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Thursday, 17 July 2008
09:09:47 PM (GMT)
~~~~About You?~~~~ Do you have a name? Uh-huh. How old are you? 12. what is your IQ? Zero. What country/State do you live in? Claireland Do you have pets? Yep. Whats your zodiac sign? Ratplz Whats your astrology sign? Geminiplz Was is/was your last bf/gf? Barack Obama have you ever eaten pet food? Pshyeah. Where do you like to shop? Target/Grocery store/Province Town Have you ever been on a blind date? Er, there was that one time when my friend took me and one of her other guyfriends to the theater intending to hook us up but it all ended in an epic fail. Where do you want to go on vacation to? A few places. Austin, New York, Sweden, London, France, maybe. Have you ever tried to cook an eeg in the micorwave? I put a hard boiled egg in a microwave once, cause it was cold. It exploded. Are you good at singing? Not really. Do you have an email? Yerp. Do you like anime? Not really. D: Are you good at taking pictures? If I'm lucky, yes. Do you label yourself? Only cool made up labels. :B Do you think your hot? Fuck yeah. Do you like to sleep with stuffed animals? Yep. :D Fred and George the lions. Scariest dream you've had? Some stupid thing about jerky made out of human flesh and being murdered by some old fart with a chainsaw. :B Best dream ever? Playing pirates with my favorite video game characters while singing the Pokemon theme song. ~~~~Favorites~~~~ Favorite music? Alternative rock. band? Sick puppies, Coldplay, Cinema Bizarre, Five For Fighting, The Parselmouths, The Moaning Myrtles, Whomping Willows, Harry and the Potters, The Order, MEDLYN AND THE UKELELES. 8D artist? Emma. food? Anything unhealthy. drink? Pellegrino/Green Monster Animals? Lions, snakes, and polarbears. show? Robot Chicken, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Two and a Half men. Hey, I only get to watch what my brother watches. Movie? Little Miss Sunshine, Juno, Balto 1-3. Thing to wear? Comfortable things. Cargo shorts and a Tshirt. ~~~~Love~~~~ Do you have a crush? Yesplz if so Who? Claytonplz Do you have a bf/gf? Me? Pshnaw Are you married? Uh-huh. Barack obama the ukelele Do you want to get Married? I guess so. Do you want kids? As long as they don't come out of my own vagina. -u- Adoptionplz How old do you want to be when you get married? Uhm, sometime after some dipshit decides he wants to propose to me. :D If you could date any person alive or dead who would it be? George Weasley, der. :B Are you a virgin? LOLOLOL. Do you still like your ex? LOLOLOL. what do you like most about love? Uhm, the possibility of someone not thinking it's stupid when you trip on your own feet when you talk to them? ._. what do you hate the most about love? Uhm, the possibility that someone WILL think it's stupid when you trip on your own feet when you talk to them? Does your crush know you like them? I;m guessing so, I'm not too great at hiding stuff like that. :B Are you brave enough to ask someone out? Psh, naw. Person you want to do it with? George Weasley Person you Never want to do it with? Mr. Filch and his stupid cat. >:| Person you love to death? Georgack Weasbama ~~~~Friendship~~~~ Best friend/s? Emma and Erin. :B Friend you've known longest? I've known Erin for a while. Friend you dont totally want to be friends with? Erin can get annoying sometimes. ._. Friend you've known shortest? I've only known Emma for about a year or so. Friend you'd die for? I'd die for all of them, I guess. :3 friend that would die for you? How am I supposed to know? D: It's not like one of my friends would randomly come up to me and be like "OHAI ID DIE FOR YOU, KAY?" Friend you trust the most? Emma, I guess. Because she doesn't go to the same school as me and doesn't know anyone I know, so there's not much of a chance that she would go blabbing my secrets to everyone. Sorry, Erin. D: Do you have a true best friend? Emma and erin. |:< Gosh. Are most of your friends guys or girls? My two best friends are girls, but I've got a lot of friends that I just hang out with at school who are guys. Most of the girls at school are airheads. :| Smartest friend? Um.. Craziest friend? Psh. Dumbest friend? LOLOL Do you secretly like one of your friends? Clayton is a friend. <3 Prettiest/Hottest friend? Medlyn's ukelele Friend you talk to the most? Hmm... A tie between Emma and Erin. :B Friend you live closest too? Well, now that Erin's moved somewhere else in the neighborhood, I guess Emma? Friend you know best? Emma, even though i've known her shorter. :B ~~~~Random~~~~ First thing you think when you wake up? -^- When did I go to bed last night? Do you take a shower everyday? ... Do you have a bedtime? Usually 1-3 AM. Got Milk? ...Ew What do you think of ducks? Horrible, terrifying creatures of doom, and not sunshine. (If anyone understands that reference, I LOVE YOU) Have you ever almost been killed? Yup. Have you ever been killed? Um. Do you want to be famous? Don't we all? Name someone that hates you? Sam. Name someone that loves you? Barack Obama Craziest thing you'd ever do? Um. Funniest person you know? Emma. Why do we dream? Because Harry Potter's waiting for you in your bed RIGHT NAO Are you afraid of death? Depends on what kind of death. ._. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Missingno says:   18 July 2008   894945  

NoodleSama says:   18 July 2008   852212  
D: HE LIVES IN MY HEART. ;o; Plus I haven't gotten to that book yet,
so he's still alive in my eyes, so shush.
reyka says :   21 July 2008   129334  

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