thing that scared you?	
The stupid movie last night, haha.

Who was the last person to call you 'baby'?	
Holly's mom.

Do you watch cartoons?	

What is the reason for the last time you yelled?	
Because Animal crossing is fucked up. I said that already.

When was the last time you brushed your teeth?	
Last night.

Do you own more than one bottle of perfume/cologne?	

What is your favorite time of the day?	
Like 2.

When was the last time you got angry at your parents?	

Have you ever been electrocuted?	
Haha yeah.

What is a word that you seem to say quite a lot?	

Do you write 'a lot' as two words, or one?	

Who was the last person's message you ignored?	

Have you ever played World of Warcraft?	

Do you like iced tea?	
Yes, preferbly Arnold palmerssss.

Will you save your answers? It's no fun if you dont :]
What tha eff. Duh.

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