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TraviXOreon (Say Anything)Category: YAOI Oneshots
Monday, 27 October 2008
09:19:55 PM (GMT)
Here I am 
on Phone again, 
and Awkward silence 
is On the other end 

Travi took the cell phone from his ear and tried with all his might not to throw it
out of the third story window. "Stupid, Oreon." he mumbled as he grabbed his coat
gloves and scarf and climbed down the stairs and out the door. It was so cold outside
that he could see his breath when he sighed. He began walking down the street towards
his hide away, the library inside the local college. As he entered the library he
turned right into the kids section and pulled out a book that was in the same place
it had always been. It was an accidental print so it had no words, just pictures, and
the title was 'Friends'. Somewhere in the library was the corretly printed book with
text an all, but he vowed to himself that he would never read it.

I used to know the sound 
of a smile in your voice
But right now (right now ) all I feel (all I feel) 
is the pain of fighting starting up again

He opened the book and flipped through it a couple times. He could remember the first
time he'd read it. It was a bright and sunny monday afternoon and his mom had to
attend her college classes so she asked her friend, the librarian, to watch Travi
whilst she attended he classes. Being only about four he'd took out a lot of books
and let them just lay all around in a big messy while looking through more. The
librarian's son, the same age as travi, who'd been playing on a computer across the
room noticed the big mess and walked over to him. "You should put all those back,
mommy is going to have to fix all them if you don't." He said, but travi ignored him
as he flipped through a book he'd just found. He flipped through it and furrowed his
brow. "Where are the words?" he asked and showed the book to the boy. 
               The librarian's brunette son looked at it for a minute. "It's a
picture book, you make up the words." he sat down on a blue benbag chair and flipped
through it. Travi scowled. "Hey, I had it first." he said and tried to grab it, but
the boy moved it away. "Don't grab at the book, you can damage it, and anyway, we can
read it together." the blonde said. "My name's Oreon, by the way, it's spelled
O-R-E-O-N like Oreo cookies." he added as Travi sat down beside him. 

 All the things we talk about 
You know they stay on my mind, on my mind
All the things we laugh about 
they'll bring us through it every time, 
After time, after time

Oreon looked at the title. "It say Friends so we should make up words that fit for
friends." They read and agreed on most of the made up dialogue. If they didn't agree
they comprimised. On the last page they were both at a loss. The picture was of one
of the boys wispering in the others air and the other one smiling. Oreon was the
first to suggest some words. "Maybe he's saying "We should go home." Travi disagreed.
"They look too happy to say that. Maybe he's saying I love you, 'cuz that's how mommy
and her boyfriend looks when she they say that." Travi said.
           "That's stupid." Oreon said. "Boys don't say I love you to eachother, and
even if they did, then they wouldn't be friends." He said and nodded and crossed his
arms. Travi stuck his tongue out. "You're stupid, boys can too say stuff like that
and be friends." He huffed. Oreon shook his head furiously. "No they can't."

"Yo," A voice said and snapped Travi from his nostalgia. He looked up and saw Oreon
standing up beside the bean bag. "What are you reading?" He asked casually. It had
only been about an hour since Travi had hung up on Oreon after the snide comments
Oreon'd said to him, and Oreon was avoiding eye contact. Travi closed the book and
put it in his lap. "I'm reading Friends." he said quietly. Oreon sat down wuietly on
the bean bag accross from Travi. "Have you read the text version yet?" Oreon asked.
Travi shook his head. "I don't plan to." He said.

Don't say a word, 
I know you feel the same
Just give me a sign
Say anything, say anything
Please don't walk away, 
I know you wanna stay
If you just give me a sign
Say anything, say anything

Silence engulfed the two and they didn't dare look at eachother. Travi was the first
to speak. "So, what do you think the kid said on the last page?" he asked. Oreon made
eye contact for the first time. "I know what he said, because i've read the text
book." He said in a short manner and kind of coldly.

Some say 
that time changes, 
best friends can 
become strangers
But I don't want that, 
no not for you
If you just stay with me 
we can make it through

The words cut Travi. When they'd found out that there was a text version they both
said they wouldn't read it. It was a pact. One obviously not kept. Travi looked down
at his lap and stared at the book. "I still think he says 'I love you'." HE said
defiantly. Oreon stood. "He doesn't." Oreon said and stared down at Travi.

So here we are again 
the same old argument
Now I'm wondering if
things will ever change

Travi sighed. "Hey, Oreon," Travi said and stood also. "Why can't boys tell eachother
they love eachother? You never did explain your reasoning on that." Travi said till
looking down and took a small half-step forward. Oreon looked anywhere but Travi.
"They just can't." he whispered.  

When will you laugh again, 
laugh like you did back when
We'd make noise 'til 3 am, 
And the neighbors would complain

Travi looked up at Oron to see the deep frown his friend always seemed to have on.
Damn, how he wished the boy would just revert backward to a four year old. Everything
would be so much easier then. They could just disagree, call eachother stupid, and
get over it. "Travi," Oreon said and locked eyes with the blonde. "Why are you doing
this to me?" Travi looked away. "Doing this to you? What about me?" Travi asked in a
barely audible whisper. Oreon hissed, "It's always about you, think of someone else
for a change." 

All the things we talk about 
You know they stay on my mind, on my mind
All the things we laugh about 
they'll bring us through it every time, 
After time, after time

Travi felt tears prick at the back of his eyes. "I really do miss the old you." He
said and forced back the damned tears. Oreon snorted. "We're not four anymore, grow

Don't say a word, 
I know you feel the same
Just give me a sign
Say anything, say anything
Please don't walk away, 
I know you wanna stay
If you just give me a sign
Say anything, say anything

"I wish we were four again." Travi said. "Back then, you wouldn't've done this." 
Oreon growled. "You don't know a thing about my life, don't act like you do.
Travi sighed. "You've been different ever since your mom died, I know that, and I
want my Oreon back." 
Oreon started to walk away. "I was never yours, you fag, go die." He said at as loud
as he dare get in the sanctuary that was the library. 
Travi grabbed Oreon's wrist and pushed him into the book shelf nearest them. 

I'm fallin...
I'm fallin...
I'm fallin down

'This is a bad idea' Travi thought as he locked eeyes with an angry Oreon. He was so
close to letting Oreon go, but decided that this was his one last chance. Confessing,
didn't work, friendship didn't work,Oreon was just too blind  'Please don't hate me.'
Travi thoughtas he softly pressed his lips to Oreon's. Oreon's eyes widened and he
gasped. Oreon struggled trying to get away. Travi put a little more pressure into the
kiss. 'I'm so sorry, but I want you too see.' He thought mournfully.

I'm fallin...
I'm fallin...
I'm fallin down

Oreon stopped struggling and kissed  him back. Oreon wrapped his arms around Travi's
They pulled away from eachother to catch thier breath. Travi dropped the arm that'd
previously kept Oreon trapped. 

Down, down,down...
Oreon looked away. "Don't bother me anymore, okay?" He said as he stepped out of the
personal bubble they'd been in and walked away.

Don't say a word, 
I know you feel the same
Just give me a sign
Say anything, say anything
Please don't walk away, 
I know you wanna stay
If you just give me a sign
Say anything, say anything

"What's that suppose to mean?" Travi asked. Oreon paused at the door and looked over
at Travi. "It means stay away." He said before leaving. Travi stood against the
bookshelf and sighed. He was hurt, but he should have seen this coming. 

Don't say a word, (Please don't leave...)
I know you feel the same

Travi dialed Oreon's number over and over only to get no response. He left voice
messages, but none got returned. "I'm sorry" was how every message began and ended
the hours were wearing on since thier last encounter at the library.

Just give me a sign
Say anything, say anything

Oreon could here his cell phone going berserk and the home phone rang every other
second. When the message recorder clicked on and he'd have to sit through another i'm
sorry he wanted to pick up the phone and say sorry as well, but fought against the
urge. There was no way that he could decide against his resolution that he did not
care anymore.

Please don't walk away, (Please don't leave...)
I know you wanna stay

Travi tried calling again. "I'm sorry." He near shouted into the reciever. "Please,
just answer the phone." His voice was racked with sobs and tears rolled down his

If you just give me a sign
Say anything, say anything

Oreon unplugged all the phones in his house and went upstairs. It was quiet now. He
sat on his bed and opened up the book that lie upon it. The title was friends. It was
the correctly printed one with the text. He flipped to the last page. He drawled his
fingure over the words above the picture. "Are friendship won't ever change" It's
true that Oreon was in fact interested in Travi, but it was just too much of a
chance. Right now, He could pick up the phone, or turn on the computer and Travi
would be there waiting to talk like always, because fighting doesn't break a
friendship, but like Oreon had said back then, if he said I love you, then they
weren't friends anymore, and if something broke, it would be thier hearts and calling
eachother stupid would be a petty crime next to how being alone would feel.

midnightangel94 says :   28 October 2008   745435  
wayy 2 much 2 read im only on ur thing cos i want points lol


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