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Tuesday, 29 July 2008
05:55:26 PM (GMT)
My Untitled Fanfiction, so far.  Since it is Untitle I would like if you could help
me think of a title, the 2 titles I like the most will be put into a poll, okay? Also
I want you to tell me if it's Mediaminer worthy, or quizilla crud (no offense, some
quizilla stuff is good... just not most)

This EVERYTHING I've written in the last month and a half, oh yea the language is
more intended for teens 12-whenever, some of the terms you may not understand, if you
are confussed about some of the words message me and I'll give you definition, so um
here we go it's very long considering its all the chapter smooshed into on(the
beginning is really weak sorry) It's in first person BTW also don't read if you don't
like people making fun of Kagome, my character doesn't like her kay? Don't kill me
the story moves VERY quickly:


A little girl was running way from a pack of wild dogs? Wolves maybe??
Her face was blank no features, just skin as if someone took her face away...
There was no colour around the little girl, just white.
When suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks and the rabid canines lunged!
.:End Dream:.

"Ahh!" I sprang up from bed;
My name is Naiya Mitsukai, I'v been having nightmares a lot lately,
My mom says it's my over active immagination, I think it's more of as premonition.
I took a brief look at my clock "Oh it's only 7..." I yawned to myself sleepily...
"7! Kyaah! I only have hour to get to school"
I rushed into my uniform, when I was nearly finished putting it together I realized
something was missing...
"My tie! Where's my tie!?" I screamed looking around franctically, this was my third
tardy in a row and I could not afford getting anothe detention as I turned my head,
there it was my tie was in my dogs mouth! "C'mon give it here boy," I whispered
quietly when he ran down the hall still carrying my tie! "Dosan give me the tie!" I
shouted as I chased him through the halls, I eventually got my tie back and
putting together my uniform, with no time for make-up I put my hair in a simple
ponytail, grabbed an apple and headed out the door.

I made it and with time to spare, I looked up from my watch and sure enough there
they were "Yumechi, Tano, Kido!" I yelled waving wildly at my patient friends, "Hey"
was there simple unified response. As I reached them I couldn't help but apologize
"Sorry I'm late guys REALLY sorry!"  "No problem," Tano said  "Yea by now we're use
to it," Yumechi and Kido finished his sentence laughing "Haha very funny guys," I
rolled my eyes at them and we all trudged on into the school.

Thanks Kami I wasn't late my mom would of killed me, one more detention and I would
of failed this term!
I was busy drawing on my desk while Mr. Boring said the attendance, when she
walked in; Kagome HIgurashi
the single most annoying person in school, although recently I kinda liked her, she
had more absences then me and on top of that she was never here. Mostly from Weird
ear diseases, being possesed by otherworldl creature, pfh whatever as long as she
isn't here bugging me I don't care.

"Hi Naiya," She greeted me acting like we were bestfriends... well we were at
one point about 4 years ago.
"Hi," I replied flatly "Since your babysitting my brother tonight after I go to
the... uh mall, before I leave could you give me your notes?"
Her words dripping with hope "Yea knock yourself dead," I said as a joke but kinda
hoping she would. Besides I didn't use my notes.

After school my friends and I went over to Wacdonald for some burgers, when guess who
sat next to us yup Kagome and her prissy friends. "Hey" they said to us cheerfully,
"Go away you're not welcomed here," Kido told them, as we all laughed. "That was
mean, Kido," I mentioned through the tears of laughing "Your point?" He asked, I fell
silent thinking of an answer after a few minutes I told him my point "I have none." 
Then  Yumechi turned and glared at me "You hipocrite.." she said straight towards me,
she always has had something against me "What?!" "First you actually talk to preppy
mcpreppy over there in class, and then you defend her and her friends, what gives?"
the guys stopped laughiong and joined in the torture with a unified "Yea" I had to
save myself "She only asked me for my notes I swear! And I just told Kido what he
said was mean I never said I didn't like it!! Guys you believe me right?" If Kido
didn't I knew Tano would, I mean he's boyfriend he has to right?!?! "Yea we believe
you," they answered I just smirked at Yumechi.

.:That Night:.
I knocked on Kagomes door, "Ms. Higurashi, I'm here!" When finally someone answered
it wasn't who I expected. "Who the hell are you?!" The boy? asked "I could ask you
the same thing Catboy!" When I approached him for a better look, "You must be
Kagome's boyfriend," I said take one step away from him "You don't look ver rebel," I
said to him a little dissapointed I hoped the rumor would of been true. "Huh?" He
looked confussed "The again what would those pussies know about rebels?" I whispered
to myself, unfortunately he heard me "What did you just call Kagome?!" He screamed
while un-sheathing a BIG ASS sword "A pussy." I answered him boredly "What's that?"
his face instantly went from furious to curious "You do know what that is right?" I
asked "No," He answered dumbly "Ha! You're kidding right?" I asked again whiping a
tear from laughing so hard "No," He was sounding dumber by the second. "Some rebel,"
I said rolling my eyes "I'm here to babysit Souta," I mentioned, after that he
finally let me in
"I'm Naiya by the way," I told him figuring he was cool enough to know my name
"Diamon? Heh, name's Inuyasha," he said smugly.
"Ah! Inuyash I told you not to- Naiya! You're here?" Kagome hollered running down her
hallway"Um yeah, remember babysitting?" I reminded her "Yeah but I didn't think you'd
be here this early," I looked down at my watch "I'm half an hour late, no thank to
someone," I said glaring at Inuyasha "Hehe well Souta is upstairs," she told me
"Yeah,yeah I know," I said already half way up the stairs. I stopped mid-staur way
and hollered down them "Oh yea I forgot these!" while chucking my notebook at Kagome
andthen walking back upstairs.
"Hey, kid!" I said happily while walking in Souta's room he was kinda cool, for a 9
year old "Did you listen to the cd I made ya?" I asked "Yeah it rocks!" he answered
"Good I mixed it myself you know?" "Yea I know Naiya," he said laughing. A while
later we were dancing to some Green Day when I saw a weird blueish light fromm the
well house outside Souta's window "I'm gonna check that out kay Souta?" I asked
leaving the room before he could answer.

I ran to the well house as fast as my skinny legs would take me, when I walked in I
saw Inuyasha and Kagome jumping in it "Are you two mad?!" I screamed jumping in after
them. After a little while of blue swirls and sparkles I hit the bottom "Woah
trippy," I shuttered and climbed out. When I looked around something didn't seem
right... oh yea "Where the fuck are the skyscrapers!?!?!?" I shrieked, when I felt
someone grab my hands it was just some monk "Will you bear my children?" He asked a
hopeful look on his face "Yea sure,"
I said in a very sexual tone, I gestured for him to kiss me and when he got close
enough I spat on his eye "Moron," I whispered. "That was new," Said some voices from
behind me, I turned around "Wh- Inuyasha, Kagome where are we?" I asked "Feudal Era,"
Inuyasha answered uncaringly. They were walking away when Inuyasha for me to follow,
so I did. They led me to a shitty old hut. "Um, nice?" I said trying to be nice
"Haha, yeah right," Inuyasha laughed, which made me smile. "Let me introduce
everyone, that's Sango, Kirara, Shippo, and you've already met Miroku," Kagome said
pointing at everyone "We should get moving first thing tomorrow," Inuyasha
suggested... er commanded.

.:Next Morning:.
We were walking through a beautiful forest, my eyes were wide with wonder at
everything around me I had never seen such things before. For a while I was staring
at green spec flying in the sky that had seem to be following us for the last 15 or
so minutes when Inuyasha stopped dead in his tracks and I heard him growl
"Sesshomaru." "Who?" I asked dumbfounded. 
I didn't get an answer when a beautiful man dropped down in front of us. I couldn't
help but blush when he looked at me even if it was for a brief second "Little brother
I see you've collected another human," He said in monotone to Inuyasha "That's
Sesshomaru," Inuyasha stated pulling out his sword. I couldn't believe it "That GOD
is your brother?!" When I got a couple of shocked looks I felt I had said something
wrong, I looked at Inuyasha's so-called brother who had a smirk on his face, when he

.:That Night At Camp:.
"What was that about?!" Inuyasha was pissed "I'm sorry, he's cute.." I
apologized blushing "No he's not, he's a monster!"
Inuyasha hollered "He didn't look that bad to me," Was my reply, after that I left
the hut for some fresh air.
After about ten minutes I saw him again... He was sitting beside a hotspring,
I ducked behind a bush when I saw him start to strip, he was divine! When he pulled
down his pants  I let out an involuntary gasp,
and he looked up staright at me... I wanted to run but my legs wouldn't listen. After
he got redressed he grabbed me by th arm 
"What were you doing?" he asked in the same monotone as before "I was just taking a
walk when I-" I was cut off by Inuyasha
"Naiya, get away from that monster!" He hollered Sessh-something looked down at me
"Diamond? More like coal," It was the same montone ut it hurt. I hated my name but no
one had ever said it didn't suit me, till him. Tears built up in my eyes, I squirmed
from his grip and ran back to camp.

|Sesshomaru's POV|
She was badly groomed, short, human, and seemed to have an attitude, but there was
something about her,
something I found very captivating... I didn't bother fighting the half-breed ut I
did manage to get rid of him and his friends.....
I was in the middle of a bath!

~Naiya's POV~ .:Back at the hut:.
"With you it's just one disaster after the other!" Inuyasha hollered "Listen Bub!
It's not my fault I ran into him!" I hollered back
"No but you just had to go and get yourself caught! Lucky I was there to help
you!" He was really being an ass! "I DON'T need your help!" "Fine" "Fine"
after that I left...

I'd been running for nearly 2 weeks now. 'If I don't get any food soon I'll surely
die' was all that was running through my mind,
when I heard a voice "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with Inuyasha?" The
voice sounded so familiar, I would of looked but all I could do was collapse.

|Sesshomaru's POV|
It was the same girl from a week ago, but something wasn't right.
I put her behind a sleeping Rin on the back of Ah-Un 
"Jaken we're going back to the palace"
"But M'lord"
"Right sorry m'lord"

After we arrived at my palace I placed the sickly girl on my bed, she was terribly
thin, and even messier then before
If that was possible. I had a nurse do an evaluation, with servants working around
the clock
to bring her back to health 'Why do I care for this human' I thought to myself
I decided to go out to the gardens in order to get my mind off the girl.
When Rin came to me with her many questions
Rin; she had managed to win a place in my heart, but she could be annoying at times.
"Lord Sesshomaru can Rin go play with the new girl?"
"No Rin, she still needs her rest."
"Right Rin understands, Lord Sesshomaru."
"WHAT THE FUCKING HELL YOUR PERVERT!!!!!!!!" I heard my "guest" holler from my
bedroom, "She's awake" I muttered to myself.

And that's all I've got so far, any ideas for more?
Also I'm well aware Naiya swears toomuch, too bad I tried to make her somewhat like
me... just more sweary :p
Oh and can you guess what is happening up in ze bedroom?
Last edited: 29 July 2008

Perfect_An says:   30 July 2008   961665  
Hey! Wow... It IS uber long! xD


Wow... My sis would love thsi story. She loves Inuyasha fanfictions.

Great story!
BoredumBites22 says :   30 July 2008   774894  

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