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Love is a dagger. (my story, a part of it :) )Category: (general)
Thursday, 3 July 2008
03:50:31 PM (GMT)
Moving school has always been scary for me, even though i'v been the new kid 7
I have a funny feeling this is the last move we do now, i mean i was so happy at my
last school, i had it all!
Popularity, boys, the teachers loved me and what more could i ask for?
i was possibly the most loved person in the school! untill he came along.
I'm sure your wonder who he is, he was my first true love, well i
thought he was untill he pretty much ripped my heart out took it with him to jail.
You see, it all started when i was 13, the most gullable age there possibly is....

I walked through the classroom door hoping on my life i got the right one, everyone
stared at me, i went bright red when the teacher told me i got the wrong room, the
whole class laughed.
Turns out i was only next door, not bad for my first day! 
Once i got in the right class room, i got seated next to this stunning girl,
all i could think of was "i hope she talks to me, having a friend like her would be
Oddly she did speak to me, and i ended up sitting with her at lunch, her names Lucy.
She introduced me to some people including this guy, i felt such an idiot when i
talked to him, i had to go and compliment how soft and shiney his hair looked! but
who could blame me! he was so hot! His name, was phill

The real story begins here, after i met phill, now im not saying it's a nice happy
love story, infact, its a groosm love story.

(MORBID TALKING  - im going to start later on in the story because this is hte main
part really)

"My pail, shaking hand touched his handsome, scared looking face, our heads got
closer and closer together, we kiss, our bodys get closer.
i forgot all about the two men trying to mug us, who cared, i was kissing phill! 

Before i knew it i was lay awake at 12:30pm the next day, next to phill. god knows
what had gone off.
I lay watching him sleeping, he looked so handsome when he slept, but then the
stupid, messed up phone went off.
"Phill don't worry baby i'll get it, you go back to sleep"
I ran to the phone and pick it up curiously.

"Hello is Philly there please?"
It was a girl.
I know i was wrong but i couldnt help myself when i said..
"No sorry, may i take a message?"
"Oh no it's ok i'll get hold of him later"
"Are you sure? i'm his mate come on whats the worst that could happen?"
"could you tell him to be at my place tonight by 6:00pm sharp? and tell him i have
the stuff"
"what stuff?"
"you know stuff, weed"
By now i'd frozen stiff, my fists clenched and ready to scream.
"I'm his girlfriend."
i slam the phone down hard and i go over towards phill with a loud stomp in each step
i take..

Im gonna stop there, sorry if its to much i got carried away 
tell me what you think, im not sure if i like it or not =/

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   3 July 2008   739134  
I looooooooooooooooooooove it. Times how many every o's i in my love!
And the love I just rote. And that one, too!


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