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Rock EssayCategory: Homework
Tuesday, 29 January 2008
11:40:48 AM (GMT)
OK, os I had to do this short story for my English Class. I had to bring in a rock,
and write a story about it. Harder than you would think. So, here it is...

     It was a dull morning in Georgia and the sun was jsut beginning to rise. The
rays of light began filtering through the dirty windows, into the messy room of a
teenage boy.On the window sill was a clear glass cage, containing a sleeping turtle
in its habitat. There were some stones and sand covering the bottom, with food and
water over in the corner.
     Suddenly, one of the stones began to shake violently. The stone was shaped
likeed an egg, but light grey with a dark grey stripe around the middle. Out from the
bottom two leg-like things appeared, uncurling as if they had always been there.
around the middle of the stone a similar action appeared, with two arm-like things
uncurling like someone wanting a hug. Two dents near the topopened like eyes. What
had once been a large scratch opened, letting out a wide yawn.
     The stone stood up, looking around for the first time. He said, "What happened?
Last night I was just a regular stone, content with sitting in this turtle cage for
the rest of time. Now I can move around, even think! I can remember the boy
messing around with some sort of laser, and it hitting the cage. The glass must have
magnified the rays to make them strong enough to make me come alive."
     He looked around, summarizing his surroundings.The inside of the cage was pretty
boring, but outside was a world of adventure. There was dirty laundry scattered
around the floor, with who knows what underneath. There was something alive in the
bed, sleeping by the sounds of it, with an arm hanging over the edge. In the corner
of the room was an oddly shaped object, obscured by a tarp.
     After seeing how wild the room outside of the cage was, he decided to explor the
room and beyond. But first, he needed a name.
     "Well, the boy's name is Ian, and I like that name, but I can't have the same
name as someone that I know. I'm an igneous rock, so why not take that for my name?
I'll be called Iggy for short."
     Iggy decided that the best way out of his cage was by climbing on the turtle
like a stepping stool. He walked over to the turtle and climbed onto its back, being
careful to only touch its shell. Once he was standing precariously on the shell, he
could just reach over the cage. He vaulted over the top, tucking in his arms and legs
asd he went. 
     Iggy landed in a wadded up shirt, uncurled, and stood up. He was fascinated to
see that the world looked totally different from this view. There were mountains and
valleys of clothes all around him and he couldn't wait to start exploring.
     The next few hours Iggy spent wandering around the room, exploring every nook
and cranny. He found many strange things, includinga half-eaten pizza that was
starting to mold and some dirty gym socks that dearly needed washing. He didn't even
notice the fourteen year old boy who was watching him from his bed, shocked and
amazed thathis laser had actually worked.
     At around two in the afternoon, Iggy got bored with the bedroom and decided to
look around outside of the room. He walked out the door and into a hallway. He was at
the end of the hall, which ended in an open door. Iggy could feel that the ground was
slightly off-balance, and decided too roll down the hall.
     He curled up and starte down the hall. He was gaining speed and momentum, and
began to loose any control that he had once had. He flew into the doorway and into
the sofa, hitting it with a dull thud.
     "Not a good idea," he muttered. Iggy uncurled, and looked around to see where he
had landed. He looked underneath the sofa, and found that it looked qutie
interesting. He crawled under it, and began exploring exactly what lives underneath
the sofa.
     After the sofa, Iggy decided the explor the rest of the living room. He spent
four hours looking around the living and dining room, and when he felt his stomach
growling, he munched on a piece of stale popcorn that he had found between two couch
     When Iggy finally got tired, he found a box sitting on the dining room table. It
was almost full, and on top was a soft shirt. He managed to climb into the box (with
the help of some textbooks that Ian had left out) and snuggled between two shirts. He
didn't even think about where the box might be going as he fell asleep.
     Iggy sure did get the surprise of his short life a few days later when he woke
up on the dining room table of a family in Naples, Italy. He cuold overhear them
discussing their next bigtrip to Egypt, and he smiled, thinking about what a
wonderful time he would have there.

NO PLAGERIZING PLEASE! OK, so I think that it's OK, but feel free to comment. Thanks!

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