The reason why i havent been on kupika that much any more. And ill
catch yall up in my life .OK
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The reason why i havent been on kupika that much any more. And ill
catch yall up in my life .OK
Category: (general)
Wednesday, 5 September 2007
11:50:46 PM (GMT)
hey  every one ,

                  well  i will catch yall up on my life . well fist off Part 1  im
moving  to a bigger house  Not like a  mansion  but it is pretty big for me and my 
family . I been so busy with that its hard moving.  I love the house  what i moved in
. Yea it was  a Fixer upper  . But it going to look  beatuiful.  Its a 2 story house
its   beautiful.    No basement though . Theres a up staris and a down staris .  
Thers  4 bed rooms  ones a office though .  And 2 bath rooms  1 with shower and  tup 
1 with out shower and tup.   The only thing is  i have to swicth schools . So i went 
the 1st  of school and say good bye too all my friends what i beeb with since
kindergaturn.  I cryed  when i came home . But hey  at least i got a bigger house . 
I loved all my friends and i still do . an the same teachers i had last year i was
going to have this year  they  were great teacher   Ill miss them too,  I  loved 
that school Some times and sometimes i didnt .  i am a lil down a bout that .  were i
lived at we werent a loud to ahave no animals .  part 2 But now were a loud to have
animals here! My dad said if we got moved  out of the other house buy friday or
tomorrow  we could go get a kitten. because today My mom and me and my sister went to
go  look at kittens at pet smart . and we have this  kitten on hold until friday . 
We already Named her  her name is peaches . Peaches is so cut and play ful .  I
wanted to get it today but we have to be  moved out of the other  small house  first.
 My mom and my sister  and me    love peaches .  My mom and my sister  alexus  and me
 loves that  kitten already .  Peaches kept on wanting  to get out of her cage at pet
smart  and play . shes so cute.  I love peaches aLready . Im so exicted To  be
getting  Kittien!  We wont get her until   friday or tomorrow we have not gotten her
yet . part 3 ok i will be on  a lil bit more at least 1 time a day . And if u guys
want ill write  more in diary entrys  like  almost   every day  then just say soy do
u guys want me to or not ?   well ill be  on  a lil bit more i will also be on to 
opening more stores  and  be on to write  kupika pages and  do a lot more other stuff
ok?     If u guys  have any qestions please email me  .  If u guys want to know more
then just emauil me . Ok well night   my sister is buggin me to come to bed, well
night     man icoul just write all night but  nught! see yall later!

Last edited: 6 September 2007

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