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it's my diary.... so ill say what i want toCategory: stuff that is on my mind particulary about chain m
Friday, 28 December 2007
03:57:39 AM (GMT)
okay since the first thing i saw when i went to go make this diary thingy ma gigg
was the chain letter that said don't send chain letters  i think ill talk about ... i
dont know maybe chain letters... maybe having my diary online will encourage me to
write it all the time seeing as i don't
ever remember to... ever.. so i shall start on writing in my diary from this day
forth.. and as i doubt anyone will read it i will say honest and true things but if
anyone does read it then you know whatever.. as i will be telling my secrets to this
thing i shall give it a name i shall call it kat with a k and why will i call it kat
because i like that name.....

December 28 , 2007 3:32 a.m 
i am sitting at the computer not having a life though am not sure what kind of life
one can have a 3:32 well now :33 in the morning.. but i can not sleep and so i will
sit here and type down my useless nothings for everybody to read or for no one to
read but since it is a good way to get your thoughts down as i am constantly told
even by myself when I'm trying to remember to write in my diary... so here it goes 
subject will be chain letter's... as i opened this diary thing that is you kat.. i
discovered a chain letter but it was a particularly stupid one that i didn't fell
compelled to pass on.. as i normally do ( i will talk really super smart in this to
avoid sounding like an idiot even though half of the smartness is just that wonderful
spell check at work) anyway usually when i make a mistake and read i chain letter
which i try not to do i usually look away real quick in order not to be caught up in
it but its really hard not to cause you know you don't want to take any chances that
it might happen.. so you just send it on though i alway put DO NOT READ before the
message so as to warn off future people from reading it i find this quite smart...
but who actually starts these stupid things anyway and what really is the point i
mean i hate the damn things and i really just wish people wouldn't send then but
whats a girl to do i especially send it on if it has anything to do with my mommy or
daddy yes i still call them that cause i love them so ill send them on with the nice
do not read thing before it... you'd have to be an idiot to keep reading after that
so i would be glad if you had to send 20 messages just to save your stupid non-
existent love life  by the way i also send those out, if my love life gets anymore
more non- existent i might just have to go live in a little house all by my self on a
really big hill that will then be rumored to be haunted cause they would hear me
crying for love by myself up in my room.. jk!! kinda 

anyway that all for now peeps ( the voice i imagine is my voice is sounding very
smart in side my head but all this smart speaking is giving me a head ache i think i
also have a slight english accent funny really cause ive been reading a lot of
midevile book lately you know like remakes of Cinderella and damsel in distress books
well not really more like damsel is independent and gets her a hot guy and a big
adventure kinda book i like those kinds of books cause for me reading a book is like
watching a movie in my head and i love love love movies 
well in the spirit of my English accented mind voice,,
cheery oh and pip pip and all that good stuff my golly fellow and well ladies or
whatever they say in old england until i write again 
see yah kat, since you (though you are imaginary and my computer) will be the only
one to read this message diary thingy but as we say in shakespearian land
Last edited: 28 December 2007

gabby91 says:   28 December 2007   746979  
umm i will be the first to comment on this girls lovely diary yes yes

she's brilliant brilliant and should receive the noble book prize soon
yes yes 
pip pip cheery oh keep your chin up great writer 

" okay i know am strange but i have to do something at 4:04 in the
morning maybe going to sleep would be a good idea" bye bye peeps
rainydays writes :   28 December 2007   816268  
Yes, well, I will be the first besides the writer to comment on this
diary. Very good, made some good, pionts, interesting.  Nice job!


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