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Lost girl (Ch.4)Category: Story
Friday, 29 August 2008
07:38:08 PM (GMT)
Chapter four: Story 

  My name's Penelope?! Wow, you'd think I'd remember that. "Penelope" isn't exactly a
common name. My first reaction was to look behind me for this Penelope person but the
only person in the room besides me and tooth brush girl was Julie. The girl was still
grinning like mad. She seemed in a joyous state of shock. Then all of a sudden she's
running at me trying to hug me. What's that going to accomplish? Is she trying
to check if I'm a hologram or something? She stops dead. This is the second time in
five minutes she's done that. Is she a drama queen or something?
     Which is when I realized my hands were out in front of me as if to keep her
away. Okay, fine I admit, I can see how that'd be hurtful.
She didn't seem to mind though. She hugged me hard anyway, slipping between my arms.
So I decided since my arms were there I might as well hug her too. It'd make her feel
good, and I still want her to explain what's going on. suddenly the hugging stops and
she said 
    "come on! Let's go to my room!" and dragged me out. I through back an apologetic
glance at Julie, but she was just smiling in a amused way. 
      She brought me down a series of side halls that eventually lead to one marked
"457" in chunky looking metal numbers. 
    "This ones mine. You can sit on the bed!" She said, and swung me onto it by the
arm she was holding. She sure was strong. She stared at me expectantly, and when I
said nothing she pouted a little. 
   "You're not ganna make me beg for information are you?" she asked. When I
just stared at her she dropped the pout, "So.... When did you wake up? Did you feel
funny, like you were ganna be sea sick? Or did you get used to it when you were in
the coma?"
     "So we are on a boat?! And what do you mean 'coma'?! Who
are you? And is my name actually Penelope?" I demanded, with the idea
that if I laid my questions out like that she'd be more likely to just answer them.
Instead she looked hurt, and a single tear slide down her cheek. Honestly more tears?
It's not like this is my fault. And I'll tell her that. But before I could she
started speaking again. "Your brother warned me this might happen. I really hoped it
wouldn't come true. I was just... I was so happy to see you I thought... I didn't
think you'd forget..." she trailed off, searching my face for something. She was sad,
and I wasn't happy about that, but what could I do besides look for things to trigger
my memory? So as heartless as it seems, I contiued to pump her for information.
     "I have a brother?" But instead of looking pained she smiled. "You know, if you
still remembered him, you would know forgeting him isn't so bad. You fought all the
time." she explained.
     "Reall-" The broke swung open abruptly and there stood Frank wearing blue fuzzy
slippers, a night cap(?!), and his grey suit jacket over his bath robe. I must admit,
he is the only person I can think of capable of looking scary in fuzzy slippers.
     "That's enough Emily." he ordered. "What have you told her?" he demanded. He
must be more of a morning person. Talk about grumpy.
"Her names Emily?" I asked. He looked as if he'd been slapped. I guess he assumed
she'd told me her name.
     "that's it we're leaving." he said. Yup, defiantly grumpy.
"Why should she? You certainly haven't taken care of her since she woke up."
Emily accused. "She wasn't even sure she was on a boat! She didn't know about her own
coma!" For the first time Emily seemed really... Well angry.
      "So that's a 'yes' on the coma?" I asked. Frank looked at me then sighed,
"Let's go back to your room and I'll explain." he said. I began follow him out then
turned and motioned for Emily to follow us. She beamed and skipped silently behind
us. She hid conspicuously behind corners and potted plants, obviously having fun
prenteding to be sneaky.
When Frank and I went inside she flattend herself outside the doorway to listen.
Frank said "And if your done playing spy Emily you can leave." to which Emily
responded "good thing I'm not done then." and she stepped into the doorway, looking
both ways in a exagerated fashion, before doing a completly pointless summersualt
into the room. Then she walked over and sat of the end of the bed. I laughed, and
Frank glared in a obvious attempt to say "don't encourage her", which made Emily
     "If you girls are quite through giggling, I'll explain." Which shut me up. Emily
on the other hand had plenty to say.
"As if I hadn't been doing that already! What's with up you anyway? Since when did
'Funny Frank' get so dark and moody?" 
"Since my neice went into a coma and got amnesia that's when!" He shouted. "You don't
see me throwing hissy fits!" She shouted back.
     "Will you kids shuddup! We're Tryin' te' sleep!" shouted some old Irish guy down
the hall. I got up and closed the door.
When I got back everyone seemed to have calmed down. In an attempt to remind them
what we were here to talk about I cleared my throut and said, "So how'd I get in a
coma?". Frank sighed, and Emily looked angry and together they started the story.

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   29 August 2008   274829  
This is so super cool. you are a great author!
Kirti says:   30 August 2008   728863  
thank you! that's so nice!
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   30 August 2008   929571  
A Coma?? D:
Great chapter!
Kirti says:   30 August 2008   559357  
I couldn't think of a better way for her to wake up with amnesia.
*theme music* super spy Em-il-leeey...!<--hey that's perry the
platypus's music!
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   1 October 2008   613363  
wow this is so interesting! u're such a great writer!
Kirti says :   2 October 2008   317286  


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