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Monday, 9 July 2007
10:07:16 AM (GMT)
So Um yeah, I nicked this off Eva :D

Status: In your room…

Name: Jake ***** ^^ You not knowing!

Date of Birth: 7th September 1990  

Birthplace: England

Current Location: My room >.>
Eye Color: brown ^^
Hair Color: light brown D:
Piercings: Erg…One ear pierced…

Tattoos: Not yet :D


Band/Singer: …

Song: ….Dunnah D:

Movie: …The Grinch!

Disney Movie: Any Disney thing ^^

TV show: …Erg! D:

Color: whats YOUR favourite colour? 


Pizza topping: Gummi bears ^^ Oh yeah babeh!

Ice-Cream Flavor: vanilla 

Drink (alcoholic): Vodka/Vish ^^

Soda: …YOUR MUM! :D


Clothing Brand: um... 

Shoe Brand: hmm.... 

Wear to bed: Boxers~ ;D

Season: summer~so I can show off my bodeh haha…Uh…I don’t wanna say or Eva will
slap meh~D:

Month: ….July!

Holiday/Festival: Uh…DERBY!/Langocellin/Trash’d/Ukraine/Christmas/my birthday!

Flower: …erg?

Make-Up Item: uh…I don’t wear make up! Wait, eyeliner!:D

Board game: None…They are the pen lids best friends and pen lids are evil,
therefore they are evil!

This or That

Sunny or rainy: sunneh

Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla!

Fruit or veggie: veggie

Night or day: Night

Sour or sweet: sweet!
Love or money:
Phone or in person: .... 

Looks or personality: Both 

Coffee or tea: C-T-Co-Te-dunno >.<
Hot or cold: cold D:  


Goal for this year: Uh…Maybe not to be slapped…Oops, broken it already D:
Most missed memory: Me and Eva being able to talk D:
Best physical feature: Uh…

First thought waking up: Why me…Why…Me…WH-OMFG COOKIES!
Hypothetical personality disorder: ?
Preferred type of plastic surgery: ?

Worst crime: Cheating on a girl D: I was 7!

Greatest ambition: To kiss…***
Greatest fear: Eva’s mum…

Darkest secret: Duh, wouldn’t be a secret then!

Favorite subject: Uh…ART!

Strangest received gift: …My little brother D:

Worst habit: Drumming on everything :D

Do You

Smoke: No D:
Drink: yep...
Curse: fuck you! Who told you that shit? Cunts/Bastards…Oops.

Shower daily: Non
Like thunderstorms: Yesh!

Dance in the rain: Yesh…

Sing: I play instruments…
Play an instrument: Guitar, piano, drums, flute, clarinet, accordion, keyboard,
cello, violin ^^

Get along with your parents: No…

Wish on stars: *nodnod* yesh ^^ I ish still six! I am!

Believe in fate: Yesh…
Believe in love at first sight: Sometimes…
Can You:

Drive: Yesh ^^

Sew: …NO

Cook: No D: I can’t use a toaster or a microwave! Or an oven D: I blow em up D:

Speak another language: Si~!

Dance: In my OWN and unique special way that no one else knows its dancing way.

Sing: No

Touch your nose with your tongue: Non Dx

Whistle: TakTak! 

Curl your tongue: I can stretch it too... 

Have You Ever

Been Drunk: Yes... >_>

Been Stoned/High: Non

Eaten Sushi: no

Been in Love: Yes.. and everytime I do, my heart is torn like

Skipped school: yes

Made prank calls: …Yesh 

Sent someone a love letter: ..Not realleh :D

Stolen something: Maybe…

Cried yourself to sleep: ]= yes 

Other Questions:

What annoys you most in a person? Normalness
Are you right or left handed? Right
What is your bedtime? …Anytime I guess

Name three things you can't live without: Music, Eva, and vodka!

What is the color of your room? Green, blue, silver
Do you have any siblings? Two brothers
Do you have any pets? Non D:

Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars? ...
Assasin is on my "my future dream job list" ... so yeh. 

What is your middle name? …
What are your nicknames? SuperGayBoy (hate it), JakehBear (luv it) JakehDoDaa(Blame
Eva ok?)

Are you for or against gay marriage? for :|
What are your thoughts on abortion? I believe if the mum doesn’t think she or the
baby will benefit/survive with life, then she can have an arbortion…

Do you have a crush on anyone? …Yes

Are you afraid of the dark? I AM the dark teeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehe
How do you want to die?  O.O I can’t die

What is the largest amount of popsicles that you have eaten on
day?  6

Would you take a bullet for the one you love? Yes, but if I don’t die immediately,
I would prefer it if I drove the ambulance…Oh oh oh and I want
them to do the neenaanaanaaneenaaneenaa thing!
What is the last law you’ve broken? I pissed on a bench D:

In a Member of the Opposite Sex:

Hair color: …Not Bothered

Eye color: Not bothered
Height: shorter than me, but tall enough for me to give em a kiss…
Weight: does that really matter? :|
Most important physical feature: …
Biggest turn-off: Stereotypes…Be yourselfs, and don’t’ lie…

Thanksies ^^
I thought I'd leave you with something to remember me by...

Hypnagogia says:   9 July 2007   418816  
I love quizes. -scribbles on-
They're fun to fill out. x3
jke123 says:   9 July 2007   846669  
Indeed x3 ^^
apple_cinnamon says:   9 July 2007   776826  
Yeah. *nodnod* :D
ZomgTisKrissie says:   9 July 2007   591752  
And now I'm gonna steal!
jadexbang says:   9 July 2007   993425  
hehe i love you you crazy person
jke123 says :   10 July 2007   961342  
Yeah nodnod*
:O HOW DARE YO- omfg your krissie chan!! :D
hehe i love you too (?) you NORMAL (:O) person!!

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