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From Poptarts to Gay bars, we have it all (pg.5)Category: From Poptarts to Gay bars, we have it all (story)
Wednesday, 15 October 2008
05:52:20 PM (GMT)
Anya sprang forth off the yelled demon of Bouji Highschool, aka, the school bus. She
ran down the street fiftheen houses and jumped into the backyard if ine and scaled
the side of the back wall. Sure, she had a key, but what fun would that be? The white
jacket tied around her waist fluttered slightly as a breeze rolled by. The dark
purple curtains swang slightly as she brushed against them while climbing through the
long window.   She scowled as she saw the twins sitting on the floor, symetrically,
playing a game of "Go Fish." 
         "How long have you two been here?" She asked. Still staring at thier cards
they simultaneously answered "Noon." She hit Melodie and Harmony both with her purse.
"Ugh. Melodie, it was the first day back from fall break you should have came until
at least lunch, and Harmony, i'm so dissapointed skimping out with this delinquient
it's just so bad for your academics, and your even an Honor student. We're suppose to
set good ex-" She was silenced by the little red box of Pocky harmony had held in the
air. She grabbed it and plopped herself down onto the floor. She opened the box and
wrapper inside of it and popped a piece of pocky in her mouth.
         "Thankies." She said and then turned her attention to Melodie. "You should
have went to school. I mean, I was the only flute there. Since Marlena swiched
schools and Kimmy changed to oboe I was really counting on you to be there and cover
up all of my mess-ups! We did the B flat scale and I forgot that it was A natural
instead of A flat, and Mrs.Salontro got SO mad. She did that thing she usually does
to the drums and trumpets. You know when she stands up all red faced and bangs the
conducting stick on the stand and yells right in your face. I blamed my mess up on
not playing in a while and being so tired." She said and knawed lightly at the tip of
the pocky stick. 
          Melodie frowned as he listened to her while continuing to play go fish. He
gave Harmony his jack and turned to face Anya. "You messed up of the B flat scale."
He said in mild disbelief. "You need to practice more." 
          She thonked him on the head. "Not the point, and I know the B flat scale, I
just got momentarily lost in an angry subject, and you know I don't think well when
i'm angry." she said. 
          "What was the angry subject?" Melodie asked. Anya shook her head. "Not
           Harmony looked up from his cards. "So, was it Cathy Santonez, or was it
Ricky Salito?" The names were codes that Anya had came up with a LONG time ago. She
created them so that she could talk about the people they were specified for without
her friends figuring out who it was. Cathy Santonez was figured out by Harmony two
months after she made it, Cathy was a person she absolutely hated. Haarmony had been
trying to figure out who Ricky was, but he wasn't having any luck, Ricky was a person
she really liked, but he had a girlfriend.
          "Cathy." Anya answered.

xxlifesucksxx says:   15 October 2008   265543  
Akinyi_Kaelin says :   15 October 2008   395746  
coool, love it!!!!!!


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