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Monday, 20 August 2007
10:10:31 AM (GMT)
I've always had a kind of fascination with the things that time can do to our most
personal belongings. The Diary of Anne Frank is a brilliant example of this. I've
never read it, but the idea that something so personal and of significance only
(initially) to Anne herself, would become so big and incredible... it's very
interesting. Seeing her photo and her handwriting only made it clearer that she had
no idea what her words would do. Moreover, what is the difference between her and any
of us? Anyone I know, or even me, could be the next Anne Frank. It's not so much the
idea of fame which excites me so much about this, but that someone I care about could
affect someone who had nothing to do with them. I really appreciate the beauty of
people, and... well... I'd be incredibly excited if even I could read their diary,
for it to become public... that's incredibly exciting to me.

So, after this rush of emotions which it had brought me, I was inspired to do
something. Where Anne Frank chronicled such an interesting and incredible time in
history, from such a rare perspective, I could... could... well...

I could chronicle capitalism! The things it does to people, and the ways it works,
and... but wait... capitalism is most everywhere. It would not only be useless to
write about it (since practically everything reflects it), it would also be very,
very boring.

And here I come up against the problem that seems to be all-too-common in my life.
Things are boring. I'm tired of the value of security which my environment seems
determined to drum into me. I don't want security. I'm even going so far as to
clearly tell the people I care about that I don't want to have a relationship which
is entirely without pain. If they are feeling bad, I don't want to be protected, I
want to feel it with them. If they are angry at me, I want them to express that in a
powerful way. I want to feel the sharp edge of emotion, not some dull resentment, or
lethargic contentment, or (most importantly) boredom.

So, why not make this happen? Fear, that's pretty much my problem. The solution?
Companionship, I can generally conquer nearly all fear if I have someone I trust
around me.

Difficult, though, because there are few people near me that I trust very much. So I
either have to get over my fear alone, or be near someone who I trust. Both are a
little difficult.

cherrysprite_san says:   20 August 2007   641273  
wow, it would be cool if random people became famous!!
Wrought_Iron_Rose writes:   20 August 2007   128476  
: *huggles*
MojoHuma says:   22 August 2007   899154  
i say we go steal a bank together. you trust me enough to do so, no?
neoeno says:   23 August 2007   444181  
What.. like... a whole bank?

OK! :D
MojoHuma says:   23 August 2007   547265  
Hooray! We could paint it and disguise it like an old bookshop. Those
illiterate government buffoons will never bother to look there!
They'll just think they lost it.


Note to government spies, why are you tracking me on Kupika?
Emerald says :   6 September 2007   891418  
why thats very nice you really no how to express your self im not
brave enough to say some things and i wish i was. i like to read
diaries also. i also have a diary. i could share them with you if your
interested. if you like oxymorons then you should read the RED KAYAK
its kind of a 6th grade book but if you lie oxymorons you'll really
like the book. There is this book called THE BRAVE STORY i highly
recomend that book its like a very high grade level book it has about
900 pages you might like it it was very confusing to me very. im so
happy about us being friends i hope we can be friends for a very lon g
time i hope you hope so to.


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