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Uhhh...Story ideas.Category: (general)
Wednesday, 17 June 2009
05:54:27 PM (GMT)

I have some story ideas that are sticking in my mind that somebody ELSE might want to
try and write if they give me credit. :]
I just want to get this out in front of me.

1. This idea takes place near the end of the 1800's, in a slightly alternate world.
 Facing immigrating, discrimitation, and wars resulting in the loss of her family and
friends, A young woman, originally born in the war-filled country of Breyon, travels
to the neighboring country, Hamaris, to escape the loss of her life after a bombing
in her town killed all of her friends and family. Hamaris' population have had
conflict with Breyon, and therefor, hates all Breyonites no matter who they are. You
can usually tell a Breyonite by their eye. Most Breyonites have green eyes with no
pupils. Back to the story, our protagonist struggles living with Hamarisan's accusing
her at every turn. At some point at the beginning of the story, she finds out her
father was originally a Hamarisan, and not a Breyonite. She then, for some reason I'm
to lazy to come up with, wants to take after her father, and join Hamaris' military
to prevent what happened to her family to happen to Hamaris' people. But of course,
Hamaris' military won't let in a Breyonite, so she pretends to be a blind Hamarisan,
using a white piece of cloth to conceal her eyes. Now, she really is blind, so she
has to get used to walking around sightless. When she registers, she meets another
girl her age, a Hamarisan, who can tell she's a Breyonite, but doesn't mind. They
soon become quick friends, and she soon helps our protagonist get around and such.
While trying to learn how to do things blind, these two make themselves comedians
among the new recruits. But in the country to the north, Kaita, evil is brewing.
Hamaris has had lots of conflict with Kaita as well, and they're planning to wipe out
Hamaris for good, building an army bigger then can be thought. Meanwhile, one of the
older recruits feels suspicious of our protagonist and is trying to convince
higher-ups that she's not fit for the army. Right when she makes the army, he finally
proves that she's a Breyonite, and they kick her out. She then finds out about
Kaita's pending attack coming once she leaves the country and goes north. When she
goes back to warn them, they don't believe her, but when the city starts getting
bombed, she helps fight against them.

Or something. Any part of that can be changed. 
Now that I think of it, that sounds a bit like Mulan. O_o
But whatever.

Ok, here's another one which sort of bugs me, because it circles around vampires. But
in fact, it's nothing like Twilight.

2. Our protagonist, boy or girl, meets someone of the opposite gender. They get in a
romantic situation, then our protagonist discovers that he/she is a vampire. Before
he can do anything about it, he is bitten. Before the vampire can flee, the sun rises
and he/she is destroyed. The protagonist goes to his/her house to think. The next
night, they have a nightmare concerning the vampire, and when they wake up shooken,
the look in the mirror to realize that they have become a vampire as well. They
already feel a need to feed on somebody, and gets away from civialization to avoid
hurting anyone. He/she then hears a rumor that a plague is on the loose, and it's
turning more and more people into vampires. He/she then hears about a medicine woman
that knows of a cure. Desperate to get back to her/his family, they first eat off of
something like a bird before visiting the woman. He then goes on trying to find the
things needed to make the cure.

That's all I want to do right now on that idea.


last idea for now.

3. A girl failing in school, addicted to the computer soon finds her computer fight
back, pulling her into the world of the internet. She finds that The Internet is a
city in the very large world of Hardrive. (xD) Websites are communities, MMORPG's are
community activities, and websites like eHarmony are...speed dating locations. (xD)
When one gets too addicted to the computer, they are brought into the world of
Hardrive, never to return. SO they aren't reported as missing, Internet automatically
creates a clone of you, that looks like you and acts like you, but doesn't think like
you, or has the same feelings as you. Our protagonists meets an NPC for a Fantasy
MMORPG and quickly becomes friends. Our protagonist then searches for a way out of
Hardrive and back to Earth.

I dunno where that came from. xD

callie11 says:   17 June 2009   997825  
Ohmigosh. I love the first one, don't mind the second one, and love how much the third one reminds me of Digimon without being anything like it. xD In a moment of boredom I might steal the first one, although I'd be sure to warn you first. This is awesome, though, volunteering these ideas for others to take. I LOVE YOUR PLOT BUNNIES! ♥ ♥ ♥
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   18 June 2009   572781  

You can go ahead, I don't think I'll stick with these story plots
anyways. I don't find it stealing. I find it helping. :D
I'd be flattered if anybody actually wrote one of these. xD
Kirti says:   18 June 2009   382593  
Did you get the idea for this entry from me? I made something like
this months ago.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   18 June 2009   111959  
‹Ashe_Amu› says:   20 June 2009   983291  
the 3rd one reminds me of an old disney channel movie called Pixel
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   20 June 2009   468384  
Pixel Perfect?
Never heard of it.
Kirti says:   21 June 2009   984524  
Haha, for number three. I had a story idea about a year ago where a
girl finds out that she's an NPC in a game with a glitch. She had to
become a real person before the game shut down, so naturally one of
the players helped her.

You think our protagonists joined forces, lol?
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says :   22 June 2009   516985  
Oh yeah, I remember that. Maybe I was thinking of that
subconsciously. DX

Maybe. xD


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