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Unhappy girl far away part 1 chapter 14Category: (general)
Monday, 29 December 2008
06:09:14 PM (GMT)
While getting there stuff the popular group came up Jacob and said

Leader of the popular group: Yo Jacob what are you doing hanging out with the emo

Jacob: There my friends. 

Leader: No your not come on lets go.

Jacob: No and I am going to quit the football team.

Leader: Jacob if you don’t come with us right now I swear to god I will punch you
and hurt you right here. 

Jacob: I ain’t going and I’m not in the mood to fight.

The leader walked up to Jacob and punch him. Cindy screamed. The leader laugh as he
hit Jacob. Cindy walked closer to Jacob and pulled the leader off of him. The leader
directed a girl to help him. The girl laugh and walked to Cindy. Cindy backed up to
the locker and she screamed help for a teacher to here. No teacher came and the girl
punch Cindy. Mindy and Tamika went up to the girl and pulled her off and a bunch off
girls from the group started punching them. Jacob was now on the guy punching him
back and they where rolling the ground. The bell rang to go to home room as the
breakfast kids came out of the lunch room. A girl saw them and started chanting fight
fight fight. Other kids joined in and Cindy was freed from the girl and she helped
her friends up. The girls got up and kicked them and started hitting them again. A
teacher came out of the room to see what was going on and so did other teachers and
they saw the fight. 

The teachers ran to the fight and they pulled the people a fight and the popular
group went to one side of the room and Cindy, her friends, and Jacob stayed on there
side. Cindy helped Jacob stand up and she hugged him, The other kids where directed
to there home rooms. The principle and the principles helper came and they took the
two groups to the office. Jacob and the leader was sent to the nurse as the others
was sent to the office. 
Cindy put tissue over her nose and her lip. Her friends and her hugged and sat on one
side of the room. The popular group laugh at them and sat on the other side. Jacob
came in with a band-aid on his cheek and he had a ice pack on his head. He sat next
Cindy and hugged her and her friends. The leader came in and he had toilet paper up
his nose and a ice pack tape on his leg. The principle came and Cindy stood up and

 Cindy: We didn’t start it. They did please don’t send me to jail.

Principle: Relax Cindy your not going to jail and I know you guys didn’t start it.
Cindy, Jacob, Mindy, and Tamika you may head to second period. 

They got up. Cindy said she is going to go to the bathroom and will see them in
class. She walked in to the bathroom to clean up. She went into a stall and cried.
She took her blade out and cut her arm. She wrap toilet paper around her arm and put
pressure on it to it stop bleeding. She wiped her blade and put it away. She put some
toilet paper around her arm and put her sweatshirt on. She got up and went to her
locker. She got her books and she head to art. She sat down and she explain to the
teacher why she was late. 

At lunch Jacob sat with them. As the go there trays Cindy got a pain in her arm and
dropped her tray. Jacob sat his try done and so did her friends and helped her clean
up the mess. Since every thing was in containers nothing spilled. They sat at the
booth and ate. Jacob notice  Cindy didn’t move her left arm a lot and when she did
her eyes widening. 

At the end of the day Cindy, Jacob, and there friends walked to there cars. They said
bye. Cindy pulled out and drove home carfuly. Jacob was in front of her. When they
got in the drive way. Cindy put all her stuff in her right hand. She locked the car
and head in the house with Jacob.  Cindy head up stairs to her and she locked the
door. She put her books and her back pack down on the bed. She took off her sweater
and put a long sleeve shirt on .

She sat on the bathroom floor. She cried. She took a razor and slit her arm again.
She cleaned up the blood. She cleaned up her arm and pulled down her sleeves. She
went down stairs to watch TV with Jacob.

‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   29 December 2008   913237  
ookayyy.... drama.... lots of drama......
anyways, sry I havn't been commenting....
but plz continue!
‹Emma Bear› says :   29 December 2008   489217  
Its ok I know the drama is goign to begin. I will contuine


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