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Tokio Road Chpt. 2 Part 3Category: Storee :D
Wednesday, 5 November 2008
04:07:35 PM (GMT)
Part 3

He stood in front of it, his fist raised to knock on the door, but he made no such
action. He whispered, not to anyone in particular, but to everyone, even himself,
"I'm sorry." 
Everyone stood in the lobby of Tokyo Academy, dressed in black, waiting for Shan'ni.
But as they stared at the large stairway waiting for her to come down, they were
surprised to hear a whisper coming from the elevator. "Guys, come here…" Kauru
spoke, "I believe it's Shan'ni." The group walked over, in complete silence, only
their expressions making noise. When they arrived at the elevator, they saw someone
who they did not believe to be Shan'ni. A small girl in a long black dress with
lengthy auburn hair that flowed down to her back stood holding the elevator door
open, seeming to be hiding behind it. But those eyes, the luscious blue eyes that
illuminated her already sweet face had made Kino spoke up. "Shan'ni, it is you…"
She gave him a confused look while still shifting her eyes around nervously. Girls
were not permitted inside of Tokyo Academy. "Of course it's me…" Kino took her hand
to help her out of the elevator, while all the others surrounded her to hide her
obvious female identity. "But why are you wearing that wig of long hair?" Kino asked
for him and the others. Shan'ni sighed, as if she didn't want to answer. "Well, my
family…um, let's just say this is who my family knows me to be, and leave it at
that." Shan'ni pushed her hair to the side, seeming to be uncomfortable. Kumi hugged
her with a smile. "I think you look pretty, Shan'ni-chan." Shan'ni almost smiled at
that, but her worried expression failed to fade. Again, her eyes got shifty as one of
the student at the academy walked into the room. He stopped to look at the group, a
puzzled look on his face. "Where are you guys headed?" He surveyed their black suits,
and their surprised expressions. "Ah, a special occasion.-" Kino stammered out
quickly. Still, the student did not walk away. He looked at the formation of all the
boys; they seemed to be hiding something. "Hey, is there something that I should know
about?" He started to walk to the side to see what was inside their circle. But
everyone quickly stepped to the opposite side, avoiding him, trying to put innocent
smiles on their faces. "Nothing, nothing…" Kino made a fake laugh, waving his hands
side to side. "Hmm…." The student only got more suspicious. He stepped more toward
the group, and they stepped the opposite way. But this time it was a mistake. "Oh!-"
Shan'ni, in her high heels, had tripped trying to keep up with her friends, and fell
out of the circle onto her stomach. "Ouch…" She rubbed the back of her head, her
eyes shut. "There, a girl! You've got a girl in here!" The student threw an accusing
finger at the group, a stunned expression on his face. Toemi and Koemi picked up
Shan'ni with haste, trying to hide her again. But it was no use. The student was
already on his way to the dean's office, but Sai had stopped him in his tracks. He
grabbed him by the back of his shirt, and lifted him into the air. "Hey, let go of
me!" He scrambled, still in mid hair. Kino came over to make an excuse. He used his
so called charm. "Please, let me explain." He gestured over to Shan'ni who was hiding
behind Toemi and Koemi. "This girl, she is our special guest." He winked at Shan'ni,
and gestured for her to come forward. She did so, hesitantly. She walked to Kino, and
stood by his side, keeping her eyes down. Sai slowly put the student down, letting
him see Shan'ni. He put a hand on her shoulder. "This is…Rena. She is, ah…Sai's
little sister. Isn’t that right, Sai?" Kino coughed, signaling for Sai to say
something. He walked to Shan'ni's side, putting two protecting hands on her petite
shoulders. "Yes.-" He then squeezed Shan'ni's shoulders, meaning for her to add
something to the charade. She immediately came up with a quick smile and some kind of
excuse for all of this. "Ah, yes. I am Hiden Rena. I am pleased to make your
acquaintance." She didn't wait for a response after she bowed. "These fine friends of
my brother were going to allow me to accompany them to a fine restaurant. I needed to
get out of the house, and Sai had made the offer. I hope I haven't caused any
trouble." She looked at the student with the most innocent eyes she could, and it
seemed to work. "Ahh, yah…nice to meet you as well." He rubbed the back of his
neck, seeming to feel stupid for making such a big deal. "Have a nice time then…"
He then walked off into another hallway, without a word. At that exact moment,
everyone let out a sigh of relief, glad they had evaded a potentially dangerous
situation. "Well we avoided that well." Koemi said while letting out a gust of air.
Kauru added, "Yes, very convincing act, Shan'ni. One could mistake you for actually
being Sai's small sister." Shan'ni just straitened out her dress, sighing. "You could
say I've had a lot of practice in the art of acting, I suppose…" Her eyes seemed to
dim, along with her mood. Kino noticed this. "Shan'ni?-" She stopped him by beginning
to walk towards the door. "Let’s go then everyone…I can’t keep my family
waiting." Shan'ni said this in complete monotone, seeming to dread every step she
made further to being on her way. All the boys could do was exchange worried looks
with each other, and unwillingly follow Shan'ni to their grim destination.
In the limo, it was silent. Not a word lingered in the air; only the thick,
strangling sound of silence. No one had dared to speak, for the sense of happiness
had escaped their bodies. Shan'ni sat at the window, looking out of it vaguely, as if
to ask why this had happened. It rained outside, and the pitter-pattering sound of
water hitting the roof of the vehicle was all that filled the void of silence. Kino
sat next to her, not even looking at her being, but somehow being affected by the
misery that flowed off of her body. He thought to himself. How can this be? The girl
that I had only met only a day ago, that happy child is now a lingering soul filled
with sorrow beside me. And why is it that I care so much? Why is it that I want to
wipe her tears away, and chase away all the fears, all the sorrow? Kino looked at
Shan'ni, trying to find the answer. But suddenly, the limo stopped, and there was
nothing left to look for anymore. Shan'ni took a deep breathe, and the chauffeur
opened the door. "We're here, Miss." Shan'ni said nothing, she just carefully stepped
out onto the sidewalk, and the man handed her an umbrella. She took but a few steps
towards the church, and then stopped, looking aimlessly into its stain glass windows.
The boys had already stepped out of the car, not sure what to do. Kumi then tugged
lightly on Shan'ni's dress. "Shan'ni-chan…we should go in." Shan'ni looked down at
him, almost like she just broke out of a hypnotic state. "Y-yes…" She then felt a
large hand on her shoulder. She looked over. "Sai…" He stopped her. "It will be
alright." Shan'ni bit her lower lip, a single tear rolling down her cheek, and onto
the cement ground. "I know.-"
The church door opened, almost as if the group had broken all silence, everyone in
the church turned to them. Standing beside Kino, Shan'ni grasped his shirt a bit,
signaling her anxiety. Kino looked at her, her face was pale. He sighed, feeling for
her. He spoke for the group. "Alright then, let's go." They all began to walk
forward, Kino keeping a light hand on Shan'ni's back to keep her going. She
reluctantly stopped when they were greeted by one of her family members. "Shan'ni, is
that you?" Shan'ni looked up at her, and gave her umbrella to someone else. "Ah, yes
grandmother." The boys looked at Shan'ni's grandmother, expecting a smiling face at
seeing her granddaughter again. But this face of grimace did not change. And her only
rebuttal was, "Well it's about time you showed up." Shan'ni almost took that like a
bullet to the stomach. Kino felt her move a bit. Her grandmother spoke again. "And
who are these fellows?" Shan'ni immediately got alert. "Oh, my apologies… this is
Hakkai Kino, Matsuei Kauru, Saiyuki Kumi, Maiten Toemi and Koemi, and Hiden Sai, my
friends." Shan'ni's grandmother furrowed her gray brow, and said bluntly while
walking away. "Alright, but I can’t guarantee they'll be room for them." Her heels
clicked all the way to the front pew, and only then did Shan'ni move forward to find
her seat. But as Shan'ni and her companions walked down the isle, they received
nothing but glares from every face, as if they wondered why Shan'ni was here. Their
bitter faces seemed to sting Shan'ni, because she never lifted her face to any of
them, trying to keep herself invisible. She immediately sat at the empty pew in the
front row, horizontal from her grandmother's pew. She was followed by Kino, Toemi,
Koemi, Kauru, Kumi, and then Sai. Shan'ni stared in front of her, a blank look on her
face. For just a few feet from their pew, there stood a casket. And inside of that
casket, the corpse of Haru, Shan'ni's dear brother, brutally murdered. Shan'ni
sighed, and in that sigh was the whisper of Haru's name. Kino wanted to make Shan'ni
happier, if only a little bit. "Ah, Shan'ni-" But he was interrupted. The priest was
starting to talk, and the whole church fell in silence, even the rain seemed to mute.
"We all gather here today to say goodbye to Kaman Haru, a young man we shall not soon
forget. Haru was an aspiring musician, his career almost coming to a breaking point.
But, he was taken from us, unfairly by the hands of man. Haru was but twenty-one, an
age where no soul should have to return home to God. But we must not hate the one who
ahs taken this young boy from us, but embrace the fact that he is in a better
place…." The priest went on, and all eyes were on him except Shan'ni's. She just
kept her eyes on that which held Haru's body in it.  Flashbacks began to run through
her mind.
"Haru-u, I'm home!" Shan'ni shut her front door behind her with her foot, a load of
groceries in her arms. Haru skidded into the living room from the kitchen. "Welcome
home, Shan'ni! Here let me help you with those." Haru scooped most of the bags from
Shan'ni, a smile landing upon her face. She began to make her way to the kitchen.
"So, Haru, I was thinking about making shrimp Gyoza tonight, sound good?" He came
into the kitchen, snagging a soda from the fridge. "Perfect, I've been starving."
Shan'ni began preparing for her dish. "Hmm… and why's that?" A paper appeared in
front of her face that Haru held from behind her. Shan'ni looked at it, and then took
it from him. "You've been writing lyrics all day again?" Haru got smug, and told
Shan'ni to look more closely at it. "It's for you, sis." He smiled, and Shan'ni
mimicked him. She exclaimed, "Oh, Haru, how sweet!" The song was entitled, 'Never
Forget', and the lyrics came right out of Haru's heart. Shan'ni hugged her tall
brother, and he rustled her hair. "Yah, well…you do so much, and it seems like I
never really say thank you enough. So, thank you Shan'ni." Shan'ni giggled while
smiling. "Well, who else is going to take care of your lazy self?" She stuck her
tongue out playfully at him. He laughed. "Hey, who are you calling lazy?" He started
to chase her around the house, both of them giggling. Happiness…true happiness. And
why did it all have to be taken away? 
"Shan'ni…Shan'ni the priest is almost done." Kino shook her a bit, getting her out
of her trance of memories. She looked at him, wide eyed. She whispered. "Yes, I'm
sorry." The priest said his final words. "And would anyone care to say a few words on
Haru's behalf before we all pay our respects?" No one moved for about thirty seconds,
seeming like no one had anything to say. But then Shan'ni rose, ever so slowly, and
ever so slowly did she make her way to the podium, extreme distress written all over
her face. Her family and other guests didn't seem too happy or attentive to Shan'ni's
stand, but nevertheless, it was quiet once again. That silence was cut when Shan'ni's
broken voice began to make words. "Ah, as you all may know, I am Kaman Shan'ni,
Haru's younger sister. She stopped for a moment, preparing herself. "And I would like
to say…thank you. Thank you for coming here to grieve the death of my brother…my
one and only brother." Everyone watched her, the only reassuring eyes being the boys.
Shan'ni looked to them, and then Haru's casket, which was now open, ready for
everyone to pay their respects and pray at the side of his body. "Haru…" Her words
caught in her throat. "Haru was someone that I don't think any of us, or anyone for
that matter, could forget. He had a big heart and a strong hold on reality. But that
didn't stop him from pursuing his almost impossible dream, to become a famous
musician. After our parents…" She took a deep breathe. "After our parents died,
Haru and I lived on our own, taking on the world like adults, when we should have
been living up our last years in childhood. I took on the responsibility as mother,
cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, and Haru put the bread on the table." She had a
moment of silence. "But don't get me wrong, Haru and I made a horrible situation into
something we could live with, and we were doing a pretty good job for three long
years…up until the day that Haru was taken from me…from everyone." She stopped,
her eyes welling up with tears. Her voice became more high-pitched, more broken. "You
all could not imagine, coming home one evening, to find your beloved brother…" A
cry let out, but she put it back in. "To find him murdered in your own home, a place
that was supposed to provide safety and happiness. But it is now a place of fear and
the unknowing feeling if you are truly safe or not. Although I can regain that safe
feeling, although the feeling that no harm will come might come back," Tears rolled
down her face, and she looked at the crowd with sad, passionate eyes "I will never
get my Haru back." She stepped away from the microphone, and began to walk off of the
stage, leaving only tear drops behind.

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