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MY THIRD DIARY ENTRY an I have no idea what to writeCategory: (general)
Thursday, 13 December 2007
09:02:55 PM (GMT)
Hello again, Diary.

Wanna listen to my feelings?  THANKS.

I'm feeling a lot of things...or maybe it's just a lot of a few things.  I'm tired,
frustrated, excited, disappointed in myself, and disappointed in Michigan.  C'MON,

No, I NEED a snow day.  Or an ice day.  Or a wind chill day.  I don't really care,
but I need something.

There is so much pressure for me to succeed, not only from the obvious sources, my
parents and peers, but also from myself.  I have to succeed, no question about it. 
It's driving me crazy that I don't have a 4.0 right now and that I'm on the verge of
lowering my GPA even more because of Pre-Calculus.  Next year, because of this
burning desire to reach that point of excellence, I'm going to take three AP classes;
Spanish, Literature, and Calculus.  I really want to do well in them and I am unsure
of whether or not I can handle it.  I've always prided myself in the ease at which
education came to me, but lately, I can't seem to force myself to portray those urges
by doing simple things like my homework.  Why am I so lazy?  I hate it.  It is one
thing that I hate about myself.  I absolutely despise it.  Everyone tells me I have
so much potential, yet how could I ammount to anything when I can't even force myself
to answer a few questions every night.  

I want to get into a good college, too.  I want to have the kind of GPA that any
college would accept me with.  Like I said, I NEED to succeed.  I really want to be a
writer of some kind, but I know that that proffession doesn't supply much income
unless you are famous like Stephen King.  What I need is a job in which I can make
lots of money so then I can write on my free time.  This job I need to enjoy, too.

Is that possible?  I hope so.

Well, I'm going to try to get as much extra credit as possible in Pre-Calculus class.
 I will try my best next year for A's in those AP classes, which will actually RAISE
my GPA.  It may be very difficult in the beginning of the year with marching band.  I
will have to start prioritizing and managing my time more than usual.  Many seniors
schedule a year full of easy classes so they can slack off before college, if they
even attend it.  I, on the other hand, will have a XXXcore demon schedule.  At least
I will have art.  I've wanted to take an art class since 7th grade and next year will
be the first time since elementary school.  Electives were always taken by Spanish
and Band.  Now, I'm dropping History and getting art.  Whoooop!  So band and art can
be my easy classes.  The rest will include physics, AP Spanish, AP calculus, and AP
literature.  Wow, just noticed, but HALF of my day will be AP.  Scary...

OMG for X-mas I might get a new tablet!  I have one already, a Graphire 3 4X6, but
the new one will be an Intuos 3 6X8.  YEAH.  It will be awesome, if I do get it. 
I've used BBYSheep's before and I love how smooth and HUGE it is compared to mine. 
Maybe I could get the cool special edition ones they are selling now. That would be

Tomorrow is the Christmas party for the foreign exchange student club and I need a
present to bring.  It will be lots of fun, but I need to figure that out.

I also need to buy Christmas presents for my friends and family.  I also wanna do
something for my teachers, too.  Something small, like a homemade card.  I need to
make a list of people, I need to make a list of things to buy for the people, and I
have to somehow acquire these things before Christmas, before we get out for winter
break,  for many...

As long as we are back to stuff I need to do, I have to finish about 5 Precalc
assignments that I'm late on.  I need to do a research paper for economics, and I
have to finish this worksheet packet along with making a crossword puzzle in the same

DANG I just deleted half of this accidently.  I'm going to end it here.  F


BbySheep says :   13 December 2007   481736  
Good luck. <3?


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