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CHAPTER 3 :DCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 31 March 2009
05:17:27 PM (GMT)

I almost dropped the knife I was so scared. I felt like I was going to faint I could
feel myself fading in and out. I started walking closer to me a low growl fell
faintly from him lips. I regained my composure and griped the knife tighter. He
lunged at me I ducked and ran under his legs he turned around and ran straight for me
cackling. I stuck him with the knife in the shoulder he stopped laughing and looked
at the blood rushing down from his arm he fell to his knees i bolted out of the house
sprinting away as fast as I could. Dez was insane there was no doubt about that.

	As I reached the park I saw jacks motorcycle it was on so he couldn’t be that far
away. I walked around the park looking in every direction. I needed safety, and I
know my old friend would give it to me. I finally found him sitting on a bench
texting. I sat next to him he glanced over “hey Emma….” He mumbled to me. As I
sat there waiting for him to send his message. His elegant fingers flipped the phone
closed and he looks up at me. “What’s up? Why’d you leave today I thought we
were going to see watchmen?” I could tell he saw fear in my eyes looked down at me
feet kind of relived to have someone with me. I told him what happened and he got
angry he started asking questions. “Why didn’t you tell me this sooner? I could
have done something!” I glared at him “well sorry! What do you care anyway? Its
not lik-” just then he put his hand over my lips and signaled me to be quiet.
“Shush!” he said as he looked around “he’s coming this way!....he’s down
the street! Come on!” he picked me up and dashed up the street just as we reached
the top of the hill Jack turned and saw Dez at the end of the street. We could hear
him cackling. Jacks pale eyes flickered as the both stared motionless. When Jack made
the slightest movement Dez bolted and so did Jack. There was almost no time to get on
his motor cycle. He rived his engine leaving Dez in the dust I could hear his
horrific laughter fading away. When we were on the main road again by the gas station
he stopped got off the motor cycle and looked back to see if Dez was following. He
wasn’t so he got back on and we drove off back to his house, he said I’d be safe
As we reached his house where Erin was patiently waiting for him to get back she was
displeased to see me hugging him. When we got off the motor cycle Erin quickly ran
over next to Jack, putting a stern wall between me and him. Erin sighed and said
“hey what are you um doing here? I thought you were at home you know sleeping.”
Jack answered form me “she needs to spend the night here Erin.” Erin spun around
fast and said “What!? Why?”  I let out a sigh and started walking into the house
they followed when we got in the house Erin took me by the arm up to the guest room
she slammed the door and glared at me and said “what the FUCK were you doing with
Jack?!” I put my hand on my face and mumbled “…GOD..Erin are you that
stupid? I didn’t do anything with the guy.”  She raised her voice a little “oh
yeah Emma I find that hard to believe considering it’s the middle of the night!”
I got closer to her and raised my voice too “I told you I didn’t do SHIT Erin so
why don’t you go get yourself pregnant again and go cry to your mommy!” she back
away and started to cry and run out of the room. “Servers her right….little
whore” I was too pissed to think at the time so I went to sleep.

	The next day I woke up later, I decided to walked home before Erin and Jack woke up
I couldn’t handle there faces right now. My walk home was very peaceful it was so
early the sun merely peeked over the horizon. It cast a beautiful array of light. As
I reached my house which was about 9 blocks away, I saw Xis and Kat playing in the
back yard I also saw Matthews Honda parked in my driveway I saw Claire standing
outside the house with Matt. I approached the without a sound they looked up and
stood up. Claire smiled and said “there you are we were looking all over for you
xis came to are house after seeing you weren’t here!” I laughed and said
“he’s so cute!” Claire looked a little concerned “why weren’t you home
it’s like 12:50” she asked. I crossed my arms and looked down “I-….I’ll
tell you later” she shrugged and put her hands on here hips “I got an annoying
ass call from erin last night saying stuff like ..ohhh Emma’s such a bitch come and
get here I don’t wanna see here again! Ugh bitch.”  I rolled my eyes “yeah I
got in a fight with her all because she assumed I was out dick’n around with
jack!”  Claire burst out laughing and said “what?! Hahahahaha!” matt shook his
head as if he had just regained his since of direction form him occasional Dazes of

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