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Friday, 18 January 2008
11:54:04 PM (GMT)
~~ Basics ~~
Name*: Dana
Gender*: Female. 
Horoscope*: capracorn

Religious Affiliation*: none

Orientation*: White 

Eye Color*: green withe dark green around it

Hair Color*: golden

Hair Style*: no banges sholder length

Height*: im small

Weight*: 99 but still look like a fatty

Grade*: 7

School*: good

Where do you live?*: a normal house

What does your house look like?*: normal house what the hell kind of ? are these

~~ Music ~~
Favorite Genre*: pop

Favorite Song*: Animal I have Become of Three Days Grace

Favorite Singer*: avra laven

Favorite Band*: Three Days Grace

Favorite Rapper (if you like rap)*: i hate rap

Can you sing?*: Yes

Do you play an instrument?*:Yes

Does music have an impact on your life?*: hell yeah

Is music important to you?*: yea Im always listening to music

Are you in band?*: no

Are you in Chorus?*: no

What is your least favorite type of music?*: country 

~~ Food ~~
Favorite*: chiken salad and cookies

Least Favorite*: sushi

Was there ever a food that you thought was gross, but tried it and like it?: yes

Do you like seafood?*: no

Ever tried sushi?*: ew yes big mistake :X 

Favorite fruit*: strawberries

Favorite veggie*: spinach

Favorite meat*: beef

Favorite fast food place*: panda

Favorite restaurant* (not fast food): panda buffea

Favorite Candy*: reeses 

Favorite Drink*: water

~~ Friends ~~
Do you have a lot of em?*: 5

Are they always there for you?*: most of the time

Who is your best friend?*: sandy, seana, heather which is a boy, lizzy which is a
boy, and stefany

Smartest*: stefany

Dullest*: sandy

Shyest*: seana

Loudest*: seana

Most caring*: lizzy

Best singer*: sandy

Best dancer*: stefany

One who is always there to talk*: sandy

Funniest*: sandy 

Most attractive*: heather

Most random*: lizzy

Newest*: heather

Nicest*: lizzy

The bragger*: stefany

Ditziest*: stefany

Acts the most stupid*: sandy

The one who always brightens up your day*: lizzy and sandy

~~ Clothes ~~
What kind of clothes do you like?*: capris, jachet, skater shoes

Do you like preppy clothes?*: some are cute

Do have a lot of Band T-shirts?*: no

Do you have any toe socks?*: hell no

Do you prefer jeans or sweats?*: sweats

Etnies or Vans?*: ...

Adios or DC's?*: ...

Do you go to the mall a lot?*: no

Do you wear "revealing" clothing?*: hell no i wear a jacket all the time

If you're a guy, do you prefer Boxers or Briefs?*: Im a girl but I like to wear
boxers lol theyre comfy

If you're a girl, do you prefer thongs or briefs?*: briefs 

~~ Love & Relationships ~~
Are you currently single?: single and lovin it!

If yes, are you looking?: yes

If single, do you like someone?*:yes

Are you taken?*:no

If yes, by who and for how long?*: no

Have you ever been in love?*: yes 

How many times?*: couple

Longest relationship*: none

Shortest*: none

Ever been kissed?*: cheek

Ever kissed in the rain?*: no

Ever been pushed up against a wall or locker and then been kissed?*: no but if i got
pushed into a locker that person would be in a hell of a lot of pain

Where do you think is the best place to kiss?*: ...?

Are you a hopeless romantic?*: no

Have you ever had your heart broken?*: yes

Ever broken someone else's heart?*: no

Ever cheated?*: no

Ever been cheated on?*: no

Ever been dumped?*: no

Ever dumped someone else?*: no

On the opposite sex, what qualities do you look for?*: honesty, humor, caring, fun

Are looks more important than personality?*: no

Favorite eye color*: green 

Favorite hair color*: blond and black

Best Height*: as long as hes taller then me

Best clothing style*: anything really

Best personality style*: just a fun person to be around that can always make me

~~ Some randomness ~~
Do you like sauerkraut?*: what the hell is that

What is something you put on your food, that your friends think is weird*: nothing

Do you like ritz crackers?*: yea

How long have you had myspace?*: no

How many myspace friends do you have*: none

What is your layout?*: none

Did you like this survey?*: eh it killed some time so hell yeah lol

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