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Starting the day off good!Category: (general)
Saturday, 18 April 2009
04:39:43 AM (GMT)

Anyone who cares.

I spent the most of the night with Samm at her dorm helping her with her Math
homework. Then we went on a walk, across the field and sat by the river until about
We basically talked about random things, and going to Niagara Falls next year as a
weekend trip. Then we headed back.

We went into my residence hall and my suitemates and stuff were playing Guitar Hero:
Aerosmith, ... On Easy. xD Samm played a round, then TK played one and then I was
forced into it...on Expert. =D Too bad I was standing far away from the TV that 68%
of the way through Train Kept A Rollin', I failed. NEED NEW PRESCRIPTION. couldn't
see the colors. x] I'm blindd. Then Samm wanted food, and the Downer closed. So we
left to her dorm.

After we got there, I decided to go check on Dan, who lives 3 floors above Samm, and
is like my good pal here. I walked in and Ricky, our Asian friend was playing Rock
Band alone. And I was like...WTF? RICKYWHEREYOUCOMEFROM? Because he lives on the
other side of the main street. Haha. He then told me Dan was sick, and had a fever. I
walk into his room with Katie, his very aquainted female friend...HAHA. Uhm. They
really should be together. They're acting how Samm and I act. But at least both of
them are single. D< ... Yeah, so I'm sitting in his room and realized that Ricky was
'asleep'. Frickkken, I learned the secret to how asians are so smart. They have a
magical power of making themselves awake...while they're sleeping. SUCKS. I want that
power. =[ Frikkkken snorring and he heard everything we said. So yeah, there was
more..but I don't remember it. OH YEAH. Katie was telling me about the first day of
French class. I don't remember this shit at all. I know I was there, but I don't
remember Alyse spilling coffee everywhere and Katie yelling over Lauren and Izzy
saying Fuck This I'm Out. O-o I got a text from Samm and I went down to her

I get down there and she's eating soup. I sat there. It was basically silent. Not
really, but that's how it felt, like we weren't saying anything meaningful...and she
got tired. And I let her sleep.

THEN. The guys earlier invited me to play pool with them. So I go back to my hall and
found them down at the table playing. Oh god. I haven't played in forever. I got my
ass ripped a new one, but it felt good to play again with some good people. Cracken'
jokes and passin' sticks. I gave Costin a new nickname as BallsackzMcgee, and he said
he was going to change his myspace to that. He then proceeded to say he didn't have a
myspace, but if he had one, that would be the name. xD Matt was sleeping on the
couch...and he owns the balls, and the $150 pool stick. And the $5 stick. It was no
footlong. ;D But he left and told us to bring it back to him later. And some random
guy came in and TK and him played a very fancy, professional game. That guy was
dressed up too. Probably got back from a formal party. but he was slightly Tipsy.
WELL. He had to go. And TK and Costin started playing a game. Two guys who we thought
were with the Random man were sitting on the couch out in the Lounge area with the
TV. You can clearly see that couch very well as it's only about 5 feet from the
doorway. They started this massive makeout session and TK was like...WHATTHEFUCK? And
Costin and I both jumped. They apparently didn't move. Costin later was like "YOU SEE
laughing so hard. Then TK went to let a guy in the door as he didn't have a card to
get in, and they stopped tackling each other. The door was in the lounge area. They
moved to the elevator area, the main room in the hall. The guy at the door came in
and was like, "Yeah, I came to the door and knocked a little, then saw them. I
said...I could wait." After that, we picked everything up and walked around to fuck
with the two lovers. We walked right passed them and they stopped and were staring at
us like  WTFMATE? as we proceeded to the Elevators. When we got in them, I said,
"Those two drunk fucks probably think the other is a girl" Costin was like, "Just
imagine in the morning when they wake up." I said "I'd be the guy there with a video
camera going...'SUPRISE!'. Hahahhaa x]

That was my very pleasent and eventful night.

If you read all of this, please comment so I know who to praise.


saralyn247 says:   18 April 2009   676788  
"I'd be the guy there with a video camera going...'SUPRISE!'"
This was amazing.
saralyn247 says:   18 April 2009   936474  
By the way, four diaries in two days? Wow. x]
‹gabriella. | don't hold back› says:   18 April 2009   362218  
Haha I read it alllllll.
I can't believe they didn't even notice.
Jolestio says:   18 April 2009   427958  
4 Diaries, 2 Days. I am godlike.

Noo, They noticed and were too drunk to care. Or we think they noticed
and they were too drunk to see. x]
‹RAWrIEATYOU› says:   18 April 2009   344869  
That sounds hilarious!
WOW !!!!
‹Ican'tbelivethisplacestillexists.› says:   18 April 2009   152591  
Randy, don't ge mad when I say this but....

You need to check into a mental hospital xD
Jolestio says :   19 April 2009   823637  
As long as you visited daily.

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