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~Forbidden Love~ Character Introduction & SynopsisCategory: Stories
Sunday, 28 December 2008
04:53:18 AM (GMT)
Hello everybody! I shall be starting a new series entitled; Forbidden Love. This first diary shall be the character introduction & the synopsis. If you like the story, please Q&A me! Character Introduction: .:Main:. Name: Watanabe Chiaki Age: 17 Appearance: Blue eyes, silky long black hair, slim figure. Personality & Story: She's a sweet girl with an outgoing personality. She is placed 1st in her year. She majors in violin, piano and the clarinet. She's a popular girl in school especially with the guys. At least 10 times a month, guys come up to her to ask her to be her boyfriend. She kindly refuses before walking of. She says she's not interested in guys but, that's where we're wrong. She holds a dark secret. When she was 14, she had a boyfriend whom she loved dearly. Unfortunately, her boyfriend used her because of her school status and her money. Since then, she swore she would never fall in love with a guy ever again. She currently attends Seisou Academy, an escalator school. She has a strong craving for sweets and cakes. Background: She comes from a rich family. Her father is a famous business man while her mother is an accomplished musician and singer. She aims to be the top musician before she turns 20. Name: Tsuji Ren (Alias) Real Name: Takashi Ryuu Age: 17 Appearance: Black eyes, shiny black hair, sports man figure, has a golden stud on his right ear.(Left is for gays, right?) Personality & Story: He's a mysterious, sweet and romantic guy who works as a servant for Watanabe's family. He is actually from the "Takashi" clan. He disguises himself as a servant working under Watanabe's family to try to get away from his family as much as possible. He lives by himself in an apartment but stays in the Watanabe's servant quarters during the weekdays. Background: He comes from the Takashi clan, a very distinguished clan. It is said that he is shunned by his mother for being born a double black. Also known as demon symptom. His younger brother, Takara, cares deeply for his brother after an incident when Takara was about to be attacked by a crow and Ryuu comes out and shields his younger brother. He is an aspiring musician who aims to play the piano like Hamai Misai someday. Name: William Kentaou Age:18 Appearance: Golden eyes, blue hair, a basketball player figure. Personality & Story: His a very popular guy in school, especially with the girls. He is about to be engaged to Watanabe Chiaki, whom he loves. Unfortunately, Chiaki doesn't feel the same way. She thinks of William as a best friend and the one person she can trust. He fell in love with Chiaki when he was 10 after she comforted him when his beloved dog, Ken, passed away. Ever since, he's been in love with her. He currently lives in the Watanabe mansion. Background: Coming from a famous American family, William and his mother resides in Japan whiles his father continues to work in America. .:Minor:. Name: Takara Takashi Age: 12 Appearance: Golden eyes, brown hair Personality: He is a shy boy who cares deeply for his brother, Ryuu. He's very popular with the girls even though he's very shy. It is said if gets touched by a girl he likes, he will faint and a strange mark will appear on his forehead. Background: He comes from the Takashi clan. Name: Watanabe Akiko Age: 18 Appearance: black eyes, brown hair, slim figure Personality: She, like Chiaki, is very popular with the guys in school. She is placed 3rd in her year. She likes bunnies and pandas. She is in love with a member of Tohoshinki named, Jaejoong. She and Chiaki are very close since they always played together when their parents where busy. Background: She is from the Watanabe family. Name: Kahoki Aoyamo Age: 17 Appearance: blue eyes, black hair, wears glasses Personality: She plays Chiaki's best friend. She is a very timid girl and may seem shy but, when teased by boys, she can become very loud and angry. Background: She comes from an average family. Synopsis: This is a story of a girl, Watanabe Chiaki, who tries to redeem herself into liking a boy again. Although she may seem outgoing, she also has a quiet side. She meets Tsuji Ren aka Takashi Ryuu when she accidentally misses a step on the stair case. As she think she is about to fall straight onto the ground, she feels a warm hand holding her tightly. That's how she meets Ren. When he excuses himself, he drops his handkerchief. Chiaki picks it up and decides to return it to him, if she can find him. Will Chiaki fall in love again? Read the story and you'll find out! -Shirley Hong
Last edited: 29 December 2008

‹AlwaysTomo♥› says:   28 December 2008   132955  
Nice, can't wait
‹이린♥최민호› says:   28 December 2008   188873  
Ah ah! So you did check it out!
‹*Expired*› says:   28 December 2008   596336  
Seiso Academy?
Lol,I think I know where this is going...XD
‹이린♥최민호› says:   29 December 2008   894819  
No! Seisou is NOT SEISHOU as in La COrda D'oro, okay?
yuki_222 says:   1 January 2009   636221  
Oh yosh! I think it's sugoi!(amazing)
‹이린♥최민호› says :   1 January 2009   969166  
Really? Thank you very much!


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