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Sunday, 3 August 2008
03:53:03 AM (GMT)
Kelly/Kenny. Whatever. ;3 I've been a Kenny fangirl since I was seven, but I
guess I'm more of a Stan fangirl. <3333
Besides, Kenny has too much. [Okay, that's a lame-ass excuse.]
xD But, anyways, I love Stan. Did anyone else notice in "Imaginationland the Movie"
that his hair was fuller and/or longer? Yum.
HAHA. That made me laugh. Okay, I'm talking to myself.
Kenny's lines are not muffled because it would be very hard for readers. x3 But he's
still wearing his parka, as hinted in the story! Why are you still reading the
author's note?
"Lenny!" Kelly exclaimed.
"Hold on," Kenny's muffled voice said. He turned to Stan. "Is it okay?"
Stan nodded. Kenny ran to his girlfriend. "Yeah?"
"You're babysitting with me," Kelly said. "We're babysitting Kyle's little brother.
Kyle's sleeping over at Stan's, and Mrs. and Mr. Broflovski have some dinner or
"Oh, come on!" Kenny whined.
Kenny sighed. "Only because I'm easily taken advantage of."
"Yay!" Kelly said. "Meet me at Kyle's house tonight at seven." She walked away,
happily sticking her finger up her nose.
Kenny turned around. Kyle, Cartman, and Stan were waiting for him.
"You bastard," Kenny said to Kyle.
Kyle smiled evilly. He stuck his tongue out at Kenny, then flipped him off.
"You were in it, too!" Kenny exclaimed, pointing accusingly at Stan.
Stan grinned and pointed to Cartman. "Him, too."
"Cartman!" yelled Kenny.
"I'm the one that convinced the bitch and her husband to that restaurant," Cartman
said proudly.
"But it was really Wendy's idea," Stan said.
Kenny looked across the playground, where Wendy and Bebe were chatting by a tree.
"WENDY, YOU BITCH!" screamed Kenny.
Wendy grinned and waved at Kenny. Then she pointed her thumb at Bebe, who, too,
"Is everyone against me?!" Kenny yelled, frustrated.
"Dude, whatever. At least you finally get to do something," Stan said.
Kenny glared at his so-called 'friend', then angrily walked away.

At seven o'clock, Kenny arrived at Kyle's house, where Kelly was outside, waiting for
"Hi," he unwillingly greeted.
"Hello," replied Kelly, smiling. "Glad you could make it."
"I feel quite the opposite," Kenny mumbled under his breath- or parka.
"What, Lenny?"
Kelly giggled. "I know, Kenny. I'm messing with you."
"I wish you could see my mouth, I'm sticking my tongue out at you," Kenny said.
"Aw, how cute," gushed Kelly.
"Grah!" grumbled Kenny.
"Hi, guys," a voice said. Kelly and Kenny turned towards the source.
"Hi, Kyle," Kelly and Kenny said in unison.
"I'm sleeping over Stan's for two nights," Kyle told them, bringing out a small
duffel bag.
"That's a small bag," commented Kelly.
"Yeah, well, if I run out of clothes, Stan can lend me some of his." Kyle shrugged.
"Typical," Kenny whispered to himself, rolling his eyes.
"Well, my parents are gone, and I'm off, so you guys can go in now," Kyle said.
"Thanks," Kelly said, picking her nose as she skipped into Kyle's house.
Kyle walked towards the sidewalk; Kenny headed towards the door of the house. Kenny
turned around. "Have fun sleeping with Stan."
Quickly he covered his mouth (or, where his mouth would be if his parka was off),
realizing what he said. "Whoops! I'm sorry!"
Kyle winked and grinned.
Kenny pulled down the hood of his parka to show that he was grinning back. Suddenly
he didn't feel guilty about what he said. He watched as Kyle disappeared from view,
then pulled up the hood and walked inside.
Kelly stood in front of Ike, looking horrified.
"What did he eat this time?" Kenny said.
"He ate a rat!" Kelly shrieked.
"Come on, bub," Kenny said. Ike stood up.
"Am I going to throw up?" Ike asked.
Kenny blinked. "I was thinking of cutting up your stomach and scooping out that
digested rat, but that seems better. Come on." Ike and Kenny walked towards the
Kelly stared at them. "Good paternal skills."

"Oh, thank GOSH!" Kelly said, sitting down on the couch. "Mike is finally asleep!"
"Ike," corrected Kenny, sitting beside her.
"Mm," Kelly said, closing her eyes. "I'm tired."
Kenny leaned over and rested his cheek on Kelly's shoulder. "You don't want to go
home? I'll take care of Ike."
Kelly opened one eye. "No." She sighed sadly. "I thought we could bond or something
afterwards, but I'm so tired."
"Bond? Kelly, sometimes you are so gay. Why don't you start planning our wedding,
too?" Kenny snickered.
"Really?!" Her eyes widened in excitement.
Kenny looked up at her. "I didn't know my girlfriend was that messed up."
"Say that again," murmured Kelly, closing her eyes.
"I didn't know my girlfriend was that messed up?" Kenny repeated, a little puzzled.
Kelly smiled. "I love it when you say 'my girlfriend'," she explained.
Kenny nodded. "Oh. I should say that more often, then."
Kelly nodded. "A lot..Lenny, promise me one thing?"
"Kenny. And sure."
"Oh, right..Well..Will you promise me..That..We'll be together..Forever?"
Kenny stared at Kelly, moving his face away from her shoulder. Then he held her hands
in his own, and looked deeply into her eyes.
"Of course, baby. I promise."
Kelly blushed.
"Wait, 'baby'? That's new," Kelly said.
"You notice the slightest of things," Kenny snickered. "I'm trying this new thing
where I call my girlfriend 'baby', and my friends that are girls 'babe'. Like, Wendy
and Bebe?"
Kelly laughed. "That's the worst 'new thing' ever."
Kenny scratched the back of his head. "Actually, when I call all three of you 'babe',
people think I have three girlfriends. I want to...distinguish you from them."
There was a short pause.
"I think you should call me 'baby', then."
"Why don't you just stop calling them 'babe', then?" asked Kelly.
"I'm messing with their feelings," Kenny joked. "Duh."
Kelly elbowed Kenny. "Kenny! They have boyfriends!"
"Who are in love with each other," added Kenny.
"I don't think so," replied Kelly stubbornly.
Kenny smirked mischievously under his parka.
"I love your eyes," Kelly said randomly.
Kenny touched his left eyelid. "Thank you?"
"They're so blue," Kelly said.
Kenny blinked. "My eyes are a distraction." He closed them jokingly.
"Aw, come on," giggled Kelly.
"Nyaha," he teased, eyes still closed.
Suddenly the door opened, and Gerald and Sheila walked in.
"Hello there," Gerald said cheerily.
"Hi, Mr. Broflovski," replied Kelly.
"Well, here's your pay," Sheila said, pulling out some money from her purse.
"Thank you!" Kelly said, grinning and taking the money. "Well, we're off."
They quickly hurried out the door.
"Well," sighed Kenny. "G'night."
"Good night," replied Kelly, smiling. "We should do this more often."
"Over my dead body."
Kelly pointed her thumb towards the cemetery. "You have about seventy-three back
there, which one?"
Kenny merely smiled and rolled his eyes.
Last edited: 3 August 2008

StrawberrySHOCK says:   3 August 2008   757788  
Ahaha <3 n_n

That was hillarious xD
Kelly still has that awful habit, and she forgets names xD
KennyLennyLarryCarrieIkeMike xD
It was pwnsome! <3
AnnaLovesYoh says :   3 August 2008   545433  
Thanks! :3


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