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with a stab in the heart (chapter 4)Category: my story :D
Wednesday, 22 April 2009
09:28:01 PM (GMT)
Sunday came, and I thought I was going to die waiting for it. I'm not the most
patient girl, and since I thought and hopedhe was going to come over and ask me out,
I had picked out my outfit in advance. After breakfast I took a shower and put on the
black tank top with lace trim, the white and black zerba pattern mini skirt, and the
lacey black flats that had been sitting on my dresser for what felt like a year. I
put mascara on and brushed hair, when I was done, I heard the doorbell ring, I looked
outside my bedroom window and Alice was here, I rushed down and opened the door for
"You like mighty spiffy today Miss Charlotte." she said hugging me and walking in the
"I know" I smiled real big. Like Alice had told me we spent nintey-five percent of
the day playing rock paper scissors shoot. I think I had lost the majority of the
time. But it didn't matter what I believed was happening tonight was the only thing
on my mind. Around five-ish my mom started setting the table for dinner and I heard
the doorbell ring again. I opened the door and there stood Peter, dirty blonde hair,
clean brushed back, wearing a bright blue shirt, jean shorts and nike shoes. Not what
every girl imagnes her prince charming wearing, but I couldn't resist smiling and
hugging him. We ate dinner and of coruse being a mother, she had to bring down
embrassing pictures of me from years past. Peter giggled at most of them and said I
looked cute, and my mother agreed. I was holding back from yelling at my mom, but I
guess I couldn't hold back the embrassment, I felt my cheeks turn as red as the
apples in the kitchen. After dinner Peter, Alice and I went to my living room were we
played, pool and fuseball. Alice excused herself to the bathroom and Peter turned to
me. I could tell he was growing nervous and thats when I knew he was going too, I
felt butterflies suddnely flutter in my stomach.
"Charlotte, I'm going to ask you, what I need to ask you." He said putting his arm
around me. I could her him sallow. "Charlotte will you go..out with me" He said
forcing a smile on his face, nervous beads of sweat appeared on his face. I was
speechless, and surprised even though I was pretty sure this was going to happen. I
hugged Peter I as tight as I possibly could, I kissed his cheek and said 
"Yes Peter". We both smiled at the same time. He leaned in and kissed me. 
"Whoa Whoa Alice is back in the room lets keep this G-rated at least until I leave"
Alice laughed.
Me and Peter laughed too. We watched a few shows then Alice's mom pulled up and Alice
"Good she's gone" Peter said jokingly as Alice walked out the door. Peter kissed me
"I want this to last" he whispered in my ear. 
"Me too" I whispered smiling. 
Peter kissed me again and again until his phone started ringing, he answer it, say
"uh-huh" and "okay" a few times, took my hands and said "That would be my mother, I
have to go Charlotte, but I'll see you at marching band" he kissed me again, and I
walked him to his truck, I watched him pull out of my drive way and day dreamt some
more about me and him, I walked back in my house and complased on my bed wearing one
of the biggest smiles I ever rember wearing
Last edited: 22 April 2009

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