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Change is Good...Right?Category: (general)
Friday, 8 February 2008
04:23:41 PM (GMT)
I'm depressed. Do you want to know why I'm depressed? No you don't! Of course you
don't! BUt too bad. I'm going to tell you anyway.
Here's the deal:
                      I started grade seven at a brand new school. Yup, yup, I'm the
new kid. People say being the new kid rocks 'cause everyone is nice to you, but the
truth is, it's not all it's cracked up to be. I missed my friends at my old school.
So, so much! But did they miss me? I couldn't tell. They never called, e-mailed,
invited me over. I tried to stay in touch with them, but they always had excuses to
go. Yesterday I finally got into a conversation on MSN with one of my best friends.
And you know what? I was stupedfied, shocked, completely taken aback, perplexed! My
friend was describing all these thing that were happening, big things, different
things. All of my friends were dating. Why do twelve year old girls need boyfriends?
You know what, we don't! The worst part is, my best friend was going out with a
guy...that I used to like! I mean I know what you're think: "If you used to
like him what does it matter?" Well, when I did like him my friends, including that
best friends thought I was crazy, insane, stupid, totally and utterly out of my mind.
And now she's dating him?! Traitor, liar, back-stabber.... I can't belive how much
she's changed, how much all of my friends have changed! Dating make-up, following the
fads. It makes me sick. They used to all want to be unique and that's what I liked in
them, but now? Now they're the same pathetic preteens I frown upon.
                    I cried last night. Hard. They were so different. So...not what I
looked for in friends at all. I realized something: I needed to put them behind me. I
got what I need from them the time I went to their school. Now I'm at a different
school with different people. My old friends may have changed for the worst, in my
opinion, but I'll change for the best. Right?  Ya, right. So here I am. The new and
improved Natalie! Ready to take on the world (or at least her new school) with honor
and readiness!

Watch out. 

Blacky says:   8 February 2008   715371  
That is sad  but dont worry it will be ok. My best friend is moving
this summer. I t sucks. But dont worry it will all be ok . You will
find new friends. Just put on a smile.
faerie_fanatic writes:   9 February 2008   799966  

I'm smiling!
tiggerlemon101 says:   18 July 2008   292189  
Oh, hey, that's really sad! My friends are like that and I haven't
changed schools so it's paced out for me, and it's STILL hard.  I can
imagine what it's like for you.  Sucks!  But it's okay, it'll get
better! :D
faerie_fanatic writes:   31 July 2008   251566  
Thanks, and now things are a bit better. I love my new school, the
people are great, and I still do chat every once and a while with my
old buddies.
Mark108 says :   5 August 2008   723155  
The people are FANTASTIC, Natalie! Especially me 
I never knew you were having such a crappy time during your first few
weeks at our school. But hey, I was nice to you...wasn't I? WASN'T I?
Oh no! I've been a damn bad friend! I'm gonna make you a cookie. ^_^


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