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Olivia (Continued Again)Category: (general)
Monday, 28 April 2008
03:44:33 PM (GMT)
A woman walks down the street with an uneasy pase, getting faster every time she
looks down at her watch. Her motion reads frantic, her face reads dull. She
carries a brief case loosely in one hand, and a small clutch purse in the other.
Sheappears well trimed, pencil skirt; white blouse, and a black belt that lay an
below her rib cage. Her pace never slowed nor did her face break into any
Her walk finally began to slow as she reached the station. 
Black heels cracked
against thetile floors as she steadily made her way to the clock in the center of
the station.
The big clock stood casting a shadow over a bench nearby. The black heels stopped
and began to tap against the floor.................... (to be continued)

The womans face still held no expression as she scanned the station. Her gaze
dropped every now and then from the station to her wrist watch. The black heals
gadually stoped tapping against the tiles as the woman reached to her clutch purse.
She held a small phone in her hand and quickly looked back at her watch. An annoyed
expression finally graced her face as she held the phone against her ear. 
Frustrated, the woman stormed off toward station 5. Without hesitation she sat down
in a vacant seat. She took a deep breath as she rumaged through her purse. 
"Excuse me...." a small voice called. The woman continued to search through her
"I said excuse me!" the voice shouted once more.............................. (to

Continued 2
A small finger jabbed into the womans side. The woman took a deep breath as she
gritted her teeth.  She rolled her eyes as she smoothed out her blouse. That same
finger poked the womans arm once more. "What!" The woman snapped as she whipped  her
head around to look at her arm. "Hi," A small girl sat beside her waving. "You are
sitting in my seat!" The girl smiled showing a gap where her front teeth should have
been. "Sorry," the woman stood up and flattened her skirt. The girl crawled into the
seat closest to the window. 
"You can sit here," the girl smiled at the woman. The woman sat back down in her
seat and picked up her brief case. "Um...whats your name?" Small eyes glared up at
the woman. She jerked her head to look at the girl, "I'm Miss. Delmire." The girls
eyes got bigger, "No, whats your real name?" The woman sighed, rolling her
eyes..........................(to be continued

Continued 3
"Sweetheart," her voice was soft and sweet, "I have some things I need to take care
of. Why don't you go find mommy and daddy." The woman smiled down at the girl. "I
don't have a mommy or a daddy," the girl said putting air quotes around "mommy" and
"daddy". That same annoyed expression crossed the womans face once more. Her fingers
began to tense up, and she forced a fake smile. "Honey, I'm sorry about your parents
but i dont run a daycare." The woman rolled her eyes before looking back down at her
They both sat there in silence for a moment, the womans eyes still locked on her
papers. "Well, my name is Olivia, Olivia Hatcher to be exact. Whats your name?" The
girl finally said. "Hello Olivia," the woman screetched through gritted teeth, "If
you must know I'm Summer Delmire." She, once again went back to her work. 
"Summer is a nice name, you look like a nice lady too." The girls toothy smile
returned. The woman, Summer, sigh with defete as she set her papers down. "Thank
You." Though the annoyed look was gone, Summer's voice still sounded stressed. 

An hour past before another word was spoken, this didn't bother Summer one bit. The
train passed four stops and was coming up on the fifth. Olivia's head was flopped
over, resting on the window. "Ding!" the station arrival bell sounded. Summer jumped
to her feet and gathered her things. "Finally!" She whispered as she lifted her bag
off the ground. 
(to be continued)..............

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