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Thursday, 12 February 2009
04:07:58 AM (GMT)

He tells you a hundred times he likes you and a thousand times he loves you.

- He holds you hand whenever he get the chance to.

- He always tries to hold your hand.

- He holds you tight like he never wants to let you go.

- He does the most stupidest things only in front of you.

- He shows his childish side only yo you.

- He learns to say 'I Love You' in many different languages.

- He'll walk wth you, everywhere, shop with you, sit with you etc.

- He love you in every outfit you wear.

- There's never a day he'll not compliment you.

- He'll call you almost everytime and talk all nonsense.

- He can't stay a minute without talking to you.

- He'll sacrifice everything for you and always tell you you're right.

- He'll never shout at you or ever make you cry.

- He'll help you anytime even when he won't help others.

- He'll try to kiss you whenever he is close to you.

- He gets jealous whenever you talk about other guys.

- He struggles to do everything you ask to do and he never ever complains.

- He stares at you like there's nothing else to look at in this world.

- He wants to be with you everytime.

- He'll tell you when your dress is too short.

- He'll never say no to you.

- He gets upset when you don't give him attention.

- He takes care of you like you're his entire world.

- He'll push your hair back so they won't come into your eyes.

- He'll tell you you're beautiful and the likes even when it may not be true.

- He feels what you feel.

- He understands you like no one ever has.

- He always does things to bring a smile to your face.

- He'll say new sweet things every now and then.

- He makes you happy.

- He calls you just to tell you he cares.

- He'll sleep on your shoulder.

- He's shy just for you.

- He'll never keep a secret from you and shares everything with you.

- He changes himself because of you.

- He'll walk you home everyday.

- You trust him.

- He never let's anyone bitch about you or hurt you.

- He tells his friends to take care of you.

- He'll bear all your nonsense.

- He's frank with you.

- He'll trouble you when you won't give him attention.

- He'll do things to make you jealous, but you never tell him that.

- He's the only one that can handle you, be it in anger, sadness, happiness etc.

- You know he'll always be there for you.

- He gets angry when you say no but will get over it because he loves you so much.

- Your the only one who knows his passwords, account details, etc.

- He'll pamper you a lot and expects you to do the same.

- He'll always walk beside you.

- He does everything with you that he never does with anyone else.

- He sings song and smiles when he thinks about you.

- He dreams about you.

- He'll grab any oppurtunity to be with you.

- He knows only your name.

- He knows almost everything about you.

- He gives you small surprises now and then.

- He'll stop doing all the above one day and you'll wonder why and you'll actually
want him to do all those things.

- He is the one you like most and even develop feelings for him

please message me for more tips.....I am luv...your heart breaker
Last edited: 12 February 2009

‹HelloHow'reYou?› says:   12 February 2009   663566  
He's not embarrassed to be near you when he's with his friends.
‹puzzylover› says:   12 February 2009   154531  
well said SpankyPantsyea..i invite more comment from girls
‹Stephy Star-Bright› says:   12 February 2009   221818  
all those things are true yup
yadira says:   12 February 2009   344543  
nice i will love to find one like this one  
Love_Angel_is_Hot says:   16 February 2009   864272  
i luv u and this is awesum!
yadira says:   9 March 2009   447292  
foud one like this you love u xox hug kiss
iloveocean says:   9 March 2009   568119  
this is great and all but truth fully this guy this it perfect guy
doesnt exist sad but true
sarah_turns_emo says:   10 March 2009   817495  
i never had a boy friend and all my bffflz do. i feel left out. :-(
bluebutterfly says:   10 March 2009   676299  
well of he doesnt do one thing do go with him? so what if he doesnt
want to be all lovie dovie and hold hands whos wantsa their man to b
whipped if u want a lap dog jus go buy on 

‹[--♪BobsBestBuddy♥--]› says:   10 March 2009   155714  
Well, its impossible to not make your loved one cry.
Link_13 says :   4 April 2013   572078  
I love this list. Its so sweet. :D


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