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EMO IS DEAD!Category: Possibility
Sunday, 10 August 2008
05:55:27 AM (GMT)
Maybe not dead, but defiantly dying. A slow, painful death.

Come on, people! I can't be the only one in this world who is getting sick of the
whole "emo-lets-be-depressant-because-it's-cool" thing. Seriously, it was a little
fashion trend for a while, but this is just getting stupid. Does anyone even know
what emo even stands for in the first place? It means emotionally unstable, a term
supposed to be reserved for people suffering depression, not the teenage blues. It's
not a clothing style, it's not a hair cut or a brand of shoe. Not a design or a way
of walking or speaking or the amount of attitude you give to your parents. It's a
medical condition that is now a complete mockery because nobody takes it seriously
anymore. Now people with nothing wrong are getting the utmost attention while the
people with real problems are getting called posers. 

I'm not being bitter and talking about me; I'm being bitter and talking about all the
friends, relatives and acquaintances I know that have suffered because of this. My
friend tryed admitting to her teacher that she was depressed and the teacher
dismissed it as nothing. "Oh, well, their just being teenage, it's nothing serious,
they all feel it." 3 weeks later her doctor diagnosed her with clinical depression
after she refused to leave her room for 2 weeks.  

Even the opposite is happening: people with no problems at all are being shunned and
labeled "That weird emo kid." when in reality they just prefer a certain style of
clothing. I'm not going to even go into the mental trauma that someone can sustain
from having a childhood like that.

But not to worry, people are catching on and realizing how stupdi this all is. Soon,
attention-starved kids will stop sitting in their room forcing themsevles to write
gothic poetry because it seems like something you should do while listening to
melodramatic songs usually centred around breaking up with your girlfriend. Soon,
those ugly shaggy haircuts will go out of style and people will say "What the hell
was I thinking?". Maybe even soon, people with actual problems can get the help they
need in order to get better. Maybe even we will stop forcing ourselves to find flaw
with ourselves because we feel like if we admit that we like ourselves that we won't
be cool. That you have to have the right kind of problems in order to be cool. Soon
we will finally be rid of a generation that thinks slitting your wrist and suicide is

So, yes, emo is dying. It may take awhile, but it is dying and thankfully taking
everything with it. So please, trade it your stripped leggings and skull t-shirt for
something a little more psoitive. The world may be going up in smoke, but your not
helping by whining how much you hate your own life. 

Instead of hating yourself for being devective, why not make someone else better?
Hell, you may even feel better about yourself in the end.

StrangeLover says:   10 August 2008   113921  
that is absolutely right! But u gotta admit, the style looks good.
Anyway, i dont know if im depressed or just really sad, its hard to
CertainlyNotNeku says:   10 August 2008   852434  
I agree.
But the part about more positive clothes, I don't quite understand
burberry_girlie says:   10 August 2008   941476  
just a footnote, disregard if you please. for the truly ignorantly
saturated only
RenaTina1010 says :   17 August 2008   621891  
People don't have to give up the clothes if they know they're not
depressed. I mean, the clothes look good to some people but other
people just label you with them. 
I don't really know if emo is dying, but I agree with you saying
stupid people are making an emotional disorder other stupid crap. And
then people witht the actual problems are being ignored. 
Soooooo, yeah. :D


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