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A Random Survey like this little favce -> -_-Category: survey
Tuesday, 26 February 2008
08:19:47 PM (GMT)
Hi this is my Random Survery and im just going to post random question i think of so
here we go!

1. Are you a girl or a guy?

2. Are you latino?

3. Do hate your family
Not really

4. Are you in a relationship?
uh no im only 10 you stupid survey! GOD!!!

5.Do you like peanut butter?
No peanut butter is nasty

6.Do you like bread?
not really

7. Are you a vegatarian
HEAK NO!!! meat is 1 of the best things in my life!

8.would you rather have a little brother or a cat
i would want a freakin' toe on my hand other than a cat!

9. Are you currently a hannah montana fan?
heak no hannah montana sux like a lollipop!

10. are you boy crazy?
that is a really dumb question, of course....... NOT!!

11. Are you a tomboy (or tomgirl?)
uh yeah i guess you can say that.

12. Do you happen to like somebody in your class?
that is kept to me and me only (except friends and juan carlos if your reading this,
shut up and click the little red X in the corner of the page before i hunt you down
like a rabbit!)

13.Do enjoy ppl's pain?
Whenever i need a good laugh

14, Have you ever seen Charlie the Unicorn?
um DUH!!! Filled with sweet sugary goodness!

15. Do you own a house?
um yeah

16. Are you wearing a bracelet?
Uh yeah and its made out of braided red string thnk-you very much!

17. Are you getting tired of this quiz?
not really

18. how about now?
sort of but im going for 30 questions!

19. Ok well, what is the 30th question gonna be?
wait and see stupid survey

20. Fine, do you have the sunday newspaper comics on your desk or in your room right
yes, yes i do

21.Do you hate more than 5 ppl?
um yeah! i hate about well there her, her, of course him, god him/her, oh god him,
him too, yeah him too... (list goes on and on)

22.Have you ever had a crush on somebody you hate?
um no!!!

23. what does 00 stand for?
well i guess it stands for butt

24.Do your fingers hurt right now?
um yeah survey, yes they do ive been typing none stop for about 10 minutes

25.DO you have glasses? if so, what is your excuse?
um i do and my excuse is my dad

26. Do you know anybody by the name of J.J.
um yeah i do... he's my friend i guess...

27.Are you tired of this survey?
um yeah kind of

28. How about now?
yeah your getting annoying...

29. Do you hate me?
yeah... dont cry!

30. do you wish this quiz was over?

survery: well guess what it is!!! yay! you finished a really stupid random quiz! go
you go you go u go u go u go u go u go u go u go u!!!!!!!


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