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>My Hogwarts Life< Is FINALLY back!! Here's some updated infoCategory: Hogwarts
Wednesday, 24 October 2007
08:47:26 PM (GMT)
Name: Elizabeth (Lizzie) Anne Langer
Looks: Long, blonde with brown streaks hair that's usually up in a ponytail or half
Tall. Doesn't wear skirts so instead wears the pants. It looks like she has
hand-me-downs for her shirt is WAY to big. (she likes to wear big shirts) Doesn't
wear vest or tie. Shirt untucked.  (you get the idear)
When she's not in uniform, she doubles her shirts with jeans or plaid shorts (depends
on weather) and brown converses she's had for years.
Age: 13 [2nd year at Hogwarts. Went to an American school (Ballhetzar) for her first
year, then family moved to England, therefore transferring Hogwarts.]
Blood: “mud-blood” (muggle-born) and proud of it.
House: the craziest hufflepuff so far ^^
Siblings: Two. Older brother (17) and a sister (15), muggles.
Friends: Fred and George Weasley. And a friend is about to transfer from Ballhetzar
to Hogwarts, Lilly Lynnson. (Mewmewichigo is in the story now =D)
Reputation: A prankster girl who tends to get in trouble a lot.
Crushes: George. Except Cedric comes along first.... You'll see ;D (GEORGE IS STILL
Magic Specialty: A knack for levitating objects and catching things on fire.
Secret Technique: Is a fortuneteller.
Taking place in the third year of Harry Potter's life. I know she's 2 years behind
Fred and George, but they still hang out and pull pranks together.

And Lilly's Dealy!!
Name: Lilly Alice Lynnson
Looks: Long, brown hair hair that's usually in pigtails or curly.
An inch shorter than Lizzie. wears skirts . Wears converse
Age: 13 [1st year at Hogwarts. Went to an American school (Ballhetzar) for two years,
then family moved to England, therefore transferring Hogwarts.]
Blood: “mud-blood” and proud of it.
House: The hyperest hufflepuff
Siblings: none ^^
Friends: Fred and George Weasley. Lizzie Langer!!
Reputation: A cute hyper girl whos Lizzies partner in crime
Crushes: Well, a feeling for Fred is starting to form little by little in the story
Magic Specialty: Levitating things, freezing things
Secret Technique: Can trasport through dreams

That's right. >My Hogwarts Life< is back on track! But I'm holding off some of the
I've added alot more to the beginning, like going to the Leaky Couldron and what
Soooo Lilly's gonna have ta wait xDD
Stay tuned!
1st chapter tomorrow!!

BriBriRox_xox says:   24 October 2007   978362  
Oh yay!
Did you hear that the creator of harry potter said
dumblebor was....gay?o.O
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   24 October 2007   748885  
You mean JK Rowlings or what ever?
SHE said that???
Wow... xDD
Snow_princess96 says:   24 October 2007   831329  
mewmewichigo says:   25 October 2007   174749  
yayness 4 Lil-lay!
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   25 October 2007   217474  
@Snow: Yes as a matter of fact I did...
Bri Bri jsuttold me -_-
@Zoey: LOL 
mewmewichigo says:   6 November 2007   413152  
me no wanna wait!
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says :   6 November 2007   386496  
Too bad DD=


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