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113 (boarding school, fires, and flat-out annoyance)Category: (general)
Friday, 17 August 2007
12:21:22 AM (GMT)
yes, he "thinks it would be good for me"
(yesterday) our conversation:
"Aly, i think boarding school would be good for you"
"boarding school"
"what about boarding school??"
"i want you to think about it"
"think about what?"
"going to boarding school!!!!!!"
"you could bennefit from it"
"not really......"
yes really! you aren't being challenged enough"
"so me struggling in math isn't a challenge?"
"Al, you know what i mean"
"no, no i don't"
"i want you to come to an oreientation at the campus tomorrow"
"do i have to?"
"yes, they are expecting you"
"why did you make that desiscion without me"
"because you weren't there"
"-_- great reason.........."
"well, just go so you can take a tour and think about it"
"but can i make the final desiscion?"
"alright, that's fair"
(the next day) (today)
(the proffessor guy is giving me a tour)(my dad is trailing behind, looking at a
"and this is where the dormatories are, where you will sleep"
"i know that"
"of course......"
"and over there is the gymnasium. in case the dormatory is even on fire you and your
classmates will stand again that wall"
"what if the gymnasium is on fire?"
(he's getting a little annoyed)
"then you will stay in your dormatory, for it will not be in flames"
"what if the dormatory and the gymnasium is on fire?"
(definetly annoyed now)
"then you follow instructions from the closest professor and go somewhere else"
"what if the whole campus is on fire?"
(REALLY annoyed)
"^-^ okay!"
(he's trying not to completely lash out and kill me now)
(i start skipping)
"do you mind not skipping"
(i stop)
(i start jumping a little with every step)
"please stop that!"
(i stop)
(start singing)
"la la la la LA!"
(i make my eyes well up with tears)
(he's shaking with anger now)
"PLEASE!!!!!!!!! don't cry!"
(i start fake crying) (very realistic though)
"your behavior is unexceptable"
"your face is unexceptable........"
"what was that?"
"nothing =D"
(giving me a look)
"i think this tour is over......."
(i run over to my dad)
"let's go, this place sucks"
"but Aly"
"there is no way you will ever get me to live in this place! besides, you still need
mom's consent now don't you"
"you now me to well Al, fine, let's go. just think about it"
(i stop walking)
"yup, done thinking! i hate it here!"
"fine, public school it is. but i want to put you in higher classes"
"whatever, as long as it's public school"

‹!!I Do What I Want!!› says:   20 August 2007   152383  
man.  i would totally take the chance 2 go 2 a boarding school.  then
i could become so much smarter.  i wish my dad would ask me if i
wanted 2 go 2 one of those schools.
AlyRox101 says:   21 August 2007   798955  
that's weird >.>
smartness isn't fun! dumb=fun WOO!
yea, but my dad isn't asking me, HE'S TRYING TO FORCE ME!
‹!!I Do What I Want!!› says:   22 August 2007   489355  
u can still act retarded even when ur smart.  ur just smart in the
class.  that's all.
AlyRox101 says :   24 August 2007   161291  


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