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Okay so basically;Category: (general)
Tuesday, 30 June 2009
11:06:18 PM (GMT)
 I really don't know what to feel anymore. I'm fucking angry and erratic. I'm
pissed off at myself for being so fucking messed up, And I'm anxious about nothing,
And I'm depressed and I don't know why. I'm really tired of seeing kids with the word
'EMO' in their name, when nothing in hell is wrong with them. I'm tired of hiding my
feelings from everyone, And I'm really FUCKING TIRED of everyone I know not CARING. I
never EVER want to hear someone say 'I don't care' to me again. If I see one more
happy fucking couple I will rip out my fucking eyes. I'm tired of being so fucking
retarded, And useless. I'm tired of people calling me their best friend and then
going to other people and talking shit about me. I'm tired of being discriminated.
I'm tired of being so talentless. I'm tired of being alive. Seriously. I want to cry
so badly right now, And I cant because Ill get fucking harassed and made fun of for
breaking. I want to scream at the people that say things that hurt people. I want to
tell someone how I feel. I want someone to understand and respect the fact that my
opinion is mine. I want people to listen to me, and I want people to stop their
bullshit with me. I want my life to be normal. I want my dad not to be a dick, and I
want to rip myself open. I want to not be so angry about everything. I want to be
prettier. I want to have hands that aren't cold and clammy, And I want to stop being
so different. I hate the fact that no one gives a dying fuck about how I feel. I'm
tired of people coming to me with their problems, When they've never once even told
me it was going to be okay. I feel like a fucking mirror. I'm not even real, Just
some object that shows you what you want to see. I feel so broken. I want my friends
to stop telling me to get a boyfriend, You don't think I would if I could? No one in
the right mind would ever date me. I want to not be the fucking cast away misfit
everywhere I go. I want to be something that I'm not and it can't happen. I want to
stop feeling like I'm going to explode. And I want someone to read this and realize
how awful they are to me, and don't realize. I want to speak up for myself. I want to
be important.

And no one really cares.

‹burblegurm› says:   30 June 2009   689614  
People do care.
I know how you feel and I'm also tired of it also.
It that's what you want then don't don't give up on it.

Those 'children' can go fuck their 'emo' selves.
If they want to act like babies then you can't give up and agree with
their attention whoring.

Alot of times people seem like they never care, but I bet they do. (:
‹Wallflowers♥› says:   30 June 2009   747562  
Don't we all feel this way?
Why can't people except them for who they are?

I care about what you say, Skylar.
A lot of people do.
And the people who don't, are just really worthless.
I'm not sure whats really going on right now but, just be happy and
try to smile.
Myenna says:   7 July 2009   795921  
ILU. And fuck all those other people man. > *bites their asses off*
Ewww.... That was gross. LOL. Anway ILU SO MUCH. C:
Myenna says :   7 July 2009   628657  
Gerrr..... Stupid sad face thing messed up my comment. It was
supposed to be: >: (

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