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The Tale of The Uzumaki and The Hazumi Chapter 2!Category: fanfiction
Wednesday, 3 September 2008
03:22:35 AM (GMT)
I'm geting an idea of that I should start doing 2 chapters per diary entry.
Oh yeah Akira's name has a lot of definitions but I chose the prettiest one: look
beautiful, shine, glow 
I wanted Akira to mean "Plum Blossom'' but Umeko means it :/ so Naruto's nickname for
Akira will be Umeko.

"Akira-chan, has anyone ever told you that you have a pretty smile?" Naruto asked
eating his lunch. "Really? I do?"  Akira asked. Naruto nodded. "Way prettier than
Sakura-chans smile.'' Naruto said. "Sakura....Sakura..was she the girl who said those
mean things to you?" Akira asked. Naruto nodded sadly. "Um..Naruto-kun, I heard a
rumor that you liked it true?" Akira asked in a small voice. Naruto nodded
and said, "Well Sakura-chan's pretty, and smart..and.'' Naruto could'nt think of
anyting else nice about Sakura. All she had ever did was hit him, yell at him, and
shout insults to him. "I don't know anything else about her.'' Naruto admitted. 'But
Akira-chan's nice, pretty, smart, funny, and she has a great smile.' Naruto's mind
said. Akira stared at the sun, as Naruto had a small battle in his head. Naruto
could'nt help but stare at how pretty Akira was in the sun. The sunlight gave her
hair a nice glow, and the gentle breeze made her pigtail flutter a bit. With
butterflies flying around her, Akira looked angelic. 'She's beautiful!' his
mind screamed. 'But why do I find Akira-chan so attractive? She's a friend! I
should talk to Iruka-sensei about this. Naruto said in his brain again. "Admit
it kit, you like her.'' Kyuubi said from his cage. "No I dont! Do I?''
Naruto asked the Kyuubi. Kyuubi said nothing. 'Damn fur balls probably sleep!'
Naruto cursed the Kyuubi. "Hey there you two are!'' A voice brought Naruto back to
reality. The pair looked to see Iruka smiling at them. "Akira-san, Rose-san was
looking for you!'' Iruka said. "Rose! Where is she? Naruto-kun you have to meet my
sister!'' Akira said excitedly. "Hey Akira, why don't you bring her here? I need to
talk to Iruka-sensei privately.'' Naruto said. "Okay. Se you in a bit Naru-kun!''
Akira said. "See ya Umeko-chan!'' Naruto said. Since Akira looked like a Plum Blossom
it made since. "um, Iruka-sensei, can you keep this private?" Naruto asked. "sure!''
Iruka said. Naruto hesitated. "Well, it's about Akira-chan, I think I like her.''
Naruto admitted blushing thinking about his Umeko. Iruka chuckled. "Sounds like you
like Akira-san more than Sakura-san!'' he said. ''Well Akira-chan made me realize
that Sakura never returned my feelings, all she had done was hurt me.'' Naruto said.
"Is it time for class?" Naruto asked sadly. He wanted to spend more time with Akira.
"Tell you and Akira can take the day off, if both of you make it up
tomorrow.'' Iruka said. "You really mean it Iruka-sensei?!" Naruto asked excitedly.
Iruka nodded. "But if your not so sure of your feelings, don't jump to conclusions,
Akira-san would be crushed if she found out ou don't like her that much!' Iruka
warned. "i'l make sure!" Naruto said. 'This day will be great!' he thought.

‹Ðark Fox› says:   3 September 2008   781735  
O_o Rose's gonna appear? I see bad times for the NaruAkira XD

YAY for Kyuubi! XD only one shout, but that was SO nice ^_^

Keep up with the good work 
‹XxMurderous_NinjaxX› says :   3 September 2008   284611  
Hey!!! Whats wrong with me?!

okay I'll have more Kyuubi!!! :D



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