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Chapter 9Category: Story of Randomness (please read!)
Monday, 22 September 2008
07:38:01 PM (GMT)
"Thanks." My mom told him he had to have me back by ten, and with that, Stan took
arm, and guided me out to his car.
"So, we're going to the pizza place?" I asked. 
"Uh huh."
"Who's gonna be there again?"
"Just some guys from the football team, and a couple of cheerleaders."
"You know, this really isn't my type of crowd."
"They're not like they seem. They're not like people think football players and
cheerleaders are. Most of the get straight A's."
"Really? Do you get straight A's?" 
"Most of the time."
"I didn't know that."
"Well, that shows what you know about me." This comment made me feel nervous, but he
started to laugh, so I laughed nervously too.
When we got down the driveway, i found his car was a blue Smart Car, the car I always
"A Smart car?"
"Yah, they don't need gas, so they're better for the environment."
"Yah, i know." I said as i stepped into the pasenger's side of the car. "I've always
wondered what these were like."
"It's a great little car, especially if you don't need to drive a lot of people
around. Since I'm an only child, it makes sense."
"Wait, don't you have a little sister?"
"Yah, but she died a little while ago. she had leukemia."
"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!"
"It's okay."
He turned on the car, and we drove to Cici's in silence. I didn't want to say
anything stupid again, so I just sat there, watching as we passed the bank, the
grocery store, and a number of houses. We passed Cici's.
"Where are you going?" I commanded. He turned to the left into a large parking lot.
"The parking lot. We need somewhere to park."
"Oh," my cheeks felt like they were burning. I hoped he couldn't tell. 
He got out of the car, came over to the other side to open my door. I hadn't been
expecting it, so I swung open the door, and it hit him in the face. 
"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" Stan was holding his nose. It was bleeding, so I grabbed
the tissue box that was in the car and started handing him tissues. 
"It's all right, I don't think it's broken." I felt like such an idiot. My cheeks
started burning again. He sopped up the blood, and then he was fine. We walked
together into the pizze place. 
In the far corner, there was a pretty large group. I knew most of the people, but
didn't really talk to them. Stan led me over to them, then introduced me to them.
Most of them said something like 'Aren't you in my history class?'
Most of the time, my answer was yes. 
I sat down, and soon the waitress cam to get our order. We all decided to get the
buffet, so we could take our time. We paid right away, and then all got in the line
for the buffet. 
All the guys piled up their plates with pizza, and, although Stan had said they
weren't like most cheerleaders, they all piled on salad. I started to feel self
consious, but them they took second plates, and piled on pizza and pasta as well.
Thank gosh! I took two pieces of pizzz, a bit of pasta, and a plate of salad. We all
sat down and ate. As we were all finishing, we started to talk. 
I found that Stan was right. They weren't the usual cheerleaders and football
players. They were all smart, and really nice. I had a great time. 
"So, what did you think of my friends?" Stan asked me, as we walked out of the pizza
"You were right. They weren't what I expected."
"Well, I'm glad. I hope you had fun."
"I did. Thank you for inviting me."
"Well, I'm glad I did."
"Me too." I smiled at him, and he smiled at me. The next thing I knew, he had my hand
in his. 
It was a beautiful night. There were lots of stars, and the moon was full. It was
nice and warm. The thing that made it perfect for me though, was that I was with
Stan, and he was holding my hand! 
We walked into the parking lot, and got into the car. We drived back to my house in
silence. I was just so happy, I didn't know what to say. 
We got to my house, and as Stan turned off the car, and got out to walk me to my
door, he took my hand again, but this time he pulled me close, and gave me a quick
kiss on my cheek. Now, I was happy, but Janice's voice was in my head. 'You don;t
want him to think you're easy.' So, I pushed him away.
"Too fast?" He asked me, with regret in his voice.
"A little, yah." I looked at my feet. He put his hand under my chin, and pushed up my
head, so that I was looking straight into his eyes.
"It's fine." He smiled a sweet little smile. Then, walked me up to my door.
"I really had a great time tonight." I said.
"Me too." He said goodbye, then I walked into my door. I stood there for a second,
making sure all this really happened. 
"Vanessa, is that you?" I heard my mom call.
"Yah, mom. I'm home." 
"Janice called. She wasn't sure when you'd be home, so I told her around 10."
"Did she want me to call back."
"I don't know. You probably should." So, I ran up to my bedroom. First, I threw on my
p.j's, then I picked up my phone and dialed Janice's phone number. 
"Hello?" It was Janice's mom.
"Hi, may I please speak to Janice?"
"Sure, just a second." I waited for a little while, then I heard Janice's voice.
"Hey Jan, it's Vanessa."
"Hey Vanessa! How was your date!?"
"It was amazing!" I didn't ene bother correct her, since it was a date. I told her
everything that happened. 
"Wow..." she sounded surprised. 
"I know! I was surprised too!" 
"I don't know what to say! Except, since you're going to be popular, being Stan's
girfriend and all, do you think I'll be popualr by association?"
"I don't know." I replied, but I wasn't really listening to what she said next. I
couldn't get the sound of Stan's girlfriend out of my mind. 


Thanks for reading everyone! Especially pinkglitter5, blondegurl95, and
tiggerlemon101! Thanks! 

Now, I think my next one will be the last chapter, but, if you have any sort of idea
for a sequal, or just want me to make a sequal, make sure to COMMENT!

‹♥Stevie;;HereSheGoesAGAIN♥› says:   22 September 2008   475226  
Awesome :]]]]]]
blondegurl95 says:   22 September 2008   358595  
but you said 
'He said goodbye, then I walked into my door'

you walked into your door??
is that what it was supposed to say ???
‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› says:   23 September 2008   196362  
I meant I walked in through the doorway. i guess it did sound weird!
tiggerlemon101 says:   23 September 2008   564981  
Sequel~Either someone dies/a long-lost relative is discovered/Amanda
is really part of an illegal Paraguan black  market scheme/somebody
gets blown up and subsequently dies.  Elohel!

Good, good, good!  Can you do me a favour and make somebody punch
Amanda (I accidentally put Vanessa, elohel!) in the face, preferably
Janice?  Pretty, pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top? 
‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› says :   23 September 2008   745518  
All right. I'll try to make a sequal, maybe using all those things!

I don't know how I'll fit that in, but I'll try!


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