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Saturday, 26 January 2008
04:36:43 PM (GMT)
Sam looked uncomfortable, Amber looked concerned. "Hello class", said Mr whatever
"Please turn your books to page 36 titled sodium"he said shuffling around the
room.katy opened her books without even looking at her friends she just wispered "Ill
talk to Ski later". 

Katy decided to stop at the 'Game cave' where all the goths and emos went, she went
directly to the sci-fi section and slumped on the chair covering her face with her
eyes, tears started to trickle down her cheak. She heard someone mutter her name, she
looked up and saw Ski there holding a book. "Whats wrong"he said kneeling beside her
"Oh i was so mean to my friends today, they were only trying tp help with my ...
problems"she said wispering as a teenager walked past them "What problems?"he asked
softly "Follow me"she said getting up, Ski followed her quietly dropping the book he
had, she led him outside the shop "Do you really wanna know"she said quietly a tear
trickling down her cheak "Of course"he said wiping her cheak "At my old school Kirsty
evans (Sorry sharpay !) ust to make my life miserable, one time i was in the girls
bathrooms and she pushed me, i hit my head on the sink in a corner and fell, she kept
kicking me and hitting me with my most chereshed possesion , my hopes my
dreams my storys"wispered Katy looking down at the floor deliberately not meeting
with Skis eye sight, who was almost crying in Anger. "S..She made me hate my own
sister. Abby was strong and wouldnt be messed with, i loved being who i was but i
learned from Kirsty 'if you wanna fit in youve godda stop being a freak'"said Katy
crying again now. Ski went up and hugged Katy "My god Katy "was all he could say "And
i hate myself "she said as Ski let go of her, they started walking down the road,
"Thats horrible did you tell someone ?"asked Ski but he allready knew the answer "No,
i ..i couldnt when i got home that day dad asked me why i had the druised head, he
started ordering me to tell him. i just told him i want to change schools"said Katy 
Ski held her hand "Katy can i ..i show you somewhere?"he asked nervously
"Sure"wispered Katy wiping her eyes. Ski led them to a fenced off bit at the local
gardens "We cant get in there"said Katy pulling the lock "Aha"said Ski pulling out a
key "My dad owns it, this is my secret place, we can talk here without being
disturbed"he said leading her into bushes, but as they went furthur in a waterfall
came visible filled with fish "Wow"said Katy "I think you did what anybody else would
have done, even me"said Ski sitting next to Katy on the grass

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