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Sneak hug! Niamh I took your surveyCategory: (general)
Sunday, 1 February 2009
02:40:14 PM (GMT)
[Spell Your Name In Songs]

H- Holly would you turn me on- All time low
O- Opheliac- Emilie Autumn
L- Looking glass- The bithday massacre (Singing songs I know with L is hard)
L- Lee- Tenacious D
I- I like you so much better when your naked- Ida Maria
E- Everytime- Simple plan
(I'm basically singing the phannnnnnnnnnnnnnnntom of the opera right about now after
searching my songs)


Name: Hollie
Birthdate: April 22nd
Nicknames: Nana Byrne? I left my mark around certain parts of the city.
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Auburn
Zodiac Sign: Taurus

[Random Questions]

The Shoes You Wore Today: SLIPPERS! 8D With a small gray bear and a blue balloon 
Your Weaknesses: I get sick a lot, weak ankles and my mood swings
Your Fear: ...being home alone >>; ahem... the back of people's knees and horror
films XD
Your Perfect Pizza: MEAT FEAST! (or chicken and garlic that's pretty good too but I
like me some meat)
Goal You'd Like To Achieve: Get good A levels, perhaps university and much later in
life become a mother.

[Bit More Random]

Your Best Feature: A lot of people say my lips or eyes? :|
Your Bed time: 11-12 on school nights
Most Missed Memory: Um... no idea

[This Or That]

Coke or Pepsi: Coke
McDonalds or Burger King: I don't really like either... but McDonalds I guess
Adidas or Nike: DX Don't care!
Lipton Iced Tea or Nestea: LOTS OF COFFEE
Chocolate or Vanilla: ... Chocolate o_e sweet sweet chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee: COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE

[Do You]

Smoke: God no!
Curse: I say damn a lot, worse if I get reeeeally annoyed
Sing: Ok 20 minutes ago I was in full blast "THE PHANNNNNNNNNNNNTOM OF THE OPERA...
I have a weakness for musicals! I would love to dress as him for fun XD For charity
in school or something and if they didn't give me the money I'd sing
Dance: Not really singing's more my game :3
Shower Every Day: Yes I feel quite dirty if I don't
Have a Crush: Nope
Think You've Been In Love: God no XD
Want To Go To University: Yes :D
Like School: Yeah ^ ^ I like school 
Want To Get Married: X3 Ci ci ci
Get Motion Sick: Yes! DX I get really sick after planes and boats. On planes I always
get really bad ear and stomach pains, boats I get really sleepy but want to throw
Think You're Attractive: I'm pretty plain in my opinion
Think You're A Health Freak: Yeah but I'm quite accurate 
Get Along With Your Parents: Most of the time ^ ^ they're very good people, plus
dad... your a mad genious =w= who would've thought.. my dad the inventor 

[In The Last Month]

Gone To The Mall: Yeah 
Eaten A Whole Box Of Oreos: ;-; Sadly no... they're really dry for me and I never buy
Eaten Sushi: >__< sushi's not my thing
Been On Stage: :3 *remembers Nana byrne* hehe... actually I was at the front of the
stage for a gig, THANKS FOR THE CRUSHING. Not. -__-
Gone Skating: After last time I'd rather ride a goat
Made Cookies: ;--; No...
Gone Skinny Dipping: o__o No
Stolen Anything: No 

[Have You Ever]

Played A Game Involving Removing Clothing: o_e ewww no
Flashed Anyone: No
Been Beaten Up: Yes

[More Questions]

Age You Hope To Get Married At:26-32?
Number Of Children: 3 hopefully a boy, a girl and something for luck *something* XD 
Dream Wedding: Uh... maybe a traditional you know the type >>; Church, white dress,
Rolls Royce, lots of flowers. I daydream too much about it :3
wat Country Do You Travel In Most: Canada obviously -__- No it's England

[In The Opposite Sex]

Best Eye Colour: It's just eye colour :3 they're all lovely
Best Hair Colour: Dark hair's quite nice I suppose
Short Hair or Long Hair: Uh... not really short o_e but not exactly down to their
shoulders? The Indie type of hair I guess that's quite lovely :D
Height: Taller than me >>; all I ask


Number Of People I Trust With My Life: ...6?
Number Of CDs I Own: Most of mine's on the pc, over 40 I think
Number Of Tattoos: None... yet :3
Number Of Piercings: 2

[Randomer Than Before]

Do You Like Candy Necklaces: Yes!! 8D
Listen To Music Every Day: Every single day
Do You Still Go Trick Or Treating: :3 mhmm
What Was The Last Thing You Ate: A mint chocolate bar
Are You A Fast Typer: Very fast everytime I type my family's like "bloody hell Hol!
There's steam coming off the keyboard!" Typing slow annoys me...
What's Your Favorite Kind Of Pop: MUSICAL POP?!
Have You Ever Moved: You know... I don't think I've ever moved... not
Have You Ever Won An Award: Yes or to be precise Nana Byrne won the latest one
Are You Listening To Music: Phantom of the opera it's addictive...

‹Curtains› says :   1 February 2009   671271  
haha what are yu going to get a tatoo of, eh?

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