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Its 2:00 am on a Saturday nightCategory: Diary Entries
Sunday, 15 June 2008
02:17:34 AM (GMT)
so its 2 in the morning on a saturday night and i cant sleep. I just worked out for
like 30 minutes.. crunches and leg thingies which really make you feel the burn. My
friend Rose taught them to our theater class once. They are called Clams or some such
nonesense. They are actually really good! then i did like...100 crunches and about 40
or 50 pushups. and push ups meaning the girly ones where you are on your knees. but
the whole doing 40 of them thing is new for me, i can usually only do 10 maybe 20 if
i try really hard. I must really be full of sugar right now, which is weird, cause
ill drink an energy drink and be completley fine, or tired, either way. 
maybe its cause tomorrow my mom and sister are leaving or Waltham, which is right
near Boston since my mommy has some training for work. I was invited to go but the
choice was:
1: go to Waltham and sit in the hotel room all day while my mom goes to training and
suffer while fighting with my younger sister
2: go to Waltham and leave the hotel and get lost and/or mugged and wake up in the
middle of Canada, or Europe, of some other such craziness. 
3: stay home and throw a wild three day party cause they are gone from 2 sunday
(tomorrow) all the way to wednesday night and i dont have work and i dont have
4: stay home and do absolutly nothing because im scared to death of my mother ever
finding out if i were to do something wrong. 

so im thinking i will go with number 4, seems like a good choice to me. (though i
might throw a smidgen of wild part in there somewhere)
I wonder if ill ever fall asleep?
its all muggy and i feel like there is a bug crawling in my tank top!!!!
ill kill it though so no worries
I have, for some reason, taken to writing each sentence on a seperate line
I think i might go oekaki or some such business. 

Phrase of the day: Some such nonesense/craziness/business/whatever words make you
Projected time of falling asleep: 4am....if a miracle occurs, but whatevs, not like i
need to wake up to say goodbye to my mom and sister or anything. 
Feeling right now: Daze, I dont really know whats going on/where I am/what im doing
Ill probly discover this diary entry a month from now and be all like "wtf, when did
i write that?" 
or i might just pass out on the computer desk while im writing this
if thats the case i will remember i wrote it when i wake up tomorrow morning and find
the impression of the keyboard on my face. probly spelling out the word "loser" but
not like thats physically possible or anything
im peacing out, i need to find my chapstick (not the cherry flavored kind...sorry
haha....thats from that know...THAT song...
errrrr nvm
Last edited: 28 August 2008

saralyn247 says :   15 June 2008   383777  
That's... interesting. Don't get mugged. That would be bad. xD


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