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Friday, 21 August 2009
03:50:20 AM (GMT)
When were you born? september 16th 1994, at about quarter to eight in the evening on a friday, i believe Where were you raised? By who? in nottingham by my parents Do you have any siblings? How old are they? yess. he's like eleven or twelve or something What were your first words? CAT What are your most vivid memories of your childhood? everything? :s my earliest memories are from when i was two, so i remember a lot of childhood D: What were some of your favorite things when you were young? i liked cats, ponies, flowers, sticks, the little mermaid, cake, books and drawing Do you have a lot of photos of yourself from before? yeah and i planned to find some of them today Do you ever want to go back in time? i'd rather bring certain elements of the past forward in time Or would you rather forget those days? no, i'm glad i remember them Who was your kindegarden teacher? my nursery teacher was miss gaunt, i think What did you grow up listening to? abba and s club 7 xD What games did you play in the past? polo, dobbie and i sat and made cynical remarks while the other girls played handstands. wtf was that game all about? what fun is achieved by being upside down? no, i can't do handstands or cartwheels or forward rolls they are not skills i need :U What was the best birthday party you ever had? the harry potter themed one where we played quidditch with malteasers :B How about the best vacation? greece, a couple of years ago Who was your first crush? i don't know :U Who was your first love [if you had one]? bahaha, go away When you look back on yourself in the past, do you ever want to laugh? yes :3 What was the best thing about being really young? honestly wanting to be a cat How old are you now? 14 Who are your closest friends? india, joe, reeve Do you have any nicknames? jess, jessi, jessiboo (to joe :U) marmy, squi What do you enjoy doing? taking photos, drawing, painting, going for walks Where do you enjoy going? pretty places Are you dating anyone? Who? no one :U Describe that person? describe what person? When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? sometimes? If you COULD change anything about what you see about yourself, it'd be... i'd change my jawline Name 5 of your personality traits: curious, creative, opinionated, awkward, independent :s What are some of your prized possessions? all my camera shit. my ipod. stupid stuff like a toy train i had when i was a kid Do you care what others think of you? depends who it is Are you an insider or outsider? neither really. i like being able to drift between them Do you try hard to fit in or stand out? not really What's important to you? my friends & family, photography How likable do you think you are? i came up with a theory for this and joe called me a fool :U Do you ever have days where you feel useless? yessss Do you ever have days where you're very happy with yourself? haha, sometimes What are you best at? i dunno :U you tell me What do you wish you were better at? taking photos Do you have any goals you want to accomplish? i want to become a photographer? and er, yeah What song most accurately describes you/your life? i don't know :U Do you regret anything at the moment? nope Do you have any secrets you never intend to tell? no Who do you think you take after the most? erm, what? How about the person you resemble the most? i look like both my parents. it's weird. 'is that your mum?' 'yeah' 'you look just liker her!' 'is that your dad?' 'yeah' 'you look just like him!' i get that all the time Do you belong to any cliques/cultures? (preps, jocks, punks, goths, etc) cowboy Are you accepting of people that aren't like you/your own crowd? there aren't many other cowboys in england, so i have to be What memory would you like to dissappear from your mind forever? none If you were someone else, would you be friends with the person you are now? what sort of a question is that? D: You could never imagine yourself without: my friends Do you consider yourself a smart person? yeah Can you be very deep sometimes? rofl, not really What are some things you never let go of since childhood? my little train :U its so small What color would you use to describe your personality? blue/dark purple? :s Have you ever been "confused" about yourself? "confused?" you're just talking bollocks now What friend in your life has been the greatest influence to you? reeve. What celebrity do you idolize? none What's your favorite famous saying? i don't have a famous one. 'you were there, i was there, your bed was there...' - reeve referring to when my bed was talking to us srsly i miss werecat D: Just answer this question: did you like this quiz? erm, sure? Did you learn anything about yourself from it? no Did you laugh at that last question? =P no D:

VanillaFrosting says :   14 September 2009   197873  
'How likable do you think you are?
i came up with a theory for this and joe called me a fool :U'

What is this theory O: ?


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