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Sunday, 8 February 2009
12:32:46 AM (GMT)
EnjoyNoCopyCuntsComment. :]
starwars is srawrats backwards. and I wouldn't mind seeing obi or qui backwards...and
naked. :D

It's been a few weeks since your last time closing by yourself, but you

don't particularly mind. Look how nice things turned out the last time!

Content to sit and read whilst the rest of the world goes by, or goes to

bed in the case of this town, you tell yourself that you really will start

cleaning up, just as soon as you finish the next page...or two...or


            Part of you really does want to look up at whoever has just entered the

establishment, but to be truthful, the other part couldn't care less.

            "Working hard, I see..." a familiar voice chuckles and you practically

drop your book in your attempt to get to the counter in less than three

seconds. "See Master? I told you the service was good here..." he adds, a

sly grin on his face as he glances at his Mast...holy Kenobi, Batman,

Qui-Gon Jinn is actually standing less that three feet away!

            "I...I...." you say eloquently, your loquasciousness surely impressing

the Jedi Master. He offers a small smile.

            "Still reading this?" Obi-Wan says, taking the book from your grip.

            "Hey, I've been busy!" you defend.

            "Looks like it," Qui-Gon remarks wryly and you really have to make

yourself stand on your own two feet at the sound of that voice...

            "You should read this, it's a riot! Some of their ideas about us..."

Obi-Wan remarks to his Master as he begins leafing through the hardback.

            "I'll put it on my list...let me guess, they killed me off again in this

one, didn't they?" the master sighs, rolling his eyes.

            "Yes, it seems that's the only climax they can come up with," Obi

easily, grinning at his master's expression.

            "I wish they'd at least use some originality about it," Qui-Gon mutters

as he looks over his padawan's shoulder at the text.

            You can't help but grin at the situation; it's just too surreal. "So,

you boys come to socialize or do you actually plan on ordering something?"

you ask and Obi replies with one of his tamer disarming smiles that could

still render someone without feeling in their toes if they weren't


            "We need to complete another part of our mission..."


            "We were sent here to study this planet," Qui-Gon explains and you nod,

trying not to get too lost in those amazing blue eyes.


            "And how can I help you out?" you ask as you pry your gaze from the

master to regard both Jedi.

            "We need ice cream and we need it now," Obi-Wan states seriously and you

can't help but bust out laughing.

            "What?" he asks and you gasp as you try to catch your breath.

            "I'm sorry...it's just that you sound like a couple of women who are

trying to drown their sorrows in sugar..." you giggle as you regain your

composure. "Okay, so you're studying food, I take it," you say, glancing

back behind you to the ice cream machines and the array of toppings.

"Well, as you can see we have quite a selection, so what'll it be?" You

wait for a minute as both Jedi frown studiously and you grin. "Let me

guess, you have no clue. Well, I happen to be something of an ice cream

conneisour, so allow me..." In minutes you've fixed a twisty cone for Obi

and a cup of vanilla ice cream for Qui-Gon.

            "We have lots of toppings...I don't normally do this, but for you two

I'll let you come back here and knock yourself out," you offer, trying not

to gape at Qui-Gon too much. The last thing you need is for Obi to get

hurt feelings, or for both of them to find your current state as totally

ridiculous. You flush as both Jedi seem to pick up on this, and Obi

glances slyly from you to Qui-Gon, discussing something with those Jedi

mind powers. You swallow hard and silently go and open the door that

divides the behind-the-counter area from the rest of the restaurant and

both men turn and follow you back.

            You softly shriek as Obi-Wan grabs you and pins you back against the

counter, his eyes glinting, his grin downright wicked.

            "I've missed you," he whispers softly before capturing your lips in a

tender kiss. "And you don't have to be ashamed of those thoughts...it

takes a lot to offend us...and in fact, those thoughts did quite the

opposite, right Master?" he asks, glancing over to Qui-Gon who is leaning

against the counter right beside you.

            "That's right, Padawan," he confirms. "And I think your friend here has

been so hospitable to us that we should repay her, wouldn't you agree?"

            "Yes, Master," Obi breathes, then grins widely. "You could say we could

give her her just desserts," he chuckles and you can't help but roll your

eyes. The next instant you're moaning into Obi's mouth as his tongue

twines with yours, and you start at the sensation of a warm pair of lips

on your throat. Quickly you find yourself lifted up onto the counter and

held still by the Force when you try to sit up.

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