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The Emotional Diaries - Chapter Four.Category: (general)
Sunday, 10 May 2009
08:47:26 PM (GMT)
"I'll have a McNugget Happymeal,please," I told the girl behind the counter.She
looked a couple of years older than me.And you're never too old for a Happymeal. 
     She flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder."What would you like for the
     "I'll uh,have a root beer."
     "Is that everything,sir?" she asked,politely,but I knew that if her job didn't
include taking orders and being nice to people,she probably would have just ignored
     "Yep," I replied.She punched in what I wanted on the cash register and told me
my total.I stuffed my hands in my hoodie and took out some change,hoping it was
     I stood and waited for my meal to be served as some old guy behind me began to
place his order.I put my hood up again,just in case anyone I highly disliked decided
to come in.
     "Here you go," the server passed me my meal.
     "Thanks.Have a nice night," I mumbled as I sat down at one of the tables.I began
scarfing down my burger and fries.I could feel eyes burning into my back and I knew I
was being stared at.It made me so uncomfortable.So,I pretty much inhaled my meal and
I got the fuck out of there.Probably not the best idea at 7:00 P.M,where it begins to
get dark,but I left McDonald's and began walking(or running) home.
     I was walking past an alley when some random person stopped me.It was a male who
looked about twenty.He looked like one of those white guys who really wanna be
black,and he looked like a gang member.And surprisingly,I wasn't scared.
     "Got any weed?" he asked,rudely.
     "No," I tried to walk past him,but he wouldn't let me.
     "Hey,wait," he looked at my face."I think you're lying,kid."
     "You're thinking wrong,'cause I don't do drugs,okay?"
     "Gimme some weed,man.Don't be a hog," the guy pushed me a little.
     "Fuck off." Whoops.That kinda slipped.
     "What?" he backed up a little,wondering if I had actually just told him to fuck
     "Let me go," I glared at him,and I noticed two people walking up behind him.
     "Hey,Shaun!You got da weed?" an African-American guy came up behind him."Who's
     "It's our weed provider,but he says he's all out," Shaun grabbed me by the
     "I didn't say that.I don't do weed," I explained.They were obviously high.
     "Bullshit.He's bullshitting us,isn't he,Josh?" Shaun  asked the black guy.
     "Yeah.Where's our weed?" Josh glared at me.
     "You little punk ass bitch,you sold our weed to someone else,didn't you?!" Shaun
pushed me down.
     "I don't have any fucking weed!Leave me alone!" I yelled as I tried to stand
up.The other guy grabbed me.
     "You're a fucking liar!" he pushed me up against the brick wall in the alley,and
it reminded me of earlier that day.
     "Where is it?" he demanded."If you don't tell me,I'll kill you right here,right
     Shaun flipped out a pocketknife and held it up.The blade shone and it looked
pretty sharp and painful.
     "Where.Is.It." Josh asked,slowly.
     "I don't have it..." I sighed.I wasn't going to argue any longer.If they wanted
to hurt me,they could go ahead.I was used to it.Plus,I knew that it wouldn't be a
pretty sight as soon as Druggie #1 stopped me.
     The knife pierced through my stomach.Once,twice,three times.I screamed like the
little wuss I was as I felt the blood pour out of me.
     "You little bitch,shut the fuck up!" Shaun punched me.
     I clutched my stomach in pain.The knife struck my shoulder,and I squealed.It
really fucking hurt.And sadly,I couldn't do anything about it.So,I just laid
there,waiting to die.
     "Fuck,just put it through my heart,why don't you?" I cried in agony.
     Then,I heard sirens and the guys dropped the knife.
     "Dammit!...Fuck you,kid," Josh glared at me."Come on,let's go." They all ran
     I closed my eyes,trying to sleep,in hopes that I'd dream the pain away and never
wake up from this horrible nightmare.

‹Kyliebear has quit› says :   10 May 2009   745392  
Holy shit gets better and better
Kinda sad tho in this onee

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