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Tuesday, 18 November 2008
07:30:28 PM (GMT)
I woke with a start, not knowing where I was. It was too dark to see, but I heard
something in the corner.

“Well,” a male voice said with a laugh, “sleeping beauty has finally

“Who are you” I asked suspiciously.

“That doesn’t matter right now Elizabeth” He took a step toward me, and
switched on the lamp. I was shocked into silence by his raw beauty. He had blue-black
hair and matching eyes. His skin was so pale it was almost translucent. Seeing the
look in my eyes, a wry smile played across his lips.

“Like what ya’ see,” he asked playfully. He did a runway turn, giving me poses
from all angles. I blushed, not wanting him to notice, I began firing off questions,
completely ruining the mood.

“Where am I? Who are you? And what am I doing here?”

He chuckled, “Nosey little thing aren’t you. Well, I guess I can at least tell
you my name. It’s Jake.”

“Well, Jake. How do you know my name?”

He sat next to me on the bed, and whispered “I know a lot more than that, but that
is for another time, my dear Liz. For now you need to rest.” With that settled he
kissed my forehead, and began to move away.

I grabbed his arm, holding him in place. “Why should I rest? I don’t know where I
am or even who you are.”

“Just rest, I’ll fill you in when you awake.”

I couldn’t argue. I was already asleep. When I awoke, the view outside my window
was gorgeous! It was a cloudless sky, with beautiful pinks, reds, purples, and blues,
just seeming to melt into each other in a colorful embrace of morning light. I was so
awed by the sight, that I didn’t notice the shadowy figure leaning against the
wall. He stepped into my line of sight, and I jumped. Again he laughed at me.

“How long have you been there?” I asked.

“Well, let’s see I pulled you from what was left of your car, brought you here,
stopped your bleeding, and set your bones. Then I laid you here, making sure you
stayed stable. So I’ve been here since about two in the afternoon yesterday.”

It was then that I noticed the pain. It was so intense I couldn’t believe I
didn’t feel it before. It was in my head and chest. I reached up, and felt my head.
I could feel, even under the layers of bandages, the deep wound to my left temple.

“What happened to me?” I choked.

“Didn’t I just say you were in a car accident?”

“Yes, Yes, but I mean how did this happen? How am I still alive?” I thought about
the gash in my head and shuddered.

He came and sat beside me and wrapped a protective arm around my shoulders. I leaned
into his embrace.

“I guess it just wasn’t your time to go.” He looked so studious. I wondered
what was going on in his head. I continued to study him, as we sat there in contented
silence. I watched as the light played off his hair, and glistened on his skin. He
was just so handsome; he seemed to sparkle a little in the morning light. But I knew
it was a figment of my imagination. My stomach ruined the moment.

“Oh,” he said thoughtfully, “you need something to eat. That was careless of
me. I apologize I should have known that. It’s been a while since I’ve interacted
with humans.” And with that, he was gone.

“How’d he do that?” I wondered aloud. In his absence, I thought about him
constantly. Trying to figure him out. I thought about his speed, his grace, his
unearthly beauty, and of how he had seemed to sparkle in the light. Then it hit me.
Vampire. I sat there in utter confusion, wondering how it was possible.

He returned as quickly as he has left, except this time he had bags full of food.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I blurted, wishing I had done that a bit smoother.

“Tell you what?” He asked emptying the contents of one of the bags onto the desk
on the east wall. He looked perplexed.

I studied his eyes before continuing. “That you’re a vampire.” I replied

“Oh, that,” he chuckled, “You’re clever Liz.” He broke eye contact to place
a bag of chips away from the edge of the desk. When he looked back at me, it was as
if I could see to the bottom of his soul through those eyes. “I didn’t think it
was important.”

That broke my train of thought. I don’t know what I expected his answer to be, but
it surely wasn’t that. “Not important!” I almost shouted. “How does your
constant thirst for my blood not important?”

“Whoa girl, calm down. I’m not thirsty, I fed yesterday.”

My hand rose instinctively to my neck.

“No, I didn’t feed on you.”

My relief must have shown on my face, because he burst out laughing.

My incessant one-sided argument began. “It’s not that I was afraid that you
did.” I started not wanting to seem chicken. “I just wouldn’t have wanted you
to do it while I was unconscious.” But then I figured that made me sound like a
masochist, or something, so I hurried on. “Not that I want you to do it.”

Embarrassed, flustered, and watching him double over in hysterics, I gave up. He
finally stopped laughing long enough to take a breath. Since I was still blushing, to
hide it, I reached for a bag of chips that had fallen to the floor in the commotion.
As I reached, he leaned into me, engulfing me in a breath taking kiss. I was lost in
that kiss. I felt my hands in his hair and his hands on the small of my back, and I
didn’t want it to stop. I put all my passion, anger, and anxiety into that kiss.
But he pulled back, ending that perfect kiss all too quickly.

“I’m sorry,” he said, with a look of complete shame showing on his face.

“For what?” I asked. For the best kiss I’ve ever had I thought.

“For doing this to you…”

“Doing what?” This was so frustrating, if only that kiss could have lasted

“I just…” He began, but was interrupted by a crash downstairs.

“Jakey! Where are you dude?” There was a pause. “Hey Jake, did you bring your
dinner home? The entire house smells like a human!”

Jake cursed under his breath, “God, Evan you have the worst timing ever.” He
muttered. Then, he was gone. I was confused; I had been in a wreck, and had major
injuries, I didn’t know where I was, and there were some people who I had no idea
who they were downstairs, and Jake just kissed me. I didn’t know what to think, but
I knew that I was not just going to sit there, with out knowing what was going on. I
stood and walked to the door. I turned the knob. It was locked.

“Damn it,” I muttered. “I feel like I’m in freaking prison.”

I decided to take the time I was so generously given, to check out my room. I had a
fully stocked walk-in closet, a mahogany desk complete with a lap-top computer, a big
flat screen T.V., and a king sized canopy bed, with a blood red veil tied to the
posts. Then I found the bathroom. It was gigantic. There was a huge porcelain
claw-foot bathtub with jets and mammoth shower with ten shower heads and a black
marble bench. The wall opposite the tub and shower was made completely of a mirror.
The room was tiled from floor to ceiling with alternating black and pink marble.

I deserved some time to relax, due to my current condition. So I started a bath, and
then went in search of a towel. Finding a towel, I stepped in, letting the warm water
soak into my soul. Calming me completely. I had begun to drift off to sleep when I
heard the door open. My eyes opened instantly. There was a guy I hadn’t met
standing at the door gawking at me.

I screamed.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” He said, covering his eyes and backing out the

“Get out!” I yelled at him, throwing shampoo, conditioner, soap, anything and
everything I could get my hands on. While at the same time trying to cover myself in
my indecent state. Outside the door, I heard him repeating his apologies. I pulled
myself from the comfort of the tub, wrapping a towel around myself.

“Go away,” I said, hearing the bite in my voice.

“I’m going,” he replied, “I just wanted to tell you that there’s food
downstairs if you want some.

“Thank you,” I responded, “but please just go away.”

“Ok, I’m gone,” there was silence for a moment; “by the way, I’m Tom.”

There was a click, and I knew he was gone. I sank to the floor, my face in my hands
then allowed myself to think. The first thing that came to mind was how sexy Tom was.
He had shortcut, dark brown hair with blond tips, and forest green eyes with a sun
colored starburst. Were all the guys in this house that hott? I went to the closet
and began browsing. I found a pair of dark wash straight leg jeans, and a deep red,
V-neck shirt. I figured that since Tom had told me about food downstairs, my door
would be unlocked.

I tried it, and was relieved to see that it was. I stepped into a beautifully
decorated hall. It had plush carpet a shade darker than my shirt, cedar tables with
tall burnished gold lamps atop them. The walls were an eggshell color. The effect of
it all was magnificent. As I walked down the hall I peeked into the rooms I passed.
They were all completely different from each other. Like they had all been part of
different houses compiled into one house. It was weird, but cool. I loved this house.
I found a wrought iron spiral staircase, and began my descent. I heard Jake, Tom, the
guy who had ruined Jake and my perfect kiss, Evan, and a voice I didn’t recognize.

I stopped about halfway down to listen.

“We can’t just send her out if Mikale is after her.” Jake said in a hushed
tone. “Plus she knows what I am.”

The guy I supposed to be Evan spoke next. “You told her you’re a vampire!” He
sounded outraged.

“I didn’t tell her, she figured it out,” Jake defended.

“Damn it Jake, you should have been more careful, you shouldn’t have brought her
here in the first place.”

“Oh, I get it,” Jake replied more civilly, “I should have left her at the mercy
of Mikale.” His voice got angrier and angrier. “If Mikale wants her, then there
must be something special about her.”

The voice I didn’t recognize jumped in, “Jake, Evan, I hate to interrupt your
joyous conversation, but I do believe there is an extra set of ears listening in.”

Shit. I ran back up the stairs, through the hall, and into my bathroom as fast as I
could. I found a brush, and began brushing my hair. I heard someone approaching. I
glanced in the mirror to see who it was. My breath caught in my throat. How many
gorgeous guys live here? He had shoulder length, wavy, jet black hair. His eyes were
a bright, light, blue. He also had snakebites and an eyebrow piercing. His complexion
was flawless.

“You can come back down stairs now,” he said with a wink. I blushed; it was the
guy who had announced my presence before.

“I’m Austin by the way.”

“Liz” I replied.

“I know. Well, I suppose they’ll be missing us.” He said taking my arm in his,
smiling. His smile was dazzling. We descended the spiral staircase like a couple
going to prom, getting him angry looks from both Jake and Tom. He immediately let go
of my arm. Evan, however, was at the stove cooking and didn’t even glance up. The
kitchen smelled divine. It smelled of eggs, bacon, waffles, toast, French toast, and
Last edited: 21 December 2008

_abc_ suggests:   18 November 2008   864441  
‹AllyCat♥{It'sContagious!}› says:   18 November 2008   632251  
Wow, I liked it
I just have some constructive feedback:
Being a writer myself I suggest that you seperate your paragraphs.
It'll be easier to understand and it'll also be clearer who's talking
and when. Also you really should write more. This paragraph is really
short and if this is the complete first chapter it's small. I was
kinda sitting here like "That's it? Then what happened?" Cliff hangers
keep the reader, well... reading but in the first chapter a cliff
hanger at the end is not a good idea.
But keep writing! I liked it! :D
‹Pixie_Vamp› says:   18 November 2008   537767  
thnx Alexis, yea that's just what I wrote 2day, so there'll probably
b more later on
‹=SURfER_ChiCk808_bAbEZ=› says:   18 November 2008   649781  
what lol i diddnt get lol
‹Pixie_Vamp› says:   18 November 2008   753218  
‹dark_angel246› says:   19 November 2008   755916  
I LIKE IT  check out my storie it took me a while to write plzz check
them out plzz
‹+The Lilysaur!+› shouts:   19 November 2008   189546  
holy crap thats good!
‹Pixie_Vamp› says :   19 November 2008   321679  
thnx =-D

constructed criticism will be greatly appreciated


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