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Monday, 14 July 2008
01:18:48 AM (GMT)
Name-  Lindsay

Nickname(s)- lin, zan zan (dont know how i spell it), Bennie -_- 

Age-   13

Birthday-   April 19

Birthplace-   New Jersey, USA

Current Location-   New Jersey

Eye Color-   brown....i think....(4 some reason my eye color changes and idk y)

Hair Color-   dirty blonde

Height-   ......O_O.....IDK!!!!

Weight-   ughhhhhhhh....85 pound.....last i checked was yesterday

Lefty or Righty- Righty!!! AND PROUD OF IT!!!


What Do You Drive-  IM 13 4 GOD SAKES!!!! I CANT FRICKEN DRIVE!!!!

Screen name-  emo_chix

Color-  Black

Number-   whaaaaaa

Band- ......

Music Genre-   rock, metal, hip-hop, ......and others

TV Show-   America's Best Dance Crew, a lot of anime shows, parental control, etc

Movie-  HellBoy

Actor-   IDK AND I DONT CARE!!!!

Actress-  -points 2 question b4-

Kind of Movie- -points 2 the 1st question-
Cartoon-   idk.....

Sport-   sports are sucky (from _Kuroodia_ mwahahahaha!!! i stole her awnser!!!!!)

Fast Food Restaurant-  i dont know the name but it was in nyc

Food-  Ramen (from _Kuroodia_....AGAIN!!)

Ice Cream-   Chocolate (another from _Kuroodia_)

Cereal-  COCO PUFFS!!!! ^-^

Candy-   Pocky <3 POCKY MINE!!!!

Drink-  selzer

Alcoholic Beverage-  i dont drink and i dont think it will be good if i will drink if
u know what happens 2 me when im on monster

Quote-   its not a quote but its a word.....its.....MUFA!!!!!!

{---Do You---}  
Have any siblings-   a sister and im adopted so i may have more

Have any pets-   i have a dog and 2 hermit crabs

Have a job-   nope

Have a cellphone-   YES!!!!! AND IT SUCKS!!!!!

Have any special talents or skills-  i can dace hip-hop.....im good at playing video
games i guess and i think im part physic

Have any fears- im kinda afraid of big BIG briges

Have a bedtime-   nope 

Sing in the shower-   no

Want to go to college-  i have 2 or my parents will kill me

Get along with your parents-   yep....my parents think im an angel

Have any piercings-  yes but i dont wear earings

Have any tattoos-   if u see me in the future i will most likely have a lot

Swear-  i fucking swear a whole fucking lot and u better fucking BELIVE IT u mother

Smoke-   -points u sis- SHE DOES!!!! a whole fucking lot

Drink-   nope

Do Drugs- hell no!!!

{---Love & All That Crap---}  
Ever been in love-   duck.....wait....i mean duh

Ever cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend-   no........

Are you single-  maybe

Are you in a relationship-  DO U WANT ME 2 REPEAT IT!? >.<

Do you have a crush on someone- si

Ever been dumped-  no

Ever dumped someone-   no well.....i turned some guys down.....

{---This or That---}  
Fruit or Vegetable- fruit

Black or White-   Black.

Lights On or Lights Off-   Off.

TV or Movie-   both

Car or Truck-  truck

Cash or Check-   Cash.

Rock or Rap-   Rock.

Chocolate or Vanilla- chocolate!!!!!!!

French Toast or French Fries-   both

Strawberries or Blueberries-   Strawberries

Cookies or Muffins-   cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winter Break or Spring Break-   spring break

Hugs or Kisses-  huggies!!! kisses only 2 ppl in the family or something eles

{---Have You Ever---}  
Danced in a public place-   Yes

Smiled for no reason-  of corse!!

Laughed so hard you cried-  yes

Talked to someone you don't know-  i dont think so

Drank alcohol-  no

Done drugs-  why would I ever do that (from _Kuroodia_!!!)

Partied 'til the sun came up-  nope..I would've fallen asleep xD (_Kuroodia)

Gotten a ticket- no...

Been arrested-  nope...but i know a lot of police men

Been convicted of a crime- no

Been in a wreck- almost

{---Random & Silly Junk---}  
Are you a virgin- Yea

Ever TP'd someone's house-  i think so

Ever egged someone's house- no

How many languages do you speak-   English and a little japanese

Who do you compare yourself to-  my mom thinks of my as Hermiony Granger from Harry

Ever regret anything-   a lot

Do you like being tickled-   hell no

What are your goals-  2 do better in life

Are your fingers tired-  just tired

Are you tired of this-  si

Are you happy-  not right now
Last edited: 15 July 2008

Doom_guy says :   14 July 2008   497691  
i need to try this

Next entry: a very very VERY long quiz that i will kill some1 when im done after
it! >.<
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