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Monday, 18 February 2008
11:10:00 AM (GMT)
 Ryume Kazemizu 
Age: 13/14
Village: Sand or Leaf
Clan: Uchiha (very little people know about it)
Family: Uchiha Clan, but Temari took her in as her little sister so she llived with
Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara. But now she lives by herself with her summoning in the
Leaf (Keep reading to find about summoning)
Crushes: Sasuke and a little of Neji
Secret Admirers: Neji (but she finds out later ^.^)
Enemies: OROCHIMARU!! GAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! *ahem* Okay, im done....AAAAAND Itachi!!!!
Weapon: Fan-like Temari's but different colors.
Team: Rynn Kuragari and Risu Yamanaka (we're all best friends and they are my best
friends in real life! XD)
Sensei: Rika (forgot last name)
Name: Kasaigaru
What?: He's a GIANT wolf, big enough for Ryume to kinda ride on. He's the last of his
Dark/Original Form: It'd be easier if i just had a picture of him 
Kasaigaru; Dark/Original Form-Ryume's summoning
Darl/Fire (Speedy) Form:
Kasaigaru; Fire Form-Ryume's summoning
Dark/Ice/Water Form:
Kasaigaru; Ice Form Ryume's summuning

And here's a few pix of Ryume. I KNOWTHEY ARE BAD! >_<
ugh, i dont liek this one...
Ryume killing Ino-Pig!!!!!

Okay.  Im done. But if you wanna chat or talk or RP or even wanna know more about
Ryume. Just send me a message er soemthing! =)

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