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Sunday, 2 March 2008
01:32:20 AM (GMT)
I wrote this story quite a while ago :D I actually posted it, but deleted it

Here it is:

Ava was probably the weirdest of the family. She had a teensy problem. What was her

She has gone through many phases in her life. One time, she went around screaming she
was abducted by aliens. The next, she claimed that she had been bitten by a vampire
and was officially one. And then there was the time when she believed that she had
turned into a marshmallow, and had spent the whole entire day trying to fit into a
mug of hot cocoa.

Why does she have such weird phases? Maybe it's because she fell down and bumped her
head when she was two. Or maybe it was just because she was crazy. Or maybe it's
because she just wanted attention.

You see, everybody in her family was well known around town. Her father was the
successful owner of Fred's Water Beds, a shop which, as its name states, sells water
beds. Many people in the town were excited by the idea and bought them. He also sold
many other water-based items including, but not limited to, water guns, water
pillows, water clocks, water photo frames and water-proof cameras.

Her mother was famous for the job she had at the local community centre. No, she
wasn't a lifeguard at the swimming pool; she was the one that helped little kids set
up stands by the roadside outside the community centre. Lemonade, cookies, candy,
even coconuts. She helped the kids set the stands up and supplied them with the

Her brother was mostly famous around school. He was the troublemaker. One of his most
famous pranks was probably the laughing gas bomb that he had put in the teacher's
lounge. He had been suspended for a week after that. It was actually a miracle that
he was going to that school after all the pranks that he had made. 

Knowing her family's reputation around town, you can probably guess why she needs
attention. She would be the black sheep of the family if she didn't get some kind of

As she woke up that morning, she knew exactly what she was. She was a chocolate
cookie. She carefully got out of bed and tiptoed gently to her closet. She didn't
want to risk getting broken into itty-bitty pieces. She put on a chocolate brown
shirt and a pair of chocolate brown pants and slowly and carefully went down the

Of course, this was all in her mind. In her mind, she really believed that she HAD
turned into a cookie. She could imagine crumbly chocolaty dough hands. When she felt
her face, she could feel the cracks and crumbs coming off. But it was just her
imagination. In fact, if she had licked her fingers, she would swear that she could
taste the chocolaty taste of a cookie.

Just then, she lost her footing and tripped, and started falling, tumbling towards
the bottom. She screamed, for she was breaking into pieces. As she reached the
bottom, she was sure she had turned into crumbs, just crumbs all over the ground,
waiting to be swept away. 

As she was about to close her eyes and let death take over, she realized that her
older brother was staring at her. She was wondering whether he realized it was her,
when he suddenly spoke. "What the heck are you doing, lying at the bottom of the
stairs as though you're dying? You only fell down two steps!"
Last edited: 2 March 2008

Satsujin says:   2 March 2008   865991  
Yay, you posted it! o/
nataval says:   2 March 2008   468328  
Yay, I did! :D
Aranee says:   2 March 2008   853641  
WOW... i like the idea... chocolate cookies. marshmellows. so cool
Aranee says:   2 March 2008   845224  
First Comment
Aranee says :   2 March 2008   727114  
Wait... no


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