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r.i.p lindseyCategory: (general)
Thursday, 13 November 2008
03:07:32 PM (GMT)
Lindsey this gone to that amazed me just like you amazed everyone else i will ever forget you, the only information i got from her friends was that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time she was down in nashvill visiting her friends and there was adrive by shoting, no she did not commit suicide or anything, billy the last thing she told me was that she didnt delet her account someone else did and that she love her little borhter she was a best friend to almost anyone, she could brighten you day with just a smile on her face she never put you down no matter how pissed she may haven been at you shenever turnd her back on someone or went behid your back, she was more of a sister t me i knew here sence i could talk seeing her grow up to be something so beautiful just made me want to do the same. You mother once told me the moment you were born that you were a good soul for this earth, gone but never forgoten Time May Pass and fade away, but the momory will always stay you never did anything wrong to be taken away form us you were so brave lindsey you had your holwe life palned out ahead of you and then it was taken away from you, i wana see your name pop up on msn just wishing this was all a dream you made everyones life worth living i just wish some people saw the same person i saw in you never lookin back on her mistake telling me no matter how much i may hate the wrold i live in i could never give up on myself you turnd so many hearts once we found out you were taken from us, that man is in jain for life and will never hurt a gorgeouse peacfull full of life girl from anyone else i needed you so much lindsey so did billy and emmie i dont blame you i just wish you didnt leave me or any of use lindsey,sammie, danny we will see you again hunnie i know it hurt when it all happend, we had our moment are up's and down's but i think that just brought us closer togather i love you lindsey you truly shouldent have been you, you diserve to still be hear living your life . Gonna miss seeing you everday laughing smiling, god realy saved the beast for last didnt he ? all thoses moment we spend is a picture perfect memory to me that will last forever Lindsey at 4 years old you were the cutest thing one two legs, i would have loved to see you have a little girl of you own to resemble you just so you coul see how besutiful you were, and so she could grow up to be a beautiful woman like you, why did it have to be you ? why was that man so attracted tou you that he had to end your life at just 18? god has apeurpouse for all of use then what was the purpuse of this ? what did you do to desrve a end like this ? i will never forget you lindsey my one ture friend everyone at school misses you even mr bearker sheaded a tear once we found out plz remeber lindsey that you ment the world to me and i would have dug down to hell to make you happy R.I.P babby girl
Last edited: 13 November 2008

‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   13 November 2008   769844  
omg.  that was such a sweet  message, or whatever it's called, to
omg. I seriously cannot believe this. she, she was.... shot? why would
someone do that? omg, I'm so sorry for u guys. wow, sry, I'm just
really shocked. 
‹God of the new world› says:   13 November 2008   267679  
‹God of the new world› says:   13 November 2008   359933  
rest in peace sis i have a memorial set up for you ill see you again
i miss you and i wish you where here i wish i could have given you
your birthday present in person or give you the biggest hug in the
world but know this sis you are permantely engraved in my heart
forever and i will miss you dearly, life without you isnt the same
OHAYGURLFRAN says:   11 April 2009   144835  
That's Marina Mafia.
If you're going to fake, try harder and be sure not to pic any scene
models while you're at it.
Rikki_Chaddwicks_and_H2Os_Major_fan says:   11 April 2009   545449  
iEatZOMBIESx says:   11 April 2009   523132  
Lmao, that's on "Lindsey" it's a scene girl named Marina Mafia.
‹<3JESSE..ISH..EPIC<3› says :   11 April 2009   814975  
TT^TT thats sadd....


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