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wtf a chess club?/Picture day :DCategory: school!
Tuesday, 23 September 2008
04:05:06 PM (GMT)
Father Mark was being funny today.

Took part one of vocab test

>:O Damn the dirt bags won 
we were playing um connect 4 on a graph thing :/ with qudrants. I was on the slimes
and there was the dirt bags. xD It was fun.

FUCK YEAH! 76 gwam <3 my new highest. Johnny thinks he can type faster than me. NOPE
he got like fifty something >D and I got 76 ha! Tom got 65 so yep. :D hehe we then
had to take pictures. ^_^ I straightened my hair and had this purple shirt on.

WOW. Mike said that Cassie wanted to um suck er Chris' um :/ 
WEll anyway Dani played mercy with Brayden and then Dani asked him to play with me
and he said no. ;; 
And I was singing Bob The Builder, Elmo's World, and Barney is a dinosaur. xD I know
I know I'm crazy

YAY we get to draw pictures again. Cassie thinks I'm on some drugs because I was
happy about that. 

Social Studies 
we got to work on our homework. Then we heard about chess club. I am sorrt of
interested but not to the extent that I want to join.

OMFG Chris A. IS seriously stupid he put Chris E. as goalie we all know that fatass
sucks at any sport so putting him at goalie was the worst! he shouldve put him as
midfield or forward!

*screams* EEEEEEEPPPP my parents  can check my grades online now. and progress
reports are next week.

omfg omfg omfg omfg 
I'm checking my grades right now D:

ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS D< I'm getting a fucking B- in social studies?! OMG!!!!
*thinks* all my test and homework was in the 90/80 GAH!

I'm dead

I HAVE  to get straight A's  because my dad said I have to because I'm not in
anything besides volleyball. :/

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   23 September 2008   242846  
Seems like you had fun...
sand_ninja says :   23 September 2008   565731  
wow. on progess ihad all a's but in math i had a c.
Stoopid algabra.

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