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wunn of these thangs :]Category: (general)
Sunday, 30 November 2008
10:34:35 PM (GMT)
Named after anyone?: Famdamely frann :] Kindah..
Any nicknames?: GeeGee, George..
Age?: a million
Birthdate?: febuary twenty second bestest number IN THE WORLD..next to two
Birthplace?: New Zealand
Time you were born?: Dunno xp
Current location?: NeffenZ
Like your height?: it's okay
Eye color?: blue but sometimes i swear they go green
Contacts/glasses?: nah
Hair color?: right now gingery blond brown D/
Natural hair color?: black or blond..
Dye your hair often?: quite a bit
Righty or lefty?: right 
Your favorite... 
Type of music?: i dunno, i cant choose
Band or singer?: not sure mann
TV show?: loaadsshhh mann
Movie?: rocky horror picture show, little miss sunshine, many more :]
TV channel?:  two?
Radio station?: the edge
Place to be?: with my frans
Thing to do?: loads a things
Food?: chocolate, and mexican food like tacos and shnap 
Non alcoholic drink?: i dunno aye
Alcoholic drink?: i dunno, but not straight vodka! IKKK 
Animal?: meh..?
Holiday?: christmas wunns
Place to shop?: loads a places gee no wait wait CALICO JACKS..i really do need tew
shop tharr!
Clothing brand?: i dunno
Scent?: i dunno, babydoll? It reminds me of chloe =D
Restaurant?: meh 
Fruit?: berries!  and peaches
Vegetable?: spring onion? haha i dunno  WAIT ON I DO..potatoes
Fast food restaurant?: KFC!!
Pizza topping?: meat lovers haha
Ice cream flavor?: cookies and cream, goldrush.
Magazine?: girlfriend? i like fashion magazines thoughhh
City?: meh i dunno really
Color?: PINK but loads ayye
Number?: twenty two and two. WHAT FABBBDABULOUS NUMBERS THEY ARE!
This or that... 
Chocolate or vanilla?: chocolate
Pepsi or coke?:  coke
Hot or cold?: id rather be cold 
Black or white?: black
Dog or cat?: cats
French toast or pancakes?: pancakes  
French fries or onion rings?: friessss 
Hamburger or hot dog?:  hamburger all the way
Pepperoni or sausage?: sausage
Britney or Christina?: britney.
McDonalds or Burger King?: THE GOLDEN ARCHES.
50 Cent or Eminem?: Eminem ! 
Canada or Mexico?: never been tew either place lawl
Hug or kiss?: HUGS, you can give 'em tew anywunn
Movies or TV?:tv, but i broke mine so i can only watch movies now Dx
Truth or dare?: truth
Do you... 
Shower daily?: yep
Sing in the shower?: aha xp
Like to sing?: yuss, i suck thouhg
Like to dance?: OVV COURTHH. me and frans have some FANTASTICAL dance moves :]
Drink? nope
Cuss?: um..no?
Talk to yourself?: yeahh
Believe in yourself?: um..i dunno
Play an instrument?:  fo shoo AIR GAT AWLL THE WAY
Go to school?: yep Dx
Go to college?: aha
Have a job?: nope no wait I DO me and mah bffls werk at lembas wiv our MAGICAL aprons
my mom gave us lmao
Like your job?: HELL YEAHH
Want to get married?: yeahh, but im not really sure anywunn would marry me xDD lmao;
me and rubay and me moms fave topic xD
Want to have kids?: um wunnday
Get along with your parents?: kinda 
Get along with your siblings?: HELL NAWW
Drive?: nope
Do you think you're trustworthy?: yes
Think your funny?: GOD DAMMIT IM FRIKIN HILARIOUS! jokes
Ever toilet papered someones house?: nah
Gone garbage can tipping?: um no..?
What are your parents names?: lynn and dave  
Siblings names?: celton and jazmin
Do you wash your hands frequently?: um kinda
How many time a day do you brush your teeth?: most of the time two 
Collect anything?: yep
Ever been in love?: nah 
In love right now?: yeahh.
that was confusing wasnt it
What color pants are you wearing right now?: NO PANTS O:
dont get to excited guys im wearing a dress
How does your hair look?:  retattted
Ever had your heartbroken?: nah
Ever broken the law?: um yeahh 
Been arrested?: nope
Been out of the country?: yes
Can you stick your fist in your mouth?: nah
When was the last time you got drunk?: when i was like four.
JOKES. that wasnt even funny mann.
Do you do drugs?: YEPP
When was the last time you were high on anything?: IM HIGH NOW
Do you prefer the lights on or off?: on i think sumtimes
Would you ever get plastic surgery?: arr no
Do you prefer boxers or briefs?: briefs, im a girl yo 
Do you like to laugh?: yeahh?
Ever had a bloody nose?: i think so
Have you ever caught a fish?: i dont think so. Im a bad fisherere xp lmao
What was the last thing you ate?: noodles. THEY WAAR SHYYTE
What time do you go to bed?: i dunno. It varies
Do you like to give or recieve?: arrr..what are we talking about here? xD jokes both
Are you obsessed with anything/anyone?: YEPPP
Do you live alone?: nope
Do you own a blender?: we did. but we broke it/them..
Do you like the snow?: i havent experienced a lot of snow but i guess i've enjoyed
Ever been up a mountain?: yepp  
Do you like surprises?: Good ones

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