The simpson story..The retarded carebear story that has yet to receive
an appropriate title...
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The simpson story..The retarded carebear story that has yet to receive
an appropriate title...
Category: School
Monday, 8 October 2007
12:15:13 PM (GMT)
Please edit, or tell me how to make the plot more interesting, the story must not
exceed 1000 words, neither may it be under 750 words.

can you believe I acually wrote 924 words? XD

The retarded carebear story that has yet to receive an appropriate title... 

	“Oh, she’s probably limping at the hospital now…” said Maggie, trying to
conceal her smirk as she answered a question regarding the mysterious absence of a
friend, Lisa.
	“Gasp! Is she okay?” Jane asked, while either gasping or saying the otomotopia,
there were a look of concern on her face.
	“I’ll bring her some chocolate…” said the good girl Modd, in her usual quiet
	The bell rang, and Maggie fast walked to her first period math room, that of Mr.H.
Simpson. The bell rang again, and this meant that class started, but the students did
not quiet down, and they would not until the Mr. Simpson told them to. Mr. Simpson,
did not notice the children making excessive noise either, for he was performing the
task of taking attendance. His hand stopped on Lisa. 
	“Now, where is that Lisa Simpson?” his high voiced made a slight shrieking
sound, and all the students winced because of it. 
	“Oh,” Maggie lifted her face off of the desk, she had already learned quadratic
equations from her parents, and relearning anything was always boring. She thought
for a second, and then put on her scary face as if she were telling a horror story at
midnight with a flashlight under her face during a sleepover when she was seven.
“She had a little... accident yesterday when were trick-or-treating. You see, we
were, or rather, she was skipping on the sidewalk; I was fast walking beside
her…” Maggie quickly finished her explanation of the absence of Lisa.
	“Okay.” Said Mr. Simpson, who wanted her to quickly finish so he could teach the
class the special cases of quadratic equations. 
	During the rest of the day, as she trotted through the hallway of her nicely tiled
middle school, many of Lisa’s concerned friends asked her what happened on that
unlucky night.
	“Hey Maggie,” whispered Marge during orchestra class. “What happened yesterday
to Lisa?” 
	“Well, congratulations, you are the 100th person to ask me this question. I guess
that I might as well tell you some more of what happened.” Maggie glanced at the
orchestra teacher. Good, she’s still correcting the cellos on the other side of the
room, she thought. The scary mask came back on, and she took in a deep breath.
“Lisa and I agreed to go trick-or-treating together. I, in my little devil costume,
Lisa, in her scary Santa costume. She got all tingly because of some of the candy my
sister gave her in the car, and so she broke into a skip on that sidewalk. All of a
sudden, she tripped, I called my daddy on my cell phone, and then she started to cry.
Daddy and her daddy soon arrived, and they asked her if she could move, and she
tried. Later, the whole neighborhood could hear her cry out from pain.” 
	“gasp.” Said Marge, who had the computer face as her expression, the one where
the eyes are gigantic circles, and the mouth is an upside down ‘D,” which can be
known as a frown face. “Is she okay?” Marge looked so concerned for her friend,
that on might want to throw her arms around her, and scream, “It’s okay, don’t
be sad,” in a high pitched voice.
	Maggie frowned, which was more like a childish pout. She did not like to be
bombarded with questions, and the questions were getting rather repetitive. In her
mind, repetitive was boring, and boring was horrible, using the transitive property,
her absolute favorite property, that would make repetitive things horrible things.
	The bell rang. Alas, the last class of the day was over. In half an hour, Modd got
home, while her bus threw hugs and kisses at her. Being the terribly nice girl she
was, she called Lisa, she felt so sorry that she accidentally exchanged Halloween
candy for a very hurt foot. 
	“HELLO! You have reached my phone number, (703)1234-567, we are currently not home
right now… If it it is from the 30th of October to the first Monday of November
because we’re playin’ in seatle right now… WHEEEEEEEEE!!!” Modd winced, Lisa
had such a happy voice, and the “wheee” was more like a shriek. 
	Even If no one was there to see Modd, one could have imagined the look of
realization on her face. 
	The next day, Maggie got to school. Walking down the halway, she saw a glimpse of
Jane and Marge talking to someone. Her eyes wiedened, it was Lisa, back from Seattle.
She looked at them, and got closer to evesdrop, walking in her usual quiet manner. 
	“My… Lisa, what healthy ankles you have,” said Jane.
	“My, Lisa, what healthy… legs… and feet you have,” said Marge, slowly, while
looking at Lisa’s energetic, non-limping legs.
	The look on the faces of the two were priceless, Maggie could not help but to smile.
Meanwhile, Modd was coming closer, and Lisa was coming too/
	“Hey Maggie,” they said in unison. 
	“When I told you to inform everyone about my absence on the first, what did you
really tell them?” 
	“Oh,” Maggie started to shift her eyes to Modd. “Modd can tell you…”
	“She said that you were abducted by aliens. Just kidding, she said you couldn’t
walk because you tripped on Halloween.” 
	Lisa burst out laughing, “who’d be gullible enough to believe that?” 
	The trio laughed toghether. Little did they know, the exact thing would happen to
Maggie a year later, although everyone thought she moved to Seattle.

dreamflame says:   8 October 2007   782247  
i would suggest rereading the whole thing b/c there are quite a few
small spelling/grammatical errors

u actually kind of wrote about your Halloween...incident?
dreamflame says:   8 October 2007   129971  
otomotopia (i don't think that is spelled correctly)
the Mr. Simpson (no "the")
Mr. Simpson, did not notice (no comma needed)
-all of this is from the first four paragraphs only-
kiwily says :   8 October 2007   114874  
I'll use this computer's grammar check.. -is lazy-


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