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The Emotional Diaries - Chapter Five.Category: (general)
Sunday, 10 May 2009
08:48:13 PM (GMT)
"Is he okay?Please tell me he's okay," I heard a familiar voice in my nightmare.
     "He should be fine," an unfamiliar voice replied.
     "What happened?Can I see him?"
     "Multiple blows to the stomach,bruises covering the face.He's been through a
lot.And he's asleep right now.No visits until he awakens."
     "But he's my son!I have a right to see him!" Apparently,the familiar voice I'd
been hearing was my mother,although she seemed way more caring than usual.
     "Please wait in the waiting room,Ms.Grove.I'll let you know when you can come
     "Fine," mom said,simply.I heard footsteps and a door slam.I twitched from the
sound and opened my eyes.Well,only one of them would open.A middle-aged man with
grey-ish brown hair and dark eyes was standing by my bed.I looked around.I was in a
completely white room with only a chair and machinery all around me.
     "Hello,Avery.Nice to see you're awake," the man greeted me.
     "Who are you?Where am I?" I panicked.
     "You're at the good ol' hospital,and I'm Dr.Schwimmer,although I'm not a fan of
water," Dr.Schwimmer chuckled."How was your nap?"
     "Okay.Why am I here?" I remembered nothing that had happened recently that could
have put me in the hospital.
     "Well,last night you were in a very brutal gang fight,and-"
     "I remember now." I looked up at him.Yes.It all came back to me then.I was
pretty much beaten to death when I was walking home the night before.It was
brutal.Very brutal.My stomach ached,and so did my face."Am I gonna be okay?"
     "You'll be fine.You've just had some surgery done on your stomach,and you'll be
out of here in no time,buddy," Dr.Schwimmer told me.He was acting as if we were best
friends,but hey.I'd be friends with anyone."Your mother wants to see you."
     "Why?" I asked.Well,he wouldn't know,but I was confused.I didn't even think my
mom would show up at the hospital...let alone want to see me.
     "Well,let me just ask her,okay?" he smiled as he went out by the door.I heard my
mother yelling and his calm voice for a few minutes.He came back in,shaking his
head."She wants you see you really badly,Avery."
     "Fine.Let her in." I rolled my eye.I couldn't wait to hear her sob story this
     She came stumbling into the room.She didn't even look like my mother.She had
lots of makeup on and was dressed very formal in a blouse and long skirt.Usually she
had heavy bags under her eyes and lounged around the house in pajama pants.
     "Avery!Oh,my baby!" she cried.She rushed over to my bed and began to kiss me all
over."What happened to you?"
     "Who cares?" I said,sourly.
     "I do,Avery.I love you.Are you okay?" I wanted to know where her script was.
     "No,I'm not okay." I began.
     "It's okay,baby.I'm here."
     "Really?For once in my life,you're here for me?Quit acting,mom.Just quit it." I
     "Ave,I know the last few months have been so hard for us,but-"
     "But they didn't have to be." I cut her off.
     "You're right.Just because I've been a bad mother doesn't mean you kids should
have to suffer." A tear fell from her eye and rolled down her pale,scarred cheek.
     "Why not?We have for most of our lives.Especially June and I.You've treated us
like dirt."
     "I know.And you don't realize how much I regret it.But you know what,Ave?Your
life is going to be so much better now." It sounded like a promise,but I couldn't
trust the woman.I mean,she apologizes once and everything she's ever done to us
erases from our mind?She's suddenly a perfect mother?It doesn't work that way.
     "And how does that happen?"
     "There's someone here to see you," Mother pointed to the door.Oh,God.I winced
and waited for a therapist or someone to walk through the door.
     "Come in,Margie." Mom called,her voice cracking.
     And that's when my aunt Margaret walked in through the door with a beautiful
smile and open arms.I began to believe my mom for once,and I hoped aunt Marg would be
here to save me from my dreadful life.
Last edited: 11 May 2009

‹Kyliebear has quit› says:   10 May 2009   264287  
Omg aweee : ) 

Lovin it

I own da story kai  <3
SexFlavouredPancakes says:   11 May 2009   752398  
You own it? O__O;
‹Kyliebear has quit› says:   12 May 2009   398639  
Yes xD i have been tge first to comment everytime... I think?

So im calin dibs : D
SexFlavouredPancakes says:   12 May 2009   385739  
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   13 May 2009   558744  
Very great...


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