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Thursday, 9 July 2009
12:23:33 AM (GMT)

Uh, Uh, Oh, Alright. BLHECK. Okay, This song is for...Gabby (: Me, and Gabby, got married last night. It was the happiest day. But I think that the guy who worked at the wedding chapel was gay. He tried, to give Gabby fashion tips! WAIT I'm kinda getting off subject. Oh me and Gabby yeah, we got married at a wedding chapel in Vegas. But that doesn't change the fact that we love each other...A lot. Hah. She has, reeeeally nice tits. She has, a really great, ASS. Duuude, I'd tap that shit, If I wasn't in jail. But, I kinda am, For fucking that 13 year old with a hammer. Wait, I wasn't supposed to mention that part. WAIT I WASN'T SUPPOSED TO MENTION THAT PAAART. Oh yeah, I already tapped that shit. But now. Fuck you haters. Most of you dicks are just masturbators. Gabby and I, had sex, in a McDonald's parking lot. By the way, we weren't in a car, we did it straight outside. In front of a bunch of gay guys, who thought it was kind of cute. Also, I think one tried to fuck me with a boot? Oh, the adventures of, Me and Gabby, when we were ghetto negroes named Paul (and Mitchell). I think her cousins name is Jepidiah? One time I accidentally stabbed her with a knife. Oh, and I think I murdered her four times. But she didn't mind, 'cause she's alright. She still passes the salt, she pours the wine, she's alright! 'Cause I'm alright. (; Oh the amazing adventures of, Me and Gabby, having sex in McDonalds. Oh, right in front of Ronald's face. He whacked off. Gabby looked at him, then she started to scoff. She looked at me, that's when she said it, she looked me dead in the face and asked, Cash or creditttt? Then I Jizzed. In. My. Pants. Wait, that's a completely different song. Please don't sue me Lonely Islanddd. This is kinda getting long. I enjoy having sex with women who wear thongs. Unlike Sandvich from Kupikaaa, because that guys a FUCKING PERV. I want him to die, I want him to swerve up the road and just hit some fucking tree, and bleed out like the nigger he is. The Amazing adventures, Of me and Gabby, inside the hospital. Having interracial sex in front of your mom. Your mom has a heart attack over my jizzzzz. I think I did something to her chest, but I can't even remember that shit. Um, I don't think I'm wearing underwear right now. I think I should end this song, but she wants me to say something really perverted (HAHA -gabby) PENIS. ahhh! Gabby had sex with I, I enjoyed it quite a lot. I mean, look at her body, HOLY SHIT, THAT'S HOTTT. I like to read Tom Prancy books. But not the ones about schnooks. I have a smosh shirt on the ground, sometimes when I wear it, It looks like box man is about to frown. I think this song is over by now, But I haven't ended it because Gabby hasn't told me to. When she tells me to end it, I will! But it's still recording and she won't let me stop. So I still have to go on. She needs to tell me to stoppppp, 'cause my voice is starting to hurt. Oh my god, my throat hurts. Oh my god, my throat hurts. Oh my god, my throat hurts. Finally she said I could stop recording. SO I'M GOING TO. Is that not the best song EVER?
Last edited: 9 July 2009

‹halliemarie› says:   9 July 2009   622175  
KristinaChemical says :   9 July 2009   434962  
Unlike Sandvich from Kupikaaa, because that guys a FUCKING PERV.

I love this guy
hes too funny.
i want a song from him :D

that song was fucking beastly <3

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