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American Witch lll: Diagon AlleyCategory: Hogwarts
Wednesday, 3 September 2008
10:49:05 PM (GMT)
	After a bit of chit-chat with the twins, we went to breakfast. I called Molly
Weasley once I saw her, but I guess she isn’t used to people other than her own
children calling her “Mom”. She didn’t even turn around. After a few more
“Mom”’s, “Mama”’s and “Mommy”’s, I finally gave up, shouting,
“Mrs. Weasley!”
	She turned, looking for the voice that summoned her. She found my face and smiled,
“Lizzie! It’s good to see you again, dear! I thought the boys would die without
you in Egypt.” She wrapped me in a motherly hug.
	“Mama, I’m not that charming,” I waved my hand at her, pretending to be
	“Oh, but you are darling!” George joked. Both the twins bowed gentlemanly.
	“Why, thank you, dearest!” I put on my best English accent to follow the scene,
curtsying. We laughed before Mama interrupted our charade.
	“Have you gotten all your robes and supplies?”
	“Not yet. I’m heading over to Diagon Alley after a biscuit or two,” I assured
her; I didn’t want her to fret over me, not with the five kids she has on hand.
	“Oh, dear, I don’t want you wandering the streets of Diagon Alley alone. Best to
take the twins with you.”
	Figures. I didn’t complain, though: We had planned to go together, anyways. We
needed to get into the joke shop A-SAP for inspiration and a restock on dung bombs.
	The boys and I followed Mama to a table filled with Weasleys and two faces I almost
forgot about.
	“Hey there, Harry. Hermione.” I was surprised to see the two here. I expected…
Well, I didn’t know what to expect. I don’t know them that well.
	Hermione Granger didn’t approve of my pranks, that much I knew. She said I was
going to waste away school and the learning experience with the direction I’m
going. And Harry Potter I didn’t know much about until classmates bombarded me with
way too much information. Everyone’s amazed America’s witch and wizard first
years didn’t know about the great “boy-who-lived”. So he survived a killing
curse. Whoo-pee. Throw an “Avada Kedavra” at me any day.
	“Hello, Lizzie,” Harry greeted me first. Hermione, on the other hand, gave a
small snuff before giving me a curt, “Hello”, and turning back to her meal. What
got in her coffee?
	Before any of us got a bite, Hermione started a life speech, Percy agreeing with
everything. I get it. I’m wasting my life. I need to straighten out and fly right.
I need to pay more attention. Yadda-yadda-yadda. Shaddup, already.
	“And one more thing—“
	Fred and George stopped her mid-sentence by yelling “To Diagon Alley!” and
booking us out of there. We stopped once we were outside the entrance.
	“What… the heck?” I wheezed through breathes. That had knocked the wind out of
	“You… owe us… breakfast,” Fred panted.
	“We just got you…”
	“Out of a long lecture from Hermione,” George finished, “And skipped on
breakfast saving you, yah Damsel in Distress.
	“You mean she was just getting started?” They nodded. “Dang. You’re right; I
owe you a big breakfast.”
	“Of course,” Fred stretched, “Now that we’re wide awake—“
	“Why don’t we take you—“
	“Shopping?” They ended together. The whole twin thing still creeps me out.

	First thing on my “To Do” list: New pants. My shirts had been oversized to begin
with, but my pants would be high-waters by Christmas. My robes are perfectly fine, if
you don’t account the moth holes. I planned on patching those up once we got to
Hogwarts with a little magic. Colorful patterns, of course. Just hope I didn’t get
in trouble for them…
	I giggle-snorted aloud, startling a yammering Madame Malkin of Madame Malkin’s
Robes for All Occasions.
	“Do you find something about my store funny, Miss?” She looked pretty offended.
Guess I interrupted something important.
	“What? No, no,” I defended quickly, “I love your shop. I’m just thinking of
the robes I’m patching up.”
	“You need new ones then, correct?”
	“No, I plan on making them spiffier than you could ever dream of. Pants are my
mission today.”
	“Say no more, say no more,” she waved her hand at me, shushing me until further
notice. She called in an assistant, who swept me into a side room. As she closed a
curtain, I heard Malkin scolding my boys about how to treat a lady. All bets on that
they tried to follow me in.

	After arguing with the assistant about why I wanted pants and not a skirt, we made a
detour to Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor. I looked at my new pants, admiring
the fine stitching.
	“Okay, guys. After we scarf this down, “I said, spooning the ice cream, “We
gotta go to the Apothecary to replenish my potions ingredients. I do not want to face
Snape again for a refill. Maybe we could fit in a pit stop to the joke shop before
we’re off to Flourish and Botts… Are y’all listening?” I looked up from my
school supplies list to see the sides of their faces. I scowled. They had been
looking at the next table, eyeing an older-- maybe in her early 20’s-- witch.	
	I pulled back a spoonful of ice cream in a flicking position and… SPLAT!
Bull’s-eye. With George’s ear filled with ice cream, Fred had been torn away from
the witch to laugh at his brother. I cracked a smile and snorted, too. George’s
irritated face was just too much to handle.
	“Did you need something, Liz?” He naively smiled. Liar.
	“Oh, I was just curious if anything could get your eyes off that woman,” I
grinned back.
	“What was that?” He cupped his hand over his treat-filled ear,” I
couldn’t—“ he scraped off the ice cream, “HEAR YOU!”
	He threw the melted sweet at me; I ducked, feeling milk splattering on my back and
head. When I lifted my head to see if the coast was clear, the twins were half way to
the corner. Crap. I turned to see the back of Florean Fortescue’s head covered in
melted ice cream.
	“Time to go,” I whispered to myself, setting money on the table. I sprinted to
the corner, catching up to Fred and George at the Apothecary, our next stop. We got
in and got out of there quick. Memories of Snape’s detentions in the dungeon
resurfaced there.
	After a full hour in the joke shop, we finally went to get my books, from Standard
Book Spells, Grade Three, to Monster Books. I now am proud to say I am taking the
Care of Magical Creature course.
	As we entered Flourish and Botts, we spied the manager wrestling with a green book
near the window. He seemed to be struggling with getting a rope around it and tying
it up. Looking closely, but not close enough to get snapped at, I read “Monster
Books” in great golden letters. I grinned mischievously at the twins.
	After he released the book to a frightened student, I smiled innocently at him, then
the books. I heard him groan before I even said, “Excuse me, I need one of these,
Last edited: 25 October 2008

StrawberrySHOCK says:   4 September 2008   885754  
Hahaha 8D That was awesome 8D
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says :   4 September 2008   217662  
Thanks :DD

Only two more chapters til Lilly arrives


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