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What your kissing styleCategory: quiz
Monday, 23 March 2009
09:36:36 PM (GMT)
Question 1
You're on a first date, crushin' on your date in a big way. At the end of the night,
Go in for the kill and lay on a big wet one! Hey, you didn't get the nickname "Mad
Make-Outer" for nothing!
Flirtatiously bat your eyelashes and keep him guessing until the perfect kissable
Nervously chit-chat about the weather and run into your house before any embarrassing
moments pop up.
Break the awkwardness with a joke and cuddle up for a snuggly hug.
Question 2
You show up at a friend's party and discover a group playing Spin-the-Bottle. You:
Pucker up and let the games begin! Your luscious lips were made to be shared!
Turn around and walk out the door - as if!
Join in but be sure to distract the others while you make sure the bottle lines up
with your crush every time!
Flirtatiously decline the group's invitation to join, but secretly wish you had the
guts to get down.
Question 3
You're at a party sipping on your favorite cocktail. What's in your glass?
An extra dirty Martini - a drink after your own heart!
Diet Soda - you can do without the hangover.
A Whiskey Sour - Sweet yet sour, you can relate to that!
A freshly made Strawberry Daiquiri - with a little umbrella, of course!
Question 4
You're at the movies with your honey and decide to grab a snack to munch on during
the flick.
You pick:
A box of hard candy - perfect for savoring throughout the show.
A frozen Coke - the cold shiver provides the perfect excuse to cuddle up.
Good old fashioned popcorn - perfect for sharing with your sweetie.
Forget food - your legendary movie make-out moves will keep your lips busy enough!
Question 5
You're single and looking for love. What's your dating strategy?
So many lips, so little time! You'll worry about finding 'the one' after you've had
your share of lip-smacking fun!
Cast your love bait and wait for the fine-looking fish to come to you.
Date whoever comes along next - hey, two is always more fun than one!
Date to your heart's content and hope Monday night's date doesn't find out about
Question 6
You're standing by the printer making copies at work when the office hottie walks in
the room. You scramble to think of what to say. You go with:
"Hi." - Short and sweet takes the cake every time.
"You know, the door to this room locks…" - Hey, no one would ever know!!
"Yum…what's that scent you're wearing?" - True yumminess deserves to be
"Didn't I see you at the mall this weekend?" - You were nowhere near the mall this
weekend but he'll never know!
Question 7
When it comes to first kisses, which best describes your style:
Plant a little peck that leaves 'em coming back for more.
Soft and sweet with lots of tender caresses.
Who needs air when you've got passion? Lay it on thick and show 'em what you've got!
Surprise the senses in more ways than one. Put your whole heart into every sensual
Question 8
When it comes to lip shape, you're a sucker for:
Thin lips with a natural upturn.
Pouty lips with lots of kissable cushion.
Any type of lips will do, as long they've got dimples!
Distinct, chiseled lips with a defined shape.
Question 9
You're at the mall shopping with your sweetie when he/she leans in for a kiss. You:
Pucker up and plant a playful smooch - then lock fingers as you stroll from store to
Lock lips and let the steaminess sizzle - mall security can throw you out if they
don't like it!
Sneak behind the sales rack for a quick peck - a little bit of temptation goes a long
Happily engage in a mini make-out session - who cares if people catch a glimpse?
Question 10
You're about to kiss your crush for the first time. What kind of kiss would make it
the most memorable?
A sneaky kiss in a coat closet at a restaurant.
An innocent first kiss at the front door.
A lustful kiss on the fire escape.
A mischievous kiss in the office.

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